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Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal: Fortifying Industry Resilience

The hospitality industry stands as a cornerstone of global tourism, offering travelers a spectrum of experiences ranging from luxury accommodations to memorable dining experiences. Over the years, this sector has evolved, adapting to changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and geopolitical shifts.

Mohamed Kamal, a CEO specializing in Hotels & Resorts Asset Management & Business Development, has emerged as a pivotal figure in navigating the intricate terrain of hospitality with finesse and expertise. With a career spanning over three decades, Mohamed has honed his skills across various facets of hospitality management, from marketing and sales to business development.

AMG Hospitality – Hotel Asset Management Group, a leading player in the hospitality consultancy sector, is committed to delivering unparalleled services to corporate clients. Through a meticulous selection process, AMG Hospitality assembles a team of experts with extensive industry experience and a proven track record in managing, operating, and developing hotels and resorts.

Let’s delve in to learn more:

Navigating a Distinguished Career in Hospitality

Mohamed Kamal embarked on his professional journey in 1988 at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, where he completed a rigorous three-year management training program. His tenure at Sheraton encompassed roles in Marketing, Sales, and business development, culminating in his appointment as a hotel General Manager. Throughout his career, Mohamed has augmented his practical experience with specialized studies in Hospitality Management, Sales, and Marketing from esteemed institutions such as the American Hotel Association, Cornell, and the American University in Cairo (AUC).

Driving Tourism Resilience

Over the past three decades, tourism in Egypt has faced numerous obstacles hindering its progress. During times of difficulty, Mohamed has consistently led the team to navigate through challenges, ensuring a safe fallback and facilitating a quick restart.

Values in Business Relationships

In all business relationships, whether with clients, partners, or associates, Mohamed Kamal prioritizes perfection, conducts serious consultations, and upholds honesty as a fundamental value.

Navigating the Intersections of Professional and Personal Life

In the professional sphere, Mohamed acknowledges the intertwining of work and personal life, where connections often transition from acquaintances to friends and colleagues. Nonetheless, he recognizes the importance of respecting individual time allocations.

Optimizing Operational Excellence

Over the past three years, the company has prioritized organizational efficiency and precision in all offerings and commitments, aiming to avoid unforeseen challenges. Consequently, no such situations have arisen, and the company aims to maintain this track record to dedicate full attention to serving clients impeccably.

Fostering Accountability and Decision-Making

Inculcating Accountability: Upholding responsibility for individual business decisions, fostering personal ownership of success, and conducting regular decision audits through collaborative sessions.

Monitoring Industry Trends

With a keen focus on global development news, particularly within the business sphere, Mohamed Kamal stays updated on emerging hotel and resort brands, styles, and client preferences.

Rescuing a Resort

The consulting firm was approached by a resort owner facing financial challenges hindering the completion of their project. With expertise in economic and financial analysis, they recommended transforming the resort into a condo-style property, allowing small investors to purchase units for vacation and investment purposes. Through strategic modifications and management, the project was successfully redeveloped, with the hotel now operational and the owner repurchasing sold units from investors.

Unlocking Excellence

Mohamed Demonstrates qualities such as patience, vigilance, effective time management, and the ability to provide quick and effective answers.

Mastering Essential Qualities

In his role, he shows the importance of having qualities of patience, attentiveness, productivity, precision, and honesty. These attributes underscore his dedication to excellence in his profession.

Elevating Luxury Hospitality: AMG Hospitality’s Comprehensive Consultancy Services

The Luxury Hospitality Consultancy firm “AMG Hospitality”, provides Consultancy Services to corporate clients. providing a one-stop-shop for integrated support in the Luxury hospitality sector, in Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam, El Sahel, Alamein & The New Administrative Capital.

The Carefully Selected Experts of HOTELS & HOSPITALITY Investments Management, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Technical, FnB, Rooms & Training Managements Throughout all phases of Hotels & Resorts Properties’ Investment & Development Management

The Team Members of AMG HOSPITALITY ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP are Selected with long professional Experience, Education & Know-How background in The World’s Most LUXURIOUS Hotel Brands & Hospitality Educational Institutions As

The Four Seasons, HYATT, Marriott, Mövenpick, Sheraton, IHG and STEIGENBERGER

International Hotels & Hospitality Education in the American Hotels Association – CORNELL University Lausanne – Horand Vogle DE – AUC

A Carefully Selected & Assigned Team according to each Property’s Case, is able to deliver excellent experiences to our clients & partners through a Professionality & Loyalty approach, achieving planned premium Return on Investments