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Moblize: Improving Daily Life of Engineers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The current scenario suggests that the oil and gas industry is struggling with the rising costs of extraction and the turbulent state of international politics. To face and fight with these problems, the oil and gas giants are looking forward to leveraging Big Data Analytics solutions to help them remain competent. Moblize is a trusted name applying Big Data Analytics for oil and gas industry to improve the daily life of enterprise knowledge workers.
The present situation suggests that the oil prices will remain low for the next one year forcing oil and gas companies to reinvent themselves. Everyone is looking to become ultra-efficient across the entire well lifecycle and do more with less, Moblize, a Houston, TX based company is fast becoming a preferred partner to help operators exactly do that faster, cheaper and better.
Moblize emerged with the motive to help the industry with its unparalleled offering to exploit software. They saw the oil and gas industry was doing extremely well at the hardware innovation, but somewhere was lacking in the software part. The Silicon Valley companies designed software which people cannot live without today wasn’t for the oil and gas industry. Only a bare 20 percent of the oil and gas centric software is being used today by knowledge workers, and seeing that void and the urgency of the big data analytics, the CEO of Moblize Amit Mehta started Moblize to fill in the gap.
The Pillars on which Moblize stands
Going beyond their motto of changing the way oil and gas companies work, they are built up on the seven pillars which binds the company and keep itself ahead of its competitors. The seven pillars on which the company is standing are as follows.
Passion for Customers – Our customers need our help today more than ever to fight and survive. Hence it’s our duty to go extra mile and help them in any way we can.
Speed and Agility – Moblize is resourceful and adaptable. The speed at which the company delivers its service, makes them stand out from the crowd.
Uncompromising Integrity –The company shows transparency in its services to the customers. We can make mistakes and we will tell our customers if we do, as right thing is often the hardest thing to do.
Trust and Respect for Individuals – Moblize has a unique work culture where they provide a philosophy of trust, respect and dignity for all.
Meaningful Innovation –  Moblize is a technology company that invents useful and significant things faster, Thus, helping their clients with unique solutions much before than others.
Results Through Teamwork – The big data analytics company is always in search of improving themselves. The members of Moblize are involved in continuous research through their internal and external networks to find out the ways to give best services to its clients and customers.
Achievement and Contribution – Moblize is always striving for excellence in everything they do as they believe that each person’s contribution is critical to the success of the company.
ProAct, a unique Software-As-A-Service platform
ProAct an enterprise software gives what the engineers and managers need today. It opens a new way to identify, capture and deliver on opportunities more quickly than ever.. It provides business and operational insights to help users do daily planning, daily operations, post-well analysis, and reporting via a single source of truth. It was built with one key goal: Improve the daily life of enterprise knowledge workers.
It is backed by full services like:
Data Aggregation: Automatically aggregates variety of real time machine data, unstructured data like daily emails, other dialogues, and historical data from third party vendor office hubs.
Data Preparation: Prepares the aggregated data by running them against their Intelligent Data Quality Engine to automatically detect all quality issues like data gaps, missing or incomplete and poorly calibrated data, fix it via 24×7 operations centers in near real time.
CEO and his beliefs
Amit Mehta, the CEO of Moblize has a vast experience of 10 years in the Oil and Gas Sector. While doing his Masters in Manufacturing and Management at the Cambridge University in the UK, he has visited over 50 plus manufacturing plants around the globe and worked at the manufacturing plants of global brands like Peugeot, Boeing, Jaguar, Unilever, GE and Victoria Secrets.
Amit has been nationally featured in popular magazines like Forbes, JPT, World Oil, CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur, etc. Under his leadership, Moblize has been recognized as one of the best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 List. 
Amit says that while everyone focused on the applying big data or AI in making machines smarter, Moblize is laser focused on making Enterprise Users Smarter. Amit also mentioned that the company maturity in data aggregation and data preparation services to enable true data analytics gives them a huge advantage.
The Upcoming Plans to look for
The market is waiting for the arrival of ProFRAC, well completion analytics platform and ProWISE, An AI knowledge platform which is currently being trailed at our clients to enable and support big judgement never possible before.

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