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MultiTech: Connecting ‘Things’ to the Internet with Unparalleled Consistency

The immediacy of data is the primary concern of every industry, using data to connect, identify and target their audience. To collect, analyze and obtain desired result from the data which is collected by IoT devices, companies are in need of advance communication equipment which can connect internet directly to business assets. MultiTech a US-based company is delivering that connect compelled with consistency, superior quality, and service Excellency in its IoT products and services.
Established in 1970 MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things. These are the equipment used to connect physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. The company is committed to quality and service excellence so the users can count on MultiTech products. With its history of innovation, MultiTech ensures that the users can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for life as a solution provider.
Promising Services 
The IoT is enhancing customer’s experiences and providing unparalleled economic value while improving the quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing its products and services to connect “things” to the Internet, MultiTech delivers a deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals. With the vision to provide innovative, comprehensive and flexible solutions the organization listens to its customers, partners, and employees, who are utilizing its design and technical excellence, and nurturing a culture where employees develop and grow.
MultiTech has consistently connected businesses from the earliest analog systems, to the industrial Internet of Things, to the latest low-power wireless technology. The company assists in ways which is previously unimaginable and has been doing so for more than 45 years and has no intention of slowing down. It has the legacy of firsts, with the world’s first commercially deployable LPWA suite of communications devices and related network management tools.
Competent Leader 
Stefan Lindvall brings more than 20 years of extensive experience in the wireless industry. Before joining MultiTech, Lindvall founded Connected Development, one of the leading wireless design services companies in the U.S. Prior to Connected Development, Stefan also served as President of the Wavecom and before that held various leadership positions at Sony-Ericsson and Ericsson including, Vice President m2m Sales. Stefan’s leadership has brought the team closer to customers, and with the right people in the right places ensuring success of each other. At MultiTech, Lindvall fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, creativity and accountability among the team. The organization is intensely focused on execution across every part of its business from sales to engineering to manufacturing and operations.
Significant Strategy 
Competitive differentiation requires constant vigilance. It helps a lot to be first, which MultiTech has been able to do more frequently in the past few years. It also requires an intimate knowledge of the customer set and consideration of the voice of the customer in everything they do. Finally, it is important to acknowledge what are the differentiators and who are the competition. The company believes sometimes, the solution offered is not the best fit, in such situations pointing those customers to a more suitable vendor promotes trust and pays off in the end.
Committed to the Excellence 
MultiTech has the experience of more than 45 years which illustrate its commitment towards its clients and services. The company has acquired partnership with those who are key players in the business sectors they serve. According to Stefan “Getting something started is not the easy part; it takes lots of work. But making it stay so that you’re viable year after year, you have to be willing to invest. That means you have to take time and talent of your own and others and make it so you can sustain the “genes” you already had. Companies need somebody watching out for all that stuff to make sure the same energy is applied for sustaining that went into starting a business. If you put a process together, you have to make sure it is used on a daily basis. That way, as technology changes, you are prepared to move with it.” 
With a global footprint, MultiTech has a team of 200 people today. It has operations, which includes manufacturing, supply chain, program management, finance and legal, and IT. Of course, the engineering and innovation organization is absolutely critical to the success, as it has always been an engineering driven organization. Today, the sales and marketing teams are gaining prominence; Stefan thinks it reflects the technology transition in the time. Cutting-edge technologies are used to drive its own growth. But in a world which awash with technology solutions of all sorts, really understanding and responding to the customer is critical in the future. The team will continue to fine tune the organization, as Stefan suggests one must do for the kind of sustainability everyone has enjoyed and things are working well. He feels fortunate to have an award-winning, well respected leadership team with great people on the front line who are making things happen.
Navigating the Technology Landscape 
In the future, customers can expect MultiTech to get more aggressive in rolling out new technologies, product enhancements, and tailored support services. The focus is to assist the customers on navigating the technology landscape and identify the most appropriate solution for their specific applications and ultimately, solve their biggest IoT pain points. Most importantly, the organization is intended to continue contributing to a better future.
“Our boxes were going to be out in very remote location… we wanted something that would stand up to Mother Nature. Built like a brick, compact in size!” – David Camp, Network/Automation Engineer Marshall Electric “MultiTech has been great at providing us the support we have needed in the development process. This support is critical to solving issues quickly so that we can spend more time working on the application of the product, instead of the product itself.” – Chad Goyette, Engineer, Tyco Fire & Building Products