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Motiv Power Systems: Eliminating Fossil Fuel Dependency

Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy resources. They take millions of years to form and the known viable reserves are being depleted much faster than new ones are being made. Once these resources are used, they cannot be replenished. They are limited in supply and will one day be depleted completely. Moreover, fossil fuels are the largest source of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change, and their production causes both environmental and human health impacts. Fossil fuel production also carries severe economic, environmental and social costs. Much of the concern arises from the emission of compounds like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in potentially devastating long-term contamination of land, air and water resources. These concerns are triggering the world to look at alternate sources of energy that are both less harmful and renewable. Motiv Power Systems is taking great initiative to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by producing all-electric equivalents to internal combustion powered chassis commonly found in medium duty commercial fleet vehicles. In addition to returning a lower cost of ownership, when factoring in dramatically reduced operating and servicing costs as compared to internal combustion powered vehicles, Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis produces zero-emissions.
Creating Healthier Environment 
Founded in 2009, and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Motiv Power Systems is committed to freeing fleets from their dependence on fossil fuels. EPIC (Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis) are CARB certified, GSA approved, and available for many configurations including walk-in vans, box trucks, work trucks, shuttle buses, school buses, trolleys, and other specialty vehicles. An EPIC offers uncompromised performance and functionality without the pollution, noise, heat, and vibration of gasoline or diesel power.
Motiv is a Ford eQVM-approved provider of all-electric chassis for commercial trucks and buses and benefits from engineering insights and support from Ford to ensure safety and reliability. With more than 450,000 miles logged in Fortune 50 fleet deployments throughout North America, the EPIC family eliminates 100% of vehicle emissions, dramatically reduces operating and maintenance costs, and creates a healthier environment for riders and communities, while also reducing driver fatigue.
EPIC, Complete All-Electric Equivalent 
In its early days, Motiv provided consultative engineering services towards vehicle electrification as it developed its own technology. This eventually matured into providing component parts solutions to upfitters in converting combustion engine powered vehicles to electric. Along the way, Motiv developed and matured its offerings to a comprehensive drop-in chassis solution, EPIC, which represents its current market offering.
Today, Motiv Power Systems offers its Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC); a complete, body-ready, all-electric equivalent to the internal combustion powered chassis fleets use in their medium-duty vehicles
An EPIC all-electric chassis offers the same performance and functionality as a diesel or gasoline equipped equivalent, eliminates 100% of vehicle emissions, features smooth and nearly silent operation, and creates a healthier environment for its drivers, riders, and the communities it serves.
Freeing Fleets from Fossil fuels 
Jim Castelaz is the Founder and CEO of Motiv Power Systems. Jim leads Motiv’s vision to Free Fleets from Fossil Fuels – a vision that summarizes his professional and personal passion. He has led Motiv from an idea in his living room to becoming the US market leader in common- platform electric truck and bus chassis.
Having raised over $60M for Motiv to date, Jim’s experience includes capital formation, government grants, developing IP portfolios and building a world-class team aligned around a shared purpose. Jim holds an MSEE from Stanford University and BS in Engineering and Economics from Harvey Mudd College.
He has done graduate studies in optimization, stochastic calculus, dynamic systems, modern control, optoelectronics, MEMS, environmental entrepreneurship, electric vehicle venture formation, high-tech strategy. He has an engineering experience in power system design, embedded system design, advanced battery packaging, state-based control, solid-state transformers, smart, self-powered fault indicators for power utilities, solar panel and inverter remote monitoring system, MEMS-based power devices, hydrogen embrittlement of metals, radiation damage in semiconductors, large-volume gaseous neutron detectors, radiation mapping, directional radiation detection systems. Jim is a leading electric vehicle entrepreneur, trained as an electrical engineer with expertise in power and embedded systems.
Jim lives in Alameda with his wife and kids and is an avid alpinist and outdoorsman in his free time.
Solutions through Customers 
Motiv doesn’t directly offer charging solutions as these are provided through partners. There are a number of challenges – both logistical and financial – Instead Motiv works with its customers to ensure that these are addressed to help streamline the process of converting fleets to battery electric power.
Exciting Developments
There are a number of exciting developments in the EV charging space including decreasing charging speeds, and solutions like inductive charging and automation that can help remove the perceived barrier of having to plug a vehicle in overnight as a point of objection over converting to electric power. Customers often say that plugging in at the end of a shift is vastly preferable to interrupting working hours to re-fuel a vehicle, the prevailing current model.
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