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Mohammed Mubin Mallick

Mohammed Mubin Mallick: Creating Difference in Business World with Passion for Robotics

It is easy to come from a great business background to continue that legacy, but it is distinctive, coming from a challenging background to thrive in the business world. Such business leaders have to build everything from scratch. They overcome all odds, attaining success with their determination. Mohammed Mubin Mallick comes from a remote place,  where the only language people speak in their native tongue: Bengali. While growing up, he had difficulty communicating with people in other languages in his school, mostly English. However, Mohammed managed to get a good grasp of the language when he moved into an urban area, resulting in him pursuing his MBA at Cardiff University (UK).

After Mohammed completed his MBA, he went to Kuwait to land his first job, but instead, he ventured to set up his own startup company following his childhood passion for Robotics. He is the Founder and CEO of Kiran Smart, providing solutions and services locally and globally. It has the vast experience and technological know-how of robotic solutions dealing with multiple robotic manufacturers and companies worldwide to deliver the right solution to its customers.

Overcoming Challenges

Today, Mohammed sees himself in a position to create a difference with his passion. He constantly faced challenges personally and professionally, overcoming them to get ahead of his competitive peers, gaining customers’ trust, loyal employees, a smart team, and reliable manufacturers.

Providing Innovative, Reliable, and High-Quality Services

Mohammed’s persistent approach towards his passion helps him research different products and innovative solutions for its customers. So, he spreads his suppliers from different regions not to be cut down due to any natural disaster or geopolitical issues. Kiran Smart’s main focus is robotics, digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and FinTech as the world is demanding it. Kiran Smart’s Mission is “To provide innovative, reliable and high-quality services to clients throughout GCC and globally.” Its Vision is “To achieve global brand recognition as a finest solutions and services provider where customers find the optimal business solutions to their needs.”

Sorting Out Problems of Customers

Kiran Smart’s impact was hard regarding its services and solutions in the market. In the beginning, when it came to the market as a new brand, it concentrated on those customers who did not get the services and solutions they were looking for.

Kiran Smart started targeting those difficult customers. Then Kiran Smart entered to sort out the problems of its customers with its solutions and services. It started building its trust like this in the market locally. Now customers give it the first call if they have any issues, and its prices are unbeatable because its solutions are very innovative. It keeps its expertise as technical support on top, and solutions are the combination of different products to make it more innovative.

Tapping Potential of Robotics, AI and Fintech

Every solution and service must be available easily, whether it is an urban area or a rural area. So, Mohammed will put much effort into making it easy access to everyone as the world moves towards an advanced level in Robotics, AI, and Fintech. Therefore, one of the major changes that Mohammed will look into is bringing the robots to do the job ASAP when humans are not available in the technological industry.

Transformation of Humans in the Digital World

Mohammed states that the next big change in digital transformation would be the human body. The human body parts would be the communication mode with digital interaction whether one talks about payment, access, or travel. He believes that it is not the digital transformation, but there will be a big change in the human transformation in the digital world. There would be more, and the mobile device would be everything for a single person in the future. Smart mobile will become daily life ID and transaction for humans. This is just a start but more to be seen.

Kiran Smart is focusing on these trends and changes too. At the same time, it is also building some solution that a person can have everything in one single app. This will be one of the digital suitcase revolutions. In the world, from a baby to an adult can have this.

Solving Personal and Professional Problems of People

In the long run, Mohammed wants to help people around the globe solve their issues in their business and personal life. Kiran Smart always talks about business development and money, but it never discusses people’s problems. Mohammed’s objectives are solving people’s problems related to their personal life and professional life while Kiran Smart is doing business worldwide.

Kiran Smart’s main future goal is to expand globally to resolve problems by offering its best solutions and services.

Forecasting Technology in terms of Technology World

Mohammed mentions that the technology sector is a vast industry. Therefore, he advises aspiring entrepreneurs to choose a field they are experts in. He advises them to watch what is going on in the world regarding the latest technology development and develop the capabilities to forecast the future in terms of the technology world.