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MyQuickCloud: Delivering Secured & Affordable Remote Desktop Access Solution

Ever been at a rendezvous in another enterprise’s premises and suddenly realized that the PowerPoint presentation you were planning to dazzle them with is back at home on your computer? Or maybe your accountant needs remote access to your business bookkeeping in order to get your taxes done. These are exactly the situations that remote access solutions are made to handle. MyQuickCloud is an efficient and affordable cutting edge all-in one remote access, desktop application sharing and cloud hosting solution provider in today’s contemporary world. In a short span of time, MyQuickCloud has gained immense popularity and recognition, not only from thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world but from industry veterans also. It operates from data centers across the US, Europe and Asia and serves thousands of clients all over the world.
An Innovative Idea and Momentous Milestones 
MyQuickCloud is an innovative mobility solution provider based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2013 with the vision and mission to provide cutting edge mobility technology solutions to small and medium businesses across the globe. MyQuickCloud was created to meet a high standard and adds value to client’s business. MyQuickCloud is a highly secured remote access tool that makes desktop applications available 24/7 to multiple people from any part of the world. MyQuickCloud instantly turns any Windows computer into a cloud host which delivers remote desktops, virtual applications and workspaces accessible from iOS, Android devices, Mac or PC. MyQuickCloud’s flagship product is an on-premise access management solution with an optional managed cloud service. This product is widely accepted and recognized by thousands of loyal small business customers across the globe due to its flexibilty, affordability and ease-of-use. Just after the release of MyQuickCloud 1.0 in February 2014, it did not take MyQuickCloud more than 2 months to achieve the milestone of first 100 clients. Immense popularity and wider acceptability of their flagship product and services motivated MyQuickCloud team to build the next version of the product, releasing within just a single year from the original MyQuickCloud 1.0.
Leadership is driven by passion, vision and innovation.
Talal Choucair is the Co-founder and CEO of MyQuickCloud. His passion lies in transforming cutting-edge complex technologies into simple and affordable solutions. He is an entrepreneur at heart, whose vision is to provide advanced IT solutions for small and medium businesses at very affordable prices. Mr. Choucair started his career with Crédit Agricole, a corporate and investment bank. He has a vast experience of over 18 years in capital market IT, project management and cloud technologies. He has worked in many cities around the world such as London, Paris, New York and Singapore for various eminent assignments. MyQuickCloud is gaining immensely from his expertise in multitier system architecture, cloud services delivery and agile software development.
Distinctiveness of MyQuickCloud with contemporaries 
The uniqueness of MyQuickCloud lies in its distinctive features offered and affordability in the remote access and desktop application sharing technology. There are many server based computing solution giants who are also offering remote desktop sharing facilities, but that comes with immense cost and complexity. MyQuickCloud allows multiple, simultaneous users to securely access computers and applications remotely with no requirement to adjust firewalls or use static IP addresses or specialized VPN equipment. A user can connect to a host via any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device. MyQuickCloud understands the importance of business data; therefore, they have provided a protected 128bit encrypted SSL secured connection for data transmission with high safety and data integrity standards. The management of an enterprise has full control over the different technologies offered by MyQuickCloud. For example, they can limit access to specific application, data, and folder to any individual user. Additionally, they can add a new applications, systems or users into the company cloud. Overall, MyQuickCloud is affordable to purchase, simple to install, easy to use, and adds value to existing business software. It is an all-in one remote access, desktop application sharing and cloud hosting solution for small enterprises who want to reap benefits of enterprise mobility.
Challenges faced while moving ahead. 
Initially, it was challenging and a daunting task for a start-up to derive a product which could address current and emerging small business IT needs broadly and in a single comprehensive solution. But with a sharp business acumen and expertise in a variety of IT disciplines, Mr. Choucair and his highly skilled team proved their mettle with the MyQuickCloud product, innovating desktop and application mobility models as businesses seek to expand their reach beyond physical boundaries.
Vision for future proceedings 
MyQuickCloud believes in continuously learning, adapting and updating new technological changes into their products and services, providing a seamless and value-added solution to their clients. From remote desktop access to simultaneous remote application access, MyQuickCloud continues to be a leader in delivering IT solutions that help small and medium businesses to continuously improve in terms of productivity and work efficiency. MyQuickCloud will continue to work and move forward on the path laid by its visionary leader, Mr. Choucair. “Business users and IT managers need affordable and easy to manage methods for making applications accessible and securing data for mobile users. Rather than focusing on protecting copies of data and software on different devices, there should be a solution that keeps all applications and data contained on a central system where users can seamlessly access those software and data resources from anywhere without the need to install apps or copy data to the device,” Mr. Choucair concludes. “MyQuickCloud accomplishes this and more, simply and affordably”.

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