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Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO & FOUNDER, Kiran Smart

Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A Doyen in the Field of Robotics

Since decades, technological advancements have been assisting humans in almost every sphere of their lives. Even in this pandemic situation, technology didn’t fail to offer assistance to us. The use of robots was explored extensively by most of the researchers and businesses, especially healthcare organizations, considering the facts that they don’t need mask, they can easily get disinfected, and they don’t fall sick. With this idea, Mohammed Mubin Mallick’s Kiran Smart has significantly contributed to the development of advanced robotics in this ongoing pandemic through its state-of-the-art robotics solutions.
Towards Visionary Project
In the year 2017, Mubin predicted the future as it is going to take a turn towards some advanced technology. The thought came into his mind was robots as it was his childhood dream to have robots. But he was demotivated and discouraged after being rejected on his robotics idea or topic by many. These negative factors made him stronger to face and challenge the market.
Since his childhood, Mubin has seen many difficulties and has tackled them successfully, be it studies, sports, traveling, or living alone away from home. He has never broken down and has always stood up to fight the situation. As time passed, things became easier for him to handle due to the experience he gained.
Mubin founded Kiran Smart with lots of love from people who really wanted to have these services and solutions. He did market research in GCC on robots. He developed every single robotics solution for every industry and as well for home too. He did not find suitable CEO who would understand his vision and that is the reason, he decided to wear the hat of CEO as well.
Well versed with different robotics manufacturer around the world, Mubin is working on his Visionary Prime Project which could make him the pioneer in the world on robotics services that human has never imagined or expected on the idea.
Getting the Best out of Everything
Mubin mentions that every journey is not pleasant and thus, running a company successfully is also not as pleasant as we think. There are always ups and downs, because as a holistic view it is a company and not a business.
For Mubin, building a company was like being on the battleground. As a challenge he saw financial crisis, getting the right people for right place and right job, finding expert people with innovative ideas, and getting the investor. Mubin kept on going and today, Kiran Smart is a first Humanoid Robot Solutions and Services company in Kuwait having existence in multiple location, providing IT services to business and home users.
Devoted to Serve Humanity
Mubin’s father late haji Noor taught him to live for others and serve humanity. One of the incidents that impacted his life was the case where he found a lady who was crying for the money to do the treatment of her daughter. He was just a child and only could understand that she is asking for money. He had 50 paisa in his pocket to buy a chocolate for her younger sister. He could not say no to the lady because her tears brought him down so emotional that he started weeping and gave her 50 paisa. The lady just saw the coin and said, “My son GOD will give you enough so that you can help others and GOD will make your heart big enough to help others.” He can never forget this incident.
Innovation in Robotics
Kiran Smart is into Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Fintech. Mubin is of the belief that these technologies will play a major role post-pandemic. Thus, if businesses in any industry have to survive, they will need to implement Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence to make advanced hybrid solutions to survive in the future.
At present Kiran Smart’s Robot Services are inclusive of Humanoid Robots, Services Robots, Delivery Robots, Educational Robots, Logistics Robots, Pet Robots, Disinfection Robots, Cleaning Robots. Other than this it has smart digital screens which the company sell as solutions and also rents them out. Even for Robots, it provides the solutions and also rents out the robots in multi-purpose use, providing services globally as well.
At the same time, Mubin is also working on the “Rise of Robotics Generation” where he is training children about robots, teaching about robots but with live demo on the company’s different models of robots. His vision is simple for the next 5 years – to be recognized as one of the best brand service providers globally especially in terms of Robotics Services.
Good Network for Business Opportunities
Mubin and his team generate jobs for every category so that people could survive and feed their families. He and his team create jobs for drivers, engineers, managers, supervisors, developers, skilled and unskilled labor, waiters and waitress, and cleaners. Also, he shares the company profit on a certain percentage as charity across the world where the community is helping to survive their life. He is looking for a great opportunity to change the world into a smart village but of course there must be a good team to execute it like investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, partners, engineers, and a lot more, because he is working on one of his project called ROBO2050 where every house will have Kiran Smart’s robots.