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Navtej Sekhon: Believes in Working Together to Achieve Greatness

As the Founder & President of AXSource Group of Companies, Navtej Sekhon is a person of sheer dedication and allegiance. At the very early age of 23, he started his entrepreneurial journey with a vision to transform the business scenario of Architectural Fields, Building Construction and Design Build, so, to kick start his journey, he laid down the foundation stones for two of his ventures- “SEKSON Design Build Pvt. Ltd.” and “Kuber Construction Ltd.”. After running his business successfully for few years and creating some prominent benchmarks in the construction business market, he decided to move to Canada. Bagged with inimitable entrepreneurial qualities and handsome experience in the construction industry, Navtej was one of the first budding entrepreneurs, who was able to sense the downfall of construction business and at the same time rise of the computer & software business at the very early stage. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Navtej jumped into the software business with full vigor and potential. After successfully building and rendering professional service practices for some of the famous MNCs, Navtej decided to start his own venture. After three years of various turmoils, name changes and mergers, in 2007 the business with few legal entities came under one roof and AXSource came into existence.
Being a Versatile Entrepreneur  
Navtej’s motto is to – keep his clients satisfied while keeping his employees happy. Marching towards the company’s strategic direction, Navtej strongly believes in finding the right champions within the company and moving towards the goal together. While versatility, being the forte of Navtej’s character, so all together at AXSource they are able to render top notch services at par with the changing scenario of technology as well as for the buyers of technology.
On a Mission to Transform the Concept of Business
During his masters degree from the University of Toronto, Navtej gained a lot of knowledge about the information management and how business solutions can be configured for businesses while keeping human factor and change management as a key component for the implementation of the successful business equation. Amalgamating the knowledge from his degree and experience from his previous ventures, Navtej was able to derive a philosophy of being a strategic partner with their clients, rather than being only a service provider. Navtej’s vision towards mending the loop holes of IT service industry and building a dedicated team to value the strategic partnership with the clients, were also some of the prime reasons behind the evolution of AXSource.
Converting Obstacles into Opportunities
Navtej says “For young entrepreneurs and emerging companies, it takes time to establish themselves in the market.” Being in an industry with numerous big players was a very big challenge for him, but with deep knowledge of the technology, specifically Dynamics AX, helped him to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. In the past decade with a lot of turmoil and cut-throat competition, IT industry has witnessed a lot of small companies merging with the larger ones. So, in this challenging situation Navtej’s strategy to survive and excel has successfully converted the obstacles into opportunities, thus propelling AXSource to new heights.
Setting-up Milestones
With the vision of solving client’s problem with an innovative approach, Navtej came up with a business model of developing a long-term relationship with the client, thus contradicting the obsolete business model of providing the clients with the solutions they want and then leaving them to it. Further, moving forward to create a legacy at AXSource, Navtej says “The lessons that we feel we have learned while building this company are:- you can only build a company with a good legacy by being a good example yourself. As a professional services company, our assets are our people. Building team of professionals who have customer service in their DNA is a must for us.”
Overcoming the industry slowdowns in the IT sector, Navtej, sharing his idea of being a successful business leader diligently emphasises on, considering software product as one’s own intellectual property.  At AXSource, as an answer for comparison with their competitors, they came up with an innovative idea of building vertical industry solutions for Pharma/Life Sciences (AXOQCS) and Healthcare Industry (AXOMEDICAL) as well. Considering vertical industry focus as another key differentiator, Navtej focuses on being the best of the breed in the Business Solution (ERP) sector of the Life Sciences / Pharma Industry.
Attribute towards Success
Navtej believes that, starting a venture in the area of ones passion is the only key to success. Being passionate about an idea, and transforming one’s passion into his/her profession is the base to learn and overcome all the hurdles, coming on the way for being an entrepreneur.
For Navtej, there are four essential traits to become a successful entrepreneur.
Being a Visionary: Entrepreneurs need to be visionary individuals, capable of seeing between as well as beyond the lines.
Value Driven: Entrepreneurship is not only about making money, but also creating and offering value to their clients.
Problem Solvers: Entrepreneurs are persons of a kind, who not only look at the problems, but also react to it and find a solution. They are the one to find innovative ways of delivering  values to others.
People’s Person: Entrepreneurship is all about working with people and for the people.

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