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Why Do We Need to Create Mobile Apps for Business?

Social media pages and responsive websites are great ways to start bringing digital life to your business. However, if you are seriously looking to give an additional punch to your company, you, might need to consider launching a mobile app.
Worried About the Size of Your Business? Well, you shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if you are not a Fortune 100 Company, imagine your client is choosing between going to your business or your competition’s:
Ÿ If you have your mobile app and your competition doesn’t. Then he/she can easily learn more about you and your product or service and probably purchase or make the reservation straight from there. He/she won’t be able to get any info from your competition unless going in person or making a call. Is your chance to outstand within your industry.
Ÿ If your competition already has a mobile app, well the problem is explained by itself. You are losing many chances to get to new customers. Let me show you some primary benefits of helping your business with a mobile app:
Ÿ Can Operate a Direct Marketing Channel 
Statistics show an average person in the U.S. spends 3.6hr of its daily time on mobile, according to emarketer. That’s definitely a time you should take advantage of to connect directly with your clients.
The information you would like to send to your customers can be instantly at their hands through push notifications. You can easily remind your audience about your offers, discounts or general new info you want them to know at the right time.
Ÿ Optimize Your Shopper’s Journey 
People are used to execute a purchase as simple as through a finger touch, the less intermediary steps, the better. They are looking to reduce the time spent to make the purchase, I mean, if you know you will always choose the same perfume or the same hands cream, then, why spending so much time going to the mall? If your product or service can be sold through a mobile e-commerce, then the purchase process can happen easily. The consumer experience will be faster, increasing your sales productivity.
Ÿ Provide Value to Your Customers 
Nowadays, customers are more educated about the service or product they are looking for. It’s all about a search on Google, reading reviews from current customers or just seeing its ranking in the online stores. A mobile app enables customer interaction by providing constant feedback on how the user is feeling with the navigation, business model, etc. Constant communication between clients and brands is so much easier now. The owners can recognize what the clients are expecting for and create a product that generates value for them.
Ÿ Stronger Brand
 Developing a brand is a challenging task, but building a STRONG brand is even more complicated. You need to be as close as possible to your target audience, gain their trust and recognition, as well as get more people to know you.
Mobile app stores had become such important search engines and exposure points. A good positioning inside them will expand your reach to a global view (or you can just segment those territories where your brand should live.)
Ÿ Improve The Customer Engagement 
Have you used an app that you don’t even understand how to navigate to obtain what you are looking for? Then you just close and uninstall it?. When you develop an app for your business,
you have the power of making your audience stay (and make them interested in your business) or leave.
This point is all about the customer experience inside your app. A walker study reveals that customer experience will be more important than price and even that product by 2020. So, making every process intuitive, clear and fast will be the key to develop an engaged customer.
If you are still not sure about whether adopting a mobile app for your business or not, take a look at Clutch survey , where the results showed that mobile apps were really effective to improve in these areas: Increase Sales: 39% – Improve Customer Service: 30% – Compete in a Specific Market: 22% – Parent Company Suggested the App: 10%. The positive results in these areas forced small businesses to adopt mobile apps.
We are in the middle of the digital era transition. Technology has come to revolutionize how businesses are done. And as in any other revolution is all about adaption and innovation or die.
About the Author
Fernando Mendivil is the CEO of Amplemind and President of the Mexican Association of Entrepreneurs. He is also a board member of The PoolMX, Global Shaper of the Global Shapers Community, and the Co-founder of PITZ Amateur Football/Soccer Technology.
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