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Natasha E. Feghali, Founder, Feghali Group Inc

Natasha E. Feghali: Dedicated to Education and Entrepreneurship

There’s no doubt in how women have made the remarkable progress in heading the companies in every sector. With their exemplary leadership skills, they have brought a drastic transformation in the business world at regional, national, and global levels.
When it comes to education sector, women have excelled phenomenally in delivering quality education to everyone. One such women who is significantly contributing to the upliftment of the education ecosystem is Natasha E. Feghali. She believes education is a moldable industry and as society evolves and takes on a new shape post-covid in a new era of the 21st century, education sector will change and grow to suit the needs of the learners globally.
An Avid Educator
Natasha is an award winning Canadian for her philanthropy in community and strong dedication to education. She is the recipient of the 40 Under 40 United Way/ Leadership Windsor-Essex Award 2018 as well as numerous awards and recognitions; most notably the Sovereign Canadian Medal in 2015 for her dedication to education and the future of entrepreneurship and youth.
Natasha is an international educator working overseas throughout her career while giving workshops, seminars and conferences Nationally and Internationally. She has taught in China, France, Kuwait and Ontario for 10 yrs. She is International Language Specialist Educator.
Natasha is also a distinguished media personality acting as MC in her community events, hosting events in the GCC as well as a journalist since 2012 and has written for magazines such as Bazaar Kuwait and City Pages Middle East. Most recently she has received the Odyssey Award from the University of Windsor and has been published in a book on Women and Leadership in Ontario with the Elementary Teachers Federation. Natasha is a 2x graduate from the University of Windsor with extensive expertise in Second Language Education. She has worked in 3 continents mastering their educational laws and systems. She has travelled across the world giving presentations and working with educational personal for success of students.
Striving to Make Remote Learning Equitable for All
Access to online learning becomes more important especially in the times like pandemic. Pivoting to online learning has really been a new undertaking for Natasha and she has found that the students have really embraced the change. She states that as a society, online learning can offer a platform for students all over the world who may not have equity in education access to a classroom. The one thing that Natasha would like to change is the access to a stable internet connection to ensure remote learning is equitable for all.
In 2014, Natasha had met a mentor while volunteering who was already in the Real Estate arena. He advised her that she would need to make more money, grow her passive income and create generational impact for herself and her family. The next month she purchased her first property and 6 years later, she and family are doing well!
Today, besides being a proud educator, Natasha is also the Founder of Feghali Group Inc (FGI). FGI is an independently owned and operated rental homes, rental of storage units and venture partnership. It has a strong portfolio of homes in the Windsor-Essex County Region and works with local and international investors as well.
Planning on International and Lending Ventures
At FGI, Natasha is planning on international and lending ventures as the housing market will soften in the few years.
The company has decided to change its model and make it work for them as investors to continue to cashflow despite the market fluctuations. FGI prides itself on giving the best quality care and expertise when it comes to rental homes as well as the community at large.
Diversifying Portfolio by Opening New Doors of Opportunity
So far FGI has been holding through the tide and has moved forward despite a few setbacks. The company has been digital for a long time, and it has not been hard for them to pivot as it was already prepared for a shift to a fully digital model.
Natasha is already taking the business in a new direction and asset class. The company is slowly moving into the International Arena as well as Mortgage lending. Through this, it will diversify the portfolio even more and open new doors of opportunity.
Being Open to change
Natasha states that the best way to deal with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges is learning to pivot and change as the times change. She adds, “Not every lesson will be perfect and not every child will learn the same way.”
Helping People to Leap Forward
Natasha advises industry leaders aspiring to venture in the education industry to go for it. She is having a great career and she could not be happier! She states that those who enjoy a vivacious career with a lot of change and are self-motivated; then she would council them to take the leap forward in any direction.