You are currently viewing n2grate: Professional Services, VAR resale solutions and Staffing Services for Federal Agencies and Large Enterprises

n2grate: Professional Services, VAR resale solutions and Staffing Services for Federal Agencies and Large Enterprises

The evolution to all forms of cloud computing is being influenced by a combination of consumer behaviors and the constantly rising pace of business. Organizations now need to supply the demand of more connected personal services online, for any location, time or device. n2grate, complex data center and cloud solutions provider, is a group of dedicated professionals with a strong technology bias. n2grate is a HUBZone Small Business certified by the SBA. n2grate holds strong relationships with Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, Microsoft and HP.

n2grate has four lines of business, all interrelated, with different subtleties in marketing, selling and delivering.

Solution Resale – Value Added Resale (VAR)

VAR activities account for approximately 75 % of their business efforts through 2016.  Many activities to strengthen their capabilities were achieved including hiring experienced business development talent, increased credit capacity, achieving manufacturer certifications (e.g. Cisco Gold, EMC, HP and Dell High Level certifications) and revenue streams that have put n2grate on the radar of many manufacturers. (e.g. Blue Coat, Lenovo, IBM).

Staffing Solutions

n2grate has success in staffing as a subcontractor with Lockheed Martin, and other Primes, on multiple Federal accounts. They have approximately 20 billable consultants in 2016.

Professional Services

Professional services in n2grate’s definition include outcome-based, typically firm-fixed price work. An example would include a storage assessment, and router/switch deployment, or a network health check.

Cloud Services

n2grate has relationships with a number of cloud-based service providers representing the needs of their customer bases from infrastructure as a service, security as a service, collaboration services, etc.

Fundamentals to N2grate’s Growth and Record of Success

For them, the business relationships created, continued, and cultivated by their business development/sales team with the three “actors”  in the Federal Market:  End users of technology (functional/line), government procurement professionals, and manufacturer reps.

Hiring well connected, ethical, experienced professionals is a key part of their business strategy.  Most all of their employees have 20+ years expertise in their specific domain (Engineering, Business Development, Operations, etc.)
Through their six year history, they have found great success in doing fewer things better, and focusing on “Best in Class” service.  They use the juggling metaphor often: since everyone has a finite capacity of resources, it’s better to maintain fewer balls in the air, than to pick up messes on the floor.

Sagacious Leadership at n2grate

 Stephen Halligan, President and COO at n2Grate, has responsibility for n2Grate’s Strategic Direction, Sales, Marketing and Operational activities. With 25 years in the telecommunications, networking and data center business, he has developed a broad range of industry knowledge and relationships in the Federal, Enterprise, and Systems Integrator markets. He received a BBA, Finance from Loyola College in Maryland and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Stephen has worked with various prestigious companies, such as VMware, Cisco systems, and Accenture; held senior level management positions while contributing immensely for customer satisfaction with numerous leadership strategies.
Stephen has previously served on the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum, Baltimore City’s Digital Harbor High School Task Force, served as a board member for the Center for Woman in Information Technology and the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, as well as involvement in other Educational Technology initiatives.

n2grate’s six years of strong past performance will help n2grate’s success in further expansion.
They are in the process of obtaining their Facility Clearance which will enable their ability to compete in this marketplace. And focus on Cloud / Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),as the Federal Government’s slower adoption of cloud based services will accelerate in the coming years.