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Mona Jalota | Founder | Krypton Global Investments

Mona Jalota: A Real Estate Professional

“I still sometimes need to pinch myself to believe that I’m I an entrepreneur, I had, very early in my career slotted myself as a job person; someone who is more comfortable with structure, timings, fixed salary etc. Hence no was surprised, as much as myself, when I decided to become an entrepreneur in early 2018,” says Mona Jalota. She is the Founder of Krypton Global Investments and leading the organization with an extensive experience in all verticals pertaining to Local and International residential Real estate, gained from the last 8 years.

“I’ve lived a life that’s full; I travelled each and every highway but more, much more than this I did it my way”

By 2018 , Mona had a decade of senior management experience with her, and when she thought of her next steps, the idea of starting Krypton Global Investments, a specialized boutique firm agency providing clients with end-to-end services which include buying and selling of international real estate, sourcing of international investment opportunities, assistance in legal consultations, tax consultations and last but not the least Citizenship and PR options, came so easily and naturally, that perhaps it was already being manifested subconsciously for a long time.
Offering Multiple Options
While Real Estate continues to be Mona’s firms main focus, the company has ventured into related services in International markets to give an end to end solution for its customers looking to diversify globally. The company helps its customers by connecting them to the relevant professionals for Tax Advisory, Legal Consultants and helps them with all the facilities required for a smooth transaction. It tries to understand all the benefits associated with an investment and ensure that the client get maximum value form the money invested.
Krypton Global Investments understands that the Indian market is a large and complex market, and even though it is abundant with opportunities. International developers often burn their hands and money with agencies/ agents/ marketing companies that have little or no knowledge on the complexities of diversification for Indian customers. Hence it is firm’s philosophy to provide the developers with transparent, sustainable and consistent services and advisory that helps them nurture this large market for their benefit. Mona says the company’s tag line for them is “We help you to connect with Indian audiences intelligently”.
Krypton Global Investments encourages channel partners from various cities to begin their journey of selling International Properties with it. As part of the Krypton Network, channel partners who sign up with it, get to take their business global. Krypton Network’s unique platform allows their channel partners to get access to worldwide listings, attractive commissions and allows them to start another revenue stream which is totally independent of their current business.
Getting Better is the Best Policy
Mona’s strategy and game plan has always been how to better her own organization. How to make her sales staff into advisors who can actually consult a client rather than push product? How to keep updating knowledge? So that the client finds value every time they speak with her. She asserts “Competition is always how to do better today than what we did yesterday.”
A Massage for Emerging Woman Leaders
According to Mona, every business woman should have grit, determination, courage of conviction to follow the path she has chosen. She adds, have a pragmatic approach towards the challenges that will come every single day on this journey and embrace the humility of asking for work and adapting to changing circumstances. Businesses are made not only with the promoters but also the team that stays with them for the journey hence compassion for the team, an approach with a healthy mix of understanding and discipline will help everyone progress together.
Managing through Roadblocks and Challenges
Over roadblocks and challenges Mona says that on her journey the major challenges were the complete lack of government support for women entrepreneurs, lack of advisory for startups, tax compliances, retention of resources and many others. Mona managed to overcome them by always maintaining a sense of “cest la vie”, optimism and belief that eventually she would work it all out.
Assisting for Women Empowerment
On empowering women Mona says, throughout her professional journey of over 12 years, she has tried to assist the cause as much as she can. She adds whether it was being an integral part of the Vishakha committee, choosing to work with women in her team , being a mentor to junior women or to stand by her colleagues and peers as much as she could.
Last year, Mona was commended for all of these efforts by her peers, when she won the “6th World Women Leadership Congress & Awards”. She opines “this is award is purely given to people nominated by their colleagues and peers. I hope to continue influencing women and contributing towards their empowerment as long as possible.”
On Myth of Meritocracy
Meritocracy expects for individuals to be successful based purely on an individual’s merit and regardless of their social status. Currently even though this seems like utopia, Startups are the hope that will challenge this status quo. In today’s business arena, startups provide equal opportunities, hone unique marketing skills and encourage the entrepreneur to capitalize and monetize their ideas.
Using Advancements as a Support
By keeping aware of the trends and never losing objective that technology is used to make the business easy. Mona asserts “by accepting that where you have limitations, you will have the relevant technical support.”
Visioning to Get Ahead
For Mona her future objective is to include many more diversified luxury products as a part of the Krypton Portfolio.