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NAKIVO: Improving Data Protection for Virtualized Environments

In every organization, data backup and data recovery play a crucial role. Business can be better prepared for disaster situations by putting data backup systems in place. These backup systems usually rely on an offsite server or use separate drives to store massive amounts of information. Without these data protection systems, data recovery becomes a perilous situation where businesses risk losing valuable information during unforeseeable events such as natural calamities.
Currently, long-term data protection of virtualized environments poses new challenges for businesses. With these challenges in mind, NAKIVO Inc., a US-based company, has developed a fast, reliable and affordable data protection solution for VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud Environments.
NAKIVO is a relatively young company, founded in 2012, but the organization has already made its mark in the data protection industry for virtualized environments. They started by offering support for the VMware platform, and soon expanded their data protection solution to support Hyper-V and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) environments as well.
Over the past 6 years, 10,000 companies in over 130 countries have adopted NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect and recover their data more efficiently and cost-effectively. Several companies are using NAKIVO’s software to deliver VM Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to its customers. NAKIVO’s products have received exclusively positive reviews across multiple rating platforms, and customer satisfaction rates with NAKIVO’s support exceed 97%.
Spearheading Modern Data Protection 
Bruce Talley is the CEO of NAKIVO Inc. Mr. Talley has a long and successful track record of founding IT startups, handling management, and market development. As Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the overall vision, direction, and growth of NAKIVO.
Bruce has more than 30 years of experience in the field virtualization and technology. NAKIVO is the third successful startup Bruce has launched. His previous two companies are CoroSoft and VirtualFabrix; both also specialized in software development for virtualized environments.
Constantly Growing Industry Standards
NAKIVO has released more than 20 versions of NAKIVO Backup & Replication. Each update was aimed at adding richer functionality, performance, and versatility to the software. The company is constantly expanding their focus to cover more virtualization and cloud technologies as well.
From the very beginning, NAKIVO’s ultimate goal has been to ensure “the best data protection value for money”. Starting out, the company decided to charge only half the prices of the vendors dominating the market- and they still do to this day. NAKIVO delivers an affordable product without compromising on quality.
The company also offers multiple deployment options, including direct installation on NAS devices from multiple vendors, and direct integration with leading storage vendors such as ASUSTOR, QNAP, Synology, and Western Digital, allowing users to create all-in-one VM backup appliances.
Offering Cutting-Edge Technologies and Solutions 
With over 70% of businesses choosing VMware, the platform has become the undisputed leader in the virtualization solutions market. NAKIVO wanted to provide these businesses with a fully integrated solution to protect their VMware environments in a cost-effective manner.
NAKIVO is constantly updating its products by adding new features. The firm is pursuing new technology partnerships with storage vendors to design versatile new software and hardware-based data protection solutions.
Meeting New Challenges 
Each of the 20+ versions of NAKIVO Backup & Replication that were released have introduced more comprehensive data protection functionality. With virtualization allowing companies to store and process increasingly huge volumes of data compared to traditional infrastructure, data protection for virtualized environments is an ever-growing challenge.
Moving towards Sustainable Growth 
VMware is focused on delivering more value to its customers by shifting from being just a virtualization vendor to a provider of multiple cutting-edge technological solutions. By establishing new partnerships with technological heavyweights such as Microsoft and Amazon, VMware is looking to provide greater flexibility, cross-platform and application compatibility, and performance. This is the path the company is taking to achieve more sustainable growth and create an even stronger position in the market.
NAKIVO is also striving to better cater to the needs of its customers by listening to their requests and staying on top of new technologies and developments in the industry. Similarly to VMware, the company wants its product to satisfy its users while interfacing seamlessly with leading virtualization and cloud technologies.
Bruce Talley states that “All our efforts continue to be focused on the development of new features, further enhancement of the existing ones, and the establishment of new strategic partnerships to gain a competitive edge in the fast-evolving market.