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Moe Goswami: Rethinking Work for Today’s Modern Markets

Moe Goswami is the founder of AINS, Inc. and has been the company’s President and CEO since its inception in 1988. Moe has more than 30 years of Information Technology (IT) and management experience, including 15 years of hands-on experience in programming and database architectures. Moe’s success illustrates his ambition and perseverance to solve complex problems experienced by businesses.
Thirty years ago, as an Information Analyst at the World Bank, Moe Goswami saw an everyday problem that needed a solution. The International Financial Institution needed to access data from multiple environments, databases, and areas of the organization from operations to economic data to IT. Each system operated independently and data was warehoused by its respective vendor. Reporting on information between databases and systems among divisions was a laborious process and not without error. Moe knew there was another way. Like many young start-ups do, Moe began gathering his friends and got to work on building a technology called INDRE (Integrated Development and Run-Time Environment). By doing service projects during the day and building the system at night, a new solution was born.
Well ahead of its time, this innovative solution could run a query through different systems, picking data and creating reports. This was a new way to conduct the functions of data warehousing, with all information existing within one unified system. It even supported different modules and had a simple composer tool to quickly configure user interfaces and application development environments. Moe was intent on proving the solution was scalable and that the platform could be used as an end product to create business applications quickly.
One Platform, Many Solutions
Moe started AINS with a strong services component while continuing to develop the solution for the emerging marketplace. A refined iteration of the initial solution, now called eCase, was the answer Moe was looking for. The low code eCase platform delivered case-centric building blocks that could speed the design and development of different applications across lines of business. With 60-80% of the features “out of the box” and a simple UI Designer for configuration, applications could be built faster, at a lower initial price and lower ongoing maintenance cost than custom software. Applications could easily be changed and upgraded. This product was ideal for the constant shifts and changes experienced within an enterprise environment—handling database upgrades while keeping applications linked as they evolved.
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provided the first opportunity to test the platform. With FOIAXpress, an automated FOIA processing application built on the eCase Platform, agencies no longer needed to sort through piles of paper and manually write responses. In addition to Open Government case management, AINS (under Moe’s leadership) has developed solutions for Human Resources, Audit, Investigations, Incident Management, and eDiscovery.
FOIAXpress and eCase are currently used by over 380 organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Over the next 6-12 months, AINS will continue its active engagement in the development and launch of the next generation platform.
Clients are the Top Priority
Moe is committed to more than just selling products. He is dedicated to helping customers enhance productivity, cut costs, and most importantly, achieve better outcomes. No client need is unmet; Moe believes that if there is a problem, he can build a solution. His team at AINS excels at solving client problems. They extensively analyze client business requirements and quickly configure lightweight, scalable solutions that adapt to fit the needs of customers. The key to tailoring solutions is the low code nature of the eCase platform—allowing users without any technical knowledge the ability to make changes to the system. Configuration over coding means faster delivery, lower implementation risk, lower cost of ownership, and a longer system life.
The AINS Mantra: “Dream It, Believe It and Achieve It”
AINS solutions have been praised across the public and commercial markets, by top case management researchers and consultants such as Gartner and the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). In the past few years, AINS has gained support and recognition with several awards for growth and technology innovation. This year alone, AINS has been recognized as a winner of the Stevie Awards for Greatest Employers and the SmartCEO GovStar Award for Star Workplace.
In addition to the company’s success, AINS’ leaders have also been recognized with esteemed accomplishments in the business and case management fields. Moe Goswami was recognized as a 2016 SmartCEO FedScoop 50 Winner, and has been recognized in several publications, including CIO Review’s “20 Most Promising BPM Technology Solution Providers”. The eCase platform itself has recently been recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) 2016 Adaptive Case Management (ACM) awards for the development of URAC’s Accreditation Case Management System.
Leading Innovation in the Future of Case Management
Almost thirty years after founding AINS, Moe continues to seek out new ways of innovating and curating solutions to solve modern business problems. His passion is to build an agile, forward-thinking platform that can shift with market needs of public and commercial markets. The trend to consolidate technology plays into Moe’s vision to provide solutions and frameworks that help businesses and organizations achieve their software and application needs development needs.
The future is filled with industries embarking on major shifts in how they transact business and engage with customers and Moe has positioned AINS to be well-prepared for that change. As organizations modernize their core systems, CIO’s will look to streamline and consolidate technology into a platform and application approach in lieu of continuing to work with siloed legacy systems. This downsizing will expand into hardware as more activities are moved to the cloud, saving valuable real estate with the ability to host terabytes of data for a fraction of the cost. Moe believes that organizations will shift towards an outsourced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, leveraging external companies or contractors who can not only provide maintenance but adaptive solutions for today and tomorrow.
Moe’s motivation is to build for the future. He hopes to give the next generation the ability to “take risks, build with to focus, and worry about money later.” Always building, Moe is looking forward to seeing these new ideas come to fruition, modernizing the way people do business. Under Moe’s leadership, AINS continues to follow his overarching vision, reach new heights and embrace the complexities brought on by a changing industry.