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Mohammed Alhassan

Mohammed Alhassan: Transforming Logistics and Access with Versatile Solutions

In the era of e-commerce, where convenience and speed are paramount, faster delivery is a key driver of customer happiness. When consumers can receive their orders quickly, it not only meets their expectations but also positively influences their overall shopping experience. This leads to more repeat business and increased loyalty, benefiting both customers and businesses.

By investing in efficient transportation, planning routes, and keeping up-to-date warehouse and distribution systems, the logistics sector contributes significantly to faster delivery processes. Together, these initiatives help to improve the delivery process’s speed and effectiveness, which eventually helps both people and companies.

Shttle, under the visionary leadership of CEO Mohammed Alhassan, is a cutting-edge logistics and access solutions company that focuses on simplifying and enhancing the delivery process for both residents and businesses. The CEO gave us insights into his ways of leading the firm and driving innovation in the industry.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Could you please brief us about yourself and what motivated you to embark on this sector?

I’m an Industrial engineer with extensive experience in eCommerce and its supply chain, technology, and entrepreneurship. My journey in eCommerce began in 2009, and over the years, I’ve become an expert in this field. What motivated me to embark on this sector was the limitless potential for innovation and the opportunity to address real-world challenges. I’ve always been passionate about creating solutions that make life easier for people and businesses, and the eCommerce and logistics sector provided the perfect canvas for me to do just that.

Could you elaborate on your company and its inception story?

My company, Shttle, is a game-changer in the world of logistics and access solutions. We’ve redefined convenience with our cutting-edge IoT smart lockers, and what sets us apart is our commitment to providing solutions that are not only innovative but also 10 times more cost-effective than traditional alternatives.

Shttle was born out of the need to simplify and enhance the delivery logistics process for both residents and businesses. We recognized that the existing delivery and access systems were often expensive and inefficient. That’s when we decided to create a smart locker network that would be accessible, secure, and significantly more affordable for businesses. Our inception story is rooted in a commitment to convenience and accessibility, with a core focus on delivering smart lockers that offer a 10x cost advantage over traditional solutions.

Our goal was clear from the beginning: we wanted to make it easier for people to pick up and drop off various items, from packages to groceries, at any time while ensuring that businesses could benefit from a highly cost-effective logistics solution. We have worked tirelessly to turn this vision into a reality, and today, Shttle is synonymous with innovation and unparalleled cost efficiency in the world of access and delivery solutions.

Tell us about the USPs that make your company stand out as a leading brand.

Shttle stands out in the market for several reasons. Our Unique Selling Points (USPs) include:

  • 24/7 Access: We offer round-the-clock access, ensuring that users can retrieve or deposit their items whenever it’s most convenient for them.
  • Versatile Item Handling: Shttle isn’t limited to just packages; it accommodates a wide range of items, from shipments to groceries.
  • In-House IoT Technologies: Our proprietary IoT technologies are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient, making smart lockers accessible to businesses at a fraction of the cost.
  • Security and Contactless Access: We prioritize the safety of stored items and offer a contactless experience, ensuring that users can access their lockers with ease.
  • Streamlined Logistics: We simplify delivery logistics for businesses, eliminating the need for constant manual oversight, which reduces operational complexities and costs.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Shttle empowers users with control over their deliveries, contributing to a more convenient and efficient daily routine. Our dedication to making life easier is a core differentiator.
  • LaaS, Locker as a Service: Shttle offers businesses the ability to customize their own user interface to interact with customers & customized lockers & dimensions as they can embed our IoT solutions easily to any locker that matches our standard.

What are the qualities and values you think your clients admire in you as a business leader and your company the most?

As a business leader and through Shttle, the qualities and values that our clients admire the most are innovation, convenience, and reliability. They appreciate our commitment to innovation, as we’ve developed proprietary IoT technologies that make smart lockers accessible and cost-effective. Convenience is another key value; our 24/7 access and versatile item handling simplify their lives. Lastly, reliability is crucial, and we ensure that their items are secure and accessible whenever they need them. These qualities and values build trust and satisfaction among our clients.

Every leader faces challenges. Can you describe a major obstacle you encountered and the strategies you employed to overcome it?

One major obstacle I faced was the challenge of creating a cost-effective solution. Developing our IoT smart lockers required substantial investment in technology and infrastructure. To overcome this, we adopted a lean startup approach. We started small, focusing on key markets and building partnerships with businesses to prove our concept’s feasibility. As we gained traction and revenue, we reinvested in research and development to improve our technology’s cost-effectiveness. Today, we offer a solution that’s accessible to a wide range of businesses, demonstrating that with persistence and smart planning, even significant obstacles can be overcome.

Looking at the technological advancements that are transforming almost all the sectors of the modern industry, how is your company leveraging these advancements to make its solutions resourceful for its esteemed clients?

Shttle is at the forefront of leveraging technological advancements to benefit our clients. Our proprietary IoT technologies are a prime example. We continually invest in research and development to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends. These advancements enable us to make our smart lockers even more efficient and cost-effective, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest innovations in the field. Additionally, we’re exploring new technologies like AI and data analytics to further enhance our services and provide more personalized experiences for our users.

How do you foster a culture of empowerment within your team or organization, and what steps do you take to identify and nurture leadership potential in others?

Fostering a culture of empowerment is crucial at Shttle. We believe that every team member’s ideas and contributions are valuable. We encourage open communication, where employees feel free to share their thoughts and suggestions. We also provide opportunities for skill development and growth, allowing team members to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles as they evolve. We identify leadership potential by observing individuals’ initiative, problem-solving skills, and ability to inspire and motivate their colleagues. Nurturing potential leaders involves mentorship, training, and opportunities to lead projects or teams.

How do you view the role of business leaders in addressing social and environmental issues in the Middle East, and what initiatives or practices do you implement to make a positive impact on society and the environment?

Business leaders have a significant role to play in addressing social and environmental issues in the Middle East. At Shttle, we’re committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We’ve implemented eco-friendly practices in our operations, such as optimizing delivery routes to reduce emissions. We’re also involved in community initiatives, providing employment opportunities, and supporting local businesses. Additionally, we’re exploring ways to reduce our carbon footprint further, such as investing in electric delivery vehicles. It’s our responsibility to be part of the solution, and we’re actively working towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

Awards and Recognition

1st award at Startup Weekend Riyadh 2015

2nd Award from Riyadh Chamber in 2015

1st award at Arabnet Ideatheon 2015

1st Award in GITR Mena in Digital Logistics

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