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Naser Taher | Chairman | MultiBank Group

Naser Taher: Integrating Excellence at Every Proportion

When certain circumstances exert on a venture’s performance, it all comes down to a leader who perceives the adversities and advances the situation with experience, knowledge, and precise decisions.

Naser Taher, Chairman of MultiBank Group, understands exactly what it means to be a strong leader and he showcases augmented efficiency at par with the ordinary that reflects his shimmering brilliance in his business.

Naser has 36 years of unparalleled experience in the Financial and Commercial industries worldwide. And today, he is the Chairman of MultiBank Group, which was founded in California in 2005 and has evolved into one of the world’s largest financial derivatives groups with a paid-up capital of over $322 million.

As Naser established his company’s eminence and prominence in the industry, his journey has been a major aspect that contributes to his expertise, adding up to his extensive experience with—

—A journey that Defines Legacy

It all started in2005 when, Naser decided to launch of the world’s  first fully automated electronic communications network and exchange platform which connects real money accounts with global liquidity providers for financial market transactions.

Naser was set to bring groundbreaking new ideas to the industry and serve clients through better services and more advanced technology such as the MultiBank  automated order matching system, where institutional and retail clients execute some $12.1 billion in average daily volume per day on the MultiBank Group’s platform. MultiBank now has a strong record of profitability and an increasing global reach, providing services to over 1,000,000 customers.

Having a solid education helped create a rewarding professional career, as he graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Master of Engineering specializing in electronic systems and Automatic Feedback Control from The University of Sheffield.

From its establishment to this day, MultiBank Group has maintained an unparalleled and unblemished regulatory record, with over 11 financial regulators and over 25 branches worldwide.

The Group comprises a number of financial institutions that are regulated by financial authorities, including ASIC in Australia (MEX Australia Pty Ltd), AUSTRAC in Australia (MEX Digital Pty Ltd), BaFin in Germany (MEX Asset Management GMBH), FMA in Austria, SCA in the United Arab Emirates (MEX Global Financial Services LLC), MAS in Singapore (MEX Global Markets PTE. LTD) and CIMA in the Cayman Islands (MEX Atlantic Corporation).

MultiBank Group, the largest and most regulated financial derivatives institution worldwide, has consolidated its position as the world’s most regulated broker. It recently announced that its subsidiaries had been awarded additional coveted licenses by two of the most respected regulators worldwide, the Securities and Commodities Authority of the United Arab Emirates (“SCA”) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) in addition to preliminary approval for a new European subsidiary regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”).

Mr. Taher states, “As a global broker, we are exceptionally pleased to be complying with some of the most reputable regulatory bodies worldwide. These achievements build up on our journey to becoming one of the most prominent financial derivatives brokers.”

MultiBank Group provides its clients with the highest level of fund security, guaranteeing 24- hour withdrawal processing. Naser explains, “Since our companies are heavily regulated, we are expected to uphold strict rules and obligations, allowing clients the highest level of funds security.”

In addition to its 11+ regulators worldwide, MultiBank Group offers one-of-a-kind excess loss insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London through its subsidiary MEX Atlantic, providing fully transparent electronic exchanges. Moreover, the Group continues to work towards creating exemplary products, services, and trading platforms. With the latest technology and innovation, MultiBank Group currently offers over 20,000 financial instruments, including Forex, metals, shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies CFDs.

By constantly investing a significant amount of time and financial resources, MultiBank Group is determined to improve traders’ experience. MultiBank Group provides first-class customer support in multiple languages, available 24/7 to assist clients’ needs. In addition, MultiBank Group’s partners can grow their businesses and take advantage of unparalleled affiliate benefits with one of the leading brokers in the financial industry. Its Introducing Broker and Affiliate Programs provide customized commission structures, offering the highest rebates and commissions amongst its competitors.

Creating a Prominent Impact:

As one of the largest and most regulated financial derivatives brokers, Naser Taher believes it is the Group’s responsibility to grow and expand collectively with clients from 90 countries across the globe.

He expresses, “2022 has been a historic year for MultiBank Group wherein we established our new headquarters in the strategic financial hub of Dubai, UAE. We believe we are the largest financial derivatives company to have successfully established a Headquarters in Dubai, wherein most of our competitors either operate in offshore jurisdictions or less advanced jurisdictions without any proper oversight or regulation. Moreover, I am delighted to announce that the number of users on our platform has surpassed a million by the end of the second quarter of 2022.”

The award-winning financial services group announced a record turnover of over US$ 12.1 Billion per day, with a record annual revenue of approximately USD 189 million in FY 2021. This was an impressive 35.4% increase from 2020’s results, marking a record-breaking year for the global giant. The group is expecting 2022’s financial results to be beat the previous years figures. With superior financial services, MultiBank Group offers the best trading conditions in the industry, the tightest spreads in the market, swap-free accounts, and a variety of bonus offers, including the highest levels of leverage up to 500:1. Every aspect of the business is clearly defined, helping the Group to build trust and strong relationships with over a million clients.

On a quest to deliver exceptional solutions and services to clients, Multibank Group invests heavily in technology, innovation, and regulatory practices making it one of the most popular and sought-after financial institutions in the world. When it comes to technology and regulations, MultiBank Groups ensures they are at the forefront of the industry, making them synonymous with trust.

The Group’s main pillars are transparency, innovation, flexibility, and integrity. This ensures clients get full transparency, being a testament to the Group’s core belief that security should always be a top priority for the business. By being one of the most regulated brokers on a global scale, MultiBank Group not only safeguards investors but also ensures that a strong regulatory framework underpins the financial derivatives industry.

Values Promoting Success:

With a team of highly qualified and experienced industry veterans led by Naser, MultiBank Group continues to strengthen its position as the global leader in regulations, fintech technology, brokerage services, and financial products whilst experiencing unprecedented growth year-on-year across all metrics, including trading volumes, number of clients and recording breaking financial results. Integrity within the Group remains one of the key drivers that unites its workforce and is evident in every aspect of its operations – from its platforms to its customer service.

Naser says, “We are the world’s most heavily regulated broker, registered with over 11 regulators worldwide, and shall continue our long-term commitment to advancing regulatory standards for the benefit of traders globally. We are very proud that MultiBank Group has an impeccable record with its global regulators. In an age where ‘AAA’ rated banks encounter consistent regulatory challenges, such a flawless regulatory status is indeed unique within this industry. As a result of our considerable track record, our over 1,000,000 valued clients have entrusted us for the last three decades to be their safe and trusted financial products and fintech provider”.

The financial industry is always changing, and industry leaders rely on technology and trends to shape their organizations. In the coming years, the financial industry will require innovative technology solutions to build a stronger, faster, more resilient, and more secure financial sector. Businesses will aim to personalize the customer experience, as the industry will revolve around real-time data and new technologies.

Hence, MultiBank Group has recently partnered with several leading providers of financial technology software, including a fully automated electronic communications network exchange integrated with high-value financial research and analytics. This provides access to the latest financial data and market research increasing transparency for its users, in addition to the latest inpayment solutions, mobile technology, and social trading. These new partnerships will continue transforming the trading experience, delivering cutting-edge tools and new data sets.

Also, MultiBank Group sets out to serve the demands and requirements of its customers. Their continuous efforts towards building trust have led to acquiring some of the most reputable licenses in the financial industry. These regulations have played an important role by setting the benchmark and benefiting the trading community. With the new SCA and MAS licenses in place and forthcoming CySEC license, MultiBank Group aims to contribute further with the regulatory standards on a global scale.

In terms of regulations and transparency, MultiBank Group remains the world’s leading financial derivatives group. This involves carrying out detailed market research and finding out what customers really need. Through quantitative and qualitative market research, MultiBank Group identifies wishes and perceptions, also achieving a representative view of the overall market. MultiBank Group always strives to be at the top.

The Group established its brand identity in the United Arab Emirates after its subsidiary MEX Global acquired the SCA license. Currently, it is stamping its authority in the UAE, landing on Dubai’s largest billboards and metro stations. With a massive outdoor advertising campaign, it intends to raise brand awareness in the MENA region as the most trusted broker.

Additionally, it will be hosting an exclusive event for its Annual Gala Dinner, where it will be celebrating the Group’s achievements for the year 2022. When it comes to corporate values, MultiBank Group is the exclusive official sponsor of BMW M Motorsport for the 2021/2022 season. The pact between BMW M and MultiBank Group further builds on the list of milestones in the history of MultiBank Group.

The longstanding partnership with BMW M Motorsport has seen remarkable races and has united the two global leaders by bringing innovative ideas to the racetrack. With this great accomplishment, the partnership will further build on MultiBank Group’s track record of excellence.

Paving the Path for an Improved Future:

MultiBank Group continued its strategic focus on developing and investing in advanced trading technologies. The Group is currently in the advanced stages of launching a digital assets exchange fully regulated in Australia, which aims to be the world’s first cross-asset ecosystem aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative finance.

Naser, who was awarded as one of the 50 Influential Financial Figures in Global Financial Markets 2022, comments, “MultiBank is committed to creating systems allowing trust to grow, removing the stigma from cryptocurrency through real action and investment.”

MultiBank io is a global digital exchange that will only offer the top currencies chosen specifically for listing through a newly developed scientific methodology through quantitative and qualitative measures. In addition, it will enable fiat on-and-off ramps with multiple fiat currencies. Additional projects coming soon for MultiBank include an international physical bank where customers will be able to execute local and international transfers with any bank through online banking, as well as an Internet Payment Gateway and Electronic Money Institution.

Since its establishment, MultiBank Group has been recognized by the global financial industry for its efforts in providing premium-level service as a broker. With over 45 awards from distinguished financial institutions and media organizations, MultiBank Group continues its track of perseverance and credibility.