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Nanotech Security: Leader in Anti-Counterfeiting with Advanced Authentication Products

Counterfeiting is estimated to be a $650 billion global market that is predicted to swell to over $1 trillion by 2017. To combat fraud, authentication technology needs to continually stay ahead of counterfeiters. And that’s what Nanotech Security is known for all around the globe.
Nanotech Security is a leading innovator in nano-optic image technologies for use in anti-counterfeiting applications. The company’s technology counters ever-evolving threats from modern scanning, photocopying or photography based counterfeiting techniques.
Nanotech operates through two segments: Optics and Tactical. The Optics segment provides nano-optics and optical thin film for use in anti-counterfeiting and authentication processes and products, including currency, legal documents, and commercial products. The Tactical segment designs and sells surveillance and intelligence gathering equipment for the law enforcement and defense industries in the United States and Canada.
The company is working to enhance security for banknotes but also authenticates other potential commercial applications that include, legal documents, designer merchandise, concert tickets, tax-paid stamps, medical & credit cards, government documents, passports, and pharmaceuticals.
Integrated Technology Authenticating Security and Branding Images 
Nanotech’s KolourOptik® technology, inspired by a unique structure found on the wings of the brilliant Blue Morpho butterfly, creates ease to authenticate security and branding images through a unique interaction and manipulation of natural light with a grid of nano-sized indentations. Nanotech uses patented algorithms coupled with electron and ion beam technology to embed hundreds of millions of nano-indentations into a master stamp to create this technology. The technology can be then used to secure and authenticate products of almost any kind.
KolourOptik® technology is one of the first nano-optic technologies to seamlessly integrate into the commercial manufacturing process; meaning that organizations looking to add an advanced authentication feature to their products won’t have to invest significant resources to update manufacturing. Every KolourOptik image is unique, because the mastering process involves the most advanced nano-optic technology. This makes the image exclusive and matchless, and nearly impossible to replicate with other technology.
In addition to its nano-optic technology, Nanotech also produces optical thin film, which offers a high security device with nano-meter thick layers designed to have precise color replay depending on the angle of view. This color-shifting film has been the standard for document security for over two decades because it is very difficult to reproduce or simulate, yet it is very simple to use.
An Innovative Leader Showing the Way
Doug Blakeway, CEO of Nanotech, is a lifelong entrepreneur, having launched and profitably sold a number of businesses since the beginning of his career as a draftsman in 1966. In addition to having an unwavering determination and commitment to all his projects, his success can be attributed to independent, innovative thinking, creative deal-making, and an ability to dream big. He is the inventor of over 10 patents.
Doug has drawn loyal, smart people to him by helping others realize their dreams. Doug is a lifelong learner who believes in learning something new every day. In a few short years, he has turned Nanotech from a small business into a success, purchasing one of its larger competitors, Fortress Optical Features.
Serving All Kinds of Clients
Nanotech’s clients appreciate their great user interaction to help them understand and realize the value of this new ‘game changing’ technology. The clients usually can be divided into three groups:
The first group is environmental, where the client appreciates the great benefits of the technology by not using inks, pigment or dyes composing the color used in the products. This turns out to be a huge benefit in case of embedded indentations creating the color in the items, such as blue jeans where the material is made by using color dyes and the pollutants of those color dyes are injected into the rivers and oceans.
The next group Nanotech serves is authentication types, which generally comments on how unique the technology is and how they like being able to incorporate the design directly onto any material with an ease to see the bright images, where even animation or motion can be incorporated into the authentication of design. Motion or animation of the image brings a whole new dimension to authentication, especially in case of securing documents as it is almost impossible to copy or imitate.
The third group is branding that always focuses on the ability to combine colors to make flesh tones as well as black and white that are not available to them today. With Nanotech’s services, they can now create a full portrait image in bright LED- like colors combined with long range viewing where one can see the image from across the table or even across the street. This allows the design to be very creative, incorporating brand recognition with authentication.
Gaining Confidence of Investors and Industry
“One of the challenges of being in the field of anti-counterfeiting solutions for banknotes is the necessity for absolute client confidentiality. The difficulties this condition has presented to expanding the company in a public company environment, where all investors want to know the details of all contracts the company has secured, are considerable,” asserts Doug on challenges one can face in this industry. Despite this Nanotech has gained the confidence of the industry and investors, winning top ten banknote-issuing authorities as clients, without publicly naming any of them.