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Martin Janus | Founder & CEO | MyQ

MyQ: Making Organizations Smarter

Since the advent of automation, our world has seen multiple changes in various sectors. However, till the last decade, automation was more or less limited towards the industrial usage. Recently, with the growing usage of IoT devices and internet, automation is slowly making its stride towards the common man’s daily usage. Hence, with the intention of making our life easier, born MyQ.
In an interview with Insights Success, Martin Janus, the Founder & CEO of MyQ shares the journey of MyQ and its valuable contribution towards the industry.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Martin and Insights Success:
Q. What led to the inception of MyQ? 
As an MFP distributor at that time, we were searching for the right product to enhance the standard functionalities of MFPs and all the existing products were too expensive and inflexible. There were no solutions for smaller companies because of the cost. We decided to start with something simple, affordable and, later, scalable. Finally, we ended up with a product which could cover SMBs to large enterprises.
Q. Can you describe MyQ’s cutting edge Managed Print Services which address all the needs of your customers?
Our strongest aspect is personalization. The way we can customize an MFP interface is similar to customizing your Smartphone. We are trying to customize the features you really need; this is our main advantage. We also have the other things that relate to MPS—reporting, controlling, security, time efficiency—but personalization is taking our product to the next level compared to the competition. Another strength of MyQ is scan and workflow, along with multiple cloud integrations, which makes the product a true business solution.

“We have tested other solutions, but nothing is more stable than MyQ.” – Dan Henning Larsen, Prodok AS (Norway)

Q. Can you give a detailed description of your influence over the company and the industry? 
Regarding the company, I created the first development team, product management, and sales. I was the trigger and had the vision of what we needed to implement to be different, cover the needs, and how to bridge the gap in the market. Later, I created the management, grew the teams, and we started to get bigger.
Regarding the industry, we always came up with something that was different. At first, it was easy implementation and use. Later, we added more modules into one suite which meant with just one training and installation you could cover more needs. Nowadays our product is highlighted by personalization and other options like scanning to cloud and storages. In many aspects, we are always trying to be ahead of others and our vision is to have the most in-demand functions in one suite.
Q. With the escalating number of service providers, how is MyQ driving to create an impact on its customers? 
We have proven that we help our partners dramatically, year after year, to increase their revenue, especially with MFPs. When they combine our potential, flexibility, and uniqueness with selling MFPs, they can win more deals and improve their winning ratio. They can diversify their offer against others and can attract customers with a new approach. We were even able to triple the revenue of some partners.
Q. What are the challenges faced while providing Managed Print Services and how is MyQ serving to tackle them? 
When we launched the product, many industries had usually marked those systems as a controlling system. Everybody expected if you installed something like this you would receive better printing reports, monitor users, and restrict users from printing unnecessary documents or color documents. Now it’s completely different. The cost of such a printout is not big. I strongly believe, especially for Western European and North American countries, the main benefit of MyQ is not only savings or control, but how we can increase the efficiency of users.
Our software isn’t about restrictions but, if used properly, they can increase the efficiency of their staff and the savings are always bigger than some unnecessary printouts. Firstly, this efficiency saves a lot of time and costs and secondly, we can simplify their daily life, so they are not bothered by complicated MFP interfaces. We can serve them functions they only need, so they can focus on work and not waste time looking for the right function.
Q. Can you describe the experiences, achievements or lessons that have shaped the journey of MyQ? 
We are in close touch with our partners and customers and we can react to their demands. We are going from restriction to time efficiency, automation, and everything that generates savings bigger than restricting paper or toner use. We are not doing something that will limit you but something that is enhancing your potential or possibilities.
Q. Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement? 
My mission was always connected with automation. As a programmer, and typical lazy IT guy, I was always motivated because I didn’t want to do administrative or boring tasks. We are trying to focus on things which can be automated and can bring your more time and a simpler life. The mission has been stable over the years. An important thing has been to focus on creating a product for our usage. Since we were responsible for MFP distribution, we needed a software to help win our deals. We started with functions that were in demand. We grew rapidly, sometimes at a rate of 50 % and higher. For me it was the fact that the product was able to create the demand and deliver the proof. It’s not only about the product but the support, too. Some alternative solutions had more functions but poorer support. We wanted to be friendlier and listen to our partners and customers.

“Really impressed with the MyQ software and support I have received, it’s been fantastic.” – Ryan Chapman, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Help for Heroes (UK)