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Natterbox: Transforming the Telephony Experience within Salesforce

For a long time, the telephony industry has been dominated by organizations based on-premise and aimed at the enterprise space. Companies bring them on board to create bespoke, expensive solutions that come with associated redundancy and backup. Natterbox, a UK telephony company founded in 2010, was set up to change this traditional way of thinking about the telephone and the customer experience by embedding voice at the heart of business communications and development strategies. When first founded, Natterbox built its own platform in-house and is currently the only company out there able to provide a platform that sits directly within Salesforce as a unified Salesforce PBX system. This means that customers can improve and transform their phone system without it becoming a massive infrastructure project, which is how most companies view telephone systems.
Natterbox enables organizations to deliver market-leading service levels to their customers through the efficient integration of voice into their digital customer communications. The company aims to transform the telephony experience of organizations and their customers. It’s re-defining a long-standing business model with an offering built around a cloud telephony CRM platform embedded entirely within Salesforce. This proposition is revolutionizing the customer’s interactions over the phone and providing them with a more streamlined, informed and personalize experience. Beyond the improvement of customer service experiences, Natterbox’s aim is to help businesses make the most of the insights and data generated by voice communications. This customer data can indeed provide invaluable insights vital to sales, product development and staff training.
Since its inception, Natterbox has seen exponential growth year-on-year and is working with over 250 companies around the world. Customers rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience to drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organizational success.
A Serial Entrepreneur
Neil Hammerton, CEO and Co-founder of Natterbox has spent most of his professional life in the IT sector. He began his career in security software sales, where he recognized the importance of listening to customer requirements and businesses access to a telephone system that gives their customers and staff the most efficient, flexible and enjoyable experience possible. The idea of establishing Natterbox occurred to him when he realized how poorly a big company he was working for dealt with incoming phone calls. Though he had limited knowledge of the telecommunication sector prior to setting up the company, Neil and his partners taught themselves about the market with the help of an industry veteran. Neil is passionate about the telecommunication industry, technology and the potential power of voice to transform the relationship between businesses and their customers.
Talking about business opportunities in the telecommunication industry, Neil says: “I realized that there are a huge number of companies missing out on new business opportunities and the ability to provide personalized customer service because they don’t offer the same experience over the phone that they do via email or apps. Whilst many brands are able to track customer activities and preferences online, there wasn’t a way to collect this same information from a phone call – which is still many people’s preferred method of communicating. It became obvious to me that there was a market gap in there waiting to be filled – and that’s how Natterbox was born”.
An Advanced Voice Cloud System
Natterbox was set up to disrupt the traditional way of thinking about the telephone. The impact of this new cloud telephony technology can shape organizations competitiveness by maintaining personalized services and speed of engagement by integrating telephony within the service cloud. Natterbox offers a complete business phone system and contact center 100% natively embedded in Salesforce; meaning that administrators can personalized caller journeys and authorize numbers through Salesforce. Available from the Salesforce AppExchange, Natterbox advanced voice services provide a complete Cloud PBX with contact centre for Salesforce. The app is designed to either replace a customer’s existing phone system with one that is 100% embedded natively in Salesforce or can be integrated with the existing phone system.
The system allows administrators to create and manage their entire end to end phone system and contact centre globally. Natterbox is available worldwide, serviced by its global network of data centre infrastructure providing quality of service, reliability and reduced complexity at great value.
Tracking the Future
Natterbox is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with has the lowest churn rate of customers. It’s now on track to achieve the founding aim of becoming one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies. It’s focused on taking advantage of emerging technologies such as AI – looking to integrate it into the platform to analyze sentiments and identify the good customer service calls from the bad ones, which can help support companies while training customer service agents. Additionally, other areas of development for Natterbox include research projects focusing on the application of emerging technology such as universal translation in real time and the possibilities it offers business organization to overcome language barriers and expand global operations.
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