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NAJMTEK: An Interactive Technology for Education

With a vision to create a powerful hardware and software tool that surpasses current devices to deliver a more advanced set of functionalities and experiences, NAJMTEK was formed. Back in 2014, two highly experienced entrepreneurs laid down the foundation stone of NAJMTEK in Houston, as Houston produces the most companies out of any city in the United States, they believed that naming it as their center wouldallow them to expand quickly around the United States preceding their global advancement. NAJMTEK is also a client company of the Houston Technology Center (HTC).
Meet the Leaders
Sophie Ennadi, CEO and Abder Ennadi, CTO, are the cofounders of NAJMTEK. The cofounders have a vast experience pool, with 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, 12 years of product development, 13 years in international team management and 11 years in engineering.
Sophie holds a European Master’s Degree in Engineering with High Honors / Stanford Certified Project Manager – SAPM, Business Administration and Project Management. She is a quality engineer by background with a strong experience in automobile industry, alsoshe has been successfully managing projects of inter laboratories across Europe. Sophie has also been working with well-known brands to create new test methods, which are still in use. After working with some of the well-known MNCs and gaining significant experience, Sophie decided to complete her education, and later on, she completed her diploma from Stanford University in Business and Project Management.
Working in different environments, taking up every challenge coming in her way, making the major corporate decisions, finding the right partners, and negotiating contracts, Sophie has proven herself as a successful multi-disciplinary entrepreneur. She often asserts, “Tasks are multiple and various, but this is life in a startup!”
CTO of NAJMTEK, Abder Ennadi, holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design / Certified Microsoft MCSE / International Inventor / Designing new solutions. Abder is an industrial designer by background with a solid experience of finding solutions and creating new pieces in various areas. He has worked with and for some of the well-known MNCs such as Alain Prost F1, Hispano Suiza, Airbus Industries. He is also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.
UBOOK: The revolutionary product
UBOOK is the first of its kind, all in one multi-touch, multi-accessory, multi-functional, and fully customizable laptop which perfectly fits all your communication and device input needs, regardless of language, changing lifestyles, work spaces, and even serves for the special requirements of disabled users. It isa perfectly tailor-made device based on the concept of the Internet of Things to create a collaborative and intuitive interaction between and among the users and devices. With the versatility of the hardware, the operating system and the SDK (software development kit), UBOOK can be transformed from one virtual machine to another with a simple touch of a button. Just download the app you need from the online application store, or create it, and you are ready to work more efficiently!
UBOOK is a versatile device which adjusts itself according to the circumstances and needs of the user and customizes itself to deliver maximum performance. It comes bundled up with an online application store with thousands of applications which are readily downloadable. Though the application store consists of plethora of applications, but if a user is unable to find a suitable application to cater his own needs, then as an alternate option it comes with a Software Development Kit, by which a user can develop his own applications.
For a Positive Future
Looking forward at NAJMTEK’s bright future, they believe NAJMTEK would acquire and maintain a global leadership position in the chosen areas of business, and become the World Premiere Technology company offering infinite adaptability and optimal mobility to people and businesses. But their ultimate goal is to create the best user experience.
In the near future, we expect to see Ubook in every classroom, in the hand of every child, for a better learning experience. We would like to change and improve the world, one life at a time, starting with the foundations which are obviously our youth.
Right after, we hope to see Ubook in the medical field, to save millions of life everywhere in the world, but also in any areas where there is a need for several devices, so that we will save the planet too, but using less raw material.
Some Valuable Customer Feedbacks
David Croslin (Former Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard) said: I can see a tremendous potential for the evolution and simplification of industry segment applications via Najmtek technologies.
Emily Benjamin (Brand Strategist and Copywriter at BrandDNAinc) said: Our design team uses the Wacom digital graphic pen tablets and the idea of having that integrated directly into the computer is really exciting. This is such exciting technology!
Sean Gollogly (Director at FPIP Consulting) said: The configurability of your virtual keyboard is very attractive because it offers a means of significantly simplifying the complex tasks you perform in a typical music production system like Cubase or Pro Tools. The ability to program shortcuts and “getting hands on” with the touch screen could really make the software a lot more usable.

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