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Moccamaster Sales B.V: Crafting & Elevating the Coffee Excellence

Coffee has come a long way from its origins to becoming a beloved comfort drink worldwide. It bridges cultural divides and unites people over a hot cup of comfort in both thriving metropolises and the countryside.

It’s a common observation that people have customized coffee needs. Customization allows individuals to tailor their coffee experience to match their unique tastes and requirements, making it a highly personalized and enjoyable beverage for people all around the world. To align with these needs, the beverage industry comes with innovative solutions.

Along with the customization, the coffee equipment can also enhance the experience of drinking. Keeping this in mind, Moccamaster has served coffee drinkers with its impeccable service for the last six decades. We had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with them and having a glance at their journey of self-transcendence.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Can you please provide an overview of your company, its mission, and the key products or services it offers in the home appliances sector?

Since 1964, Moccamaster has been the gold standard for coffee equipment enthusiasts worldwide. Every Moccamaster is carefully handcrafted in the Netherlands by the manufacturer Technivorm.

Our mission is to create the best cup of coffee with a coffee machine that lasts a lifetime. A Moccamaster should be the last brewer you’ll ever buy.

We have four key products for the household market. Three filter coffee machines share the same DNA but are made for different users. The models are called, the Cup-One which is a single-serve coffee machine, the KBG Select which is a glass jug machine and can make 4 – 10 cups of coffee, and KBGT which is a thermal jug machine and is perfect for office use. Besides filter coffee machines, we also have a burr grinder, the KM5, which is made for the real coffee enthusiast who likes to grind their beans fresh.

How would you describe your company’s current position in the home appliances market, and what factors do you attribute to its success?

We are the market leader in high-quality filter coffee machines. This has proven itself over a 60-year history, where we have not deviated from our core values: making a quality product that brews the tastiest coffee and doesn’t break down. We see this success reflected daily in the love of our users, some of whom still have a machine 20 – 30 years old.

Can you share any recent achievements or milestones that have contributed to the growth and reputation of your company?

In 2022, we partnered with Supreme for their fall/winter collection. This was quite an honour to do collaboration with such a cool brand and see the excitement of both our loyal customers.

We will also celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2024. Despite that is still to come, we are very proud to have existed for such a long time in the same form we once started in.

What sets your company’s home appliances apart in terms of innovation and technology? Are there any recent developments or upcoming releases you’d like to highlight?

I think sticking to our expertise and keeping it simple. This is why our machines are hard to break because it has a minimalistic design.

Besides, we have been using a modular design since 1968, which makes our machines repairable. Our current designs are all based on our iconic coffee machine the 741, which was released in 1976, but they are now available in more than 20 different colours.

If we change something about our machine, we do our best to make it fit all previous models. In that way, we don’t push customers to purchase a new coffee machine once it is broken, but they can replace a part or have their machine repaired.

We are very proud that we have introduced our new coffee grinder in April this year (2023). Our coffee grinder has had a complete redesign and uses modern technology. However, it is still in the reliable Moccamaster style and quality.

How does your company stay ahead of the curve in terms of product design and development to meet evolving consumer needs?

I think because we decided to stick to our expertise and have kept our quality promise, we have brought ourselves to a leading position in terms of repairability. Most products these days can’t even be repaired, which forces people to throw so many products away. This makes it expensive for the users, but also very bad for the environment. As sustainability becomes more and more important, we see that we are ahead in this curve.

What steps does your company take to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in the production and use of home appliances?

First of all, we still hand-assemble all Moccamaster machines in The Netherlands. We believe that being sustainable is not only caring for the environment but also caring for your people and being a good employer.

Secondly, we source 95% of our materials from Europe, which allows us to decrease our carbon footprint. All materials are selected with an emphasis on the environment and health and are 100% recyclable.

At last, we want to make a high-quality product that doesn’t break down easily and can be repaired if needed. In that way, we reduce waste and want to make a change in the throw-away culture we still see today.

In your view, what are the emerging trends or technologies in the home appliances sector that are likely to shape the industry in the coming years?

Repairability, because this will be a new requirements by law in the European Union.

What are some of the key challenges your company faces in the competitive home appliances market, and how do you address them?

Increasing prices for production and raw materials. We try to cut costs by making efficiency improvements in our production processes and supply chain.

Could you share some of the community-oriented projects your company is involved in, especially as they relate to the home appliances sector?

The coffee industry is a very vibrant market. We also see the specialty coffee community only growing, which we are very proud of.

We are doing our part by investing in this community. For instance, we sponsor various championships, events, or in upcoming barista talents.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in the home appliances industry?

Find something to stand out and keep it simple.