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Natalie Turner: Unlocking Potential and Inspiring Innovation

As markets change and technologies continue to disrupt all we take for granted, what we see as breakthrough innovation today, will pale into insignificance tomorrow. The most important human survival skill will be our ability to consistently create value out of new ideas.
With a background in innovation, leadership and organizational development, Natalie Turner, Founder and CEO of The Entheo Network, and the Inventor of The Six ‘I’s of Innovation®, focuses on enabling individuals and organizations to build innovation skills, mindsets and capabilities. As a passionate and creative entrepreneur, she is the author of “Yes, You Can Innovate! Discover your innovation strengths and unleash your creative potential” to be published in March 2018. An experienced facilitator, trainer and Keynote speaker, Natalie works to unlock the potential of people and organizations to help them create new products and services whilst focusing on the development of innovation skills and culture building. “To be an innovator is to be a pioneer of bringing the new into the world but it is not just about being creative. It requires a complex and diverse raft of skills and ways of thinking.” says Natalie.
Natalie has worked with some of the leading organizations in the world, including Cisco Systems, LEO Pharma Asia and Singapore Airlines, as well as Government Ministries, such as The Economic Development Board of Singapore, and the Ministries of Manpower, Health and Defense. She has also facilitated leadership and innovation workshops at Singapore Management University and Duke-NUS. Natalie is an international speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership and speaks at a variety of conferences and organizations around the world.
Natalie Turner: Unlocking Potential and Inspiring InnovationInnovating Strategies to Inspire People to Adapt to Change
“Many organizations talk about the need to innovate but don’t know how or where to start, or whether they even have the skills and capabilities to generate ideas and make them work,” says Natalie.  “The big challenge is how to make innovation part of their organizational DNA & culture”. This requires the development of innovative mindsets behaviors and culture, as part of everyday working life. The benefits are clear – higher margins, increased customer loyalty, new sources of income and exciting new projects that make a difference in customers’ lives. But, innovating is hard work and often left up to chance. “This challenge is what inspired me to create The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation” and write my book – “Yes, You Can Innovate!”
Daring to Venture into the Unknown
In 2009, amidst the global recession, Natalie was invited to speak at a leadership conference held at Singapore Management University. “It was winter in London, so I decided to take up the offer and have a few days of sunshine. I never knew this trip would change the course of my life”.  Overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm for innovation skills development, within a couple of days, she set up 22 meetings. By August 2010, Natalie decided, along with her husband and business partner, to move Entheo to Singapore. “We have never looked back,” she says.
I suppose one could see it as courageous, moving to the other side of the world, but I enjoy new experiences, am curious, and thrive on change. Everything in life I do with gusto, commitment and passion. I love to be on the evolving edge of the new and helping people broaden their thinking to imagine great things.
Discover, and play, to your Innovation Strengths!
Since 2006, The Entheo Network has provided business management consulting to help create environments to unleash innovation. Now, it is extending its reach by scaling the Six ‘I’s®, innovation methodology and assessment tools, being used by a range of Entheo clients, to a broader audience. Through a Certification process, technology development and online profiling, the business is providing enabling tools that help individuals and organizations measure their innovation strengths and generate and implement new ideas. “What I found,” says Natalie, “was a gap in the market for an online measurement tool that would focus on helping people and teams, measure and develop their innovation strengths. Now, the Six ‘I’s® assessment is accessible to the public too.”
Curious about your innovation strengths? Are you an Identifier, Igniter, Investigator, Investor, Implementer or Improver? Or maybe you have a combination? Discover now for yourself online.
While advising budding entrepreneurs, Natalie says, “Be willing to step out and try something different. Be a self-disruptor! Don’t get lost in your own enthusiasm and ensure you have the right partnerships to help you scale your business offering. Let go of good ideas and pursue the great ones. Systemize and become a multiplier.


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