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MyAirSeat: Booking & Dispatching System for Small and Medium Size Aircraft Operators

In order to make reservations with helicopter and small airplane companies, in 90% of the cases, the client is required to call or e-mail the operator. This means they’re bound to office hours and in order to communicate the aircraft availabilities, operators and clients need to discuss by phone and or email. For both, the operator and the client, this way of making reservations is very time-consuming. Additionally, selling single seats in small aircraft poses a high administrative workload for the operators because they need to manually group people in order to fill up the aircraft and therefore some of them only offer full aircraft rents.
MyAirSeat provides an off the shelf fully digital booking system for small and medium-sized companies operating helicopters and smaller airplanes. With the software-as-a-service solution, MyAirSeat reduces the administrative workload of these companies and helps them to increase turnover by skimming-off untapped potential. The system can be easily implemented into the existing website of an operator. The system is currently available worldwide in English, German, French and Italian.
The aviation industry is quite complex. Even if an aircraft has five passenger seats depending on aircraft performance limitations, not all five seats can be occupied for a flight. Additionally, legal restrictions on e.g. operating hours apply. In MyAirSeat an operator can limit the number of bookable passenger seats, define individual availability time frames and prices per seat per aircraft in order to be compliant with the performance requirements and legal framework. Through a calendar view, the operator does all the flight planning. This is also from where the system recognizes the availability of the aircraft in real-time.
The administrative workload is now being reduced by digitizing the booking process, basically no human interaction is needed anymore: a client may compare all the available offers on the booking page and book the offer whenever an available spot is open and pay by credit card. After the flight, the client receives a quick NPS (net promoter score) survey. This is very important for the operators to get a feedback for their service. It’s rewarding, helps them to improve their services and the testimonials can be used on their website.
Pioneer of MyAirSeat
Alexander Burger is the Co-founder and CEO of MyAirSeat. When Alexander was 17, he had the chance to move to New Hampshire in the US for two years with his family because of his dad’s job. He went to Highschool and besides learned to fly helicopters. He had his first flight lesson before his first driving lesson. At the age of 18, he received his commercial helicopter pilot’s license. He remembers the impressive flights through Boston Downtown and the Hudson River in New York. He started doing commercial helicopter flights in his early 20’s. It was exactly the passion of flying which brought together the additional business partners Jakub Lajmon, as pilot with an IT background being the CTO and Oliver Wirz being passionate about aviation as Head of Sales & Marketing.
One thing Alexander really loves about this industry is the privilege of being able to take over a lot of responsibility as a young person. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Aviation and a Master of Science in Business Administration – Major Marketing from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). He is a member of the honors society Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS). Additionally, he passed an extracurricular course in Digital Business and Technologies at SMU in Singapore. He possesses the rank of a First Lieutenant in the Swiss Air Force.
The motive behind Formation of MyAirSeat
Through Alexander’s personal flying activities he realized that the workload for operators has risen, due to a higher amount of clients and legal complexity. Additionally, a lot of people don’t come flying because they are only two people and not able to afford to rent the whole aircraft. So basically lost potential. So Alexander figured why not developing a software solution which frees up resources and additionally helps to skim-off the untapped potential with the single seats and by applying a multi-channel marketing concept. Streamlining the booking process frees up resources and enables employees to focus on tasks which require human interaction and cannot be substituted by a digital system as of now. “We’re not trying to eliminate humans at the workplace, but rather complement them with a supportive system in order to increase efficiency and overall turnover,” asserts Alexander.
Extraordinary Benefits from MyAirSeat
The MyAirSeat team believes that a smooth and easy booking process significantly influences the customer experience as a whole. With the MyAirSeat-Booking System company allows aircraft operators to give the end client an easy overview of all products, enable the end client to easily compare offers, make reservations and with every step the client is being informed by e-mail. So independent of how high the workload in the office is, every customer is treated the same way.
Future Roadmap
The company has just implemented a gift certificate system in MyAirSeat. The next development project is to allow clients to ask for specific tours or flights (A to B) with an interactive interface. With the latter the company wants to gain experience on customers behavior when requesting flights, because the MyAirSeat team could also imagine to offer their system to drone taxi operators in the future. They will be completely ready when those services start.
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