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MobiTV: The Future of TV is Here

Media consumption across the world is increasing daily for digital formats. The increase in the number of devices that are capable of streaming digital media in tandem with better internet speed has provided consumers the option to access content anytime, anywhere. Recently, the world has seen a sudden surge in demand of media consumption. To meet these demands, MobiTV, with close to two decades of expertise in the market, the Company is committed to making the live and on-demand entertainment experience better across any device and platform.
A Company Founded to Enhance the Experience of Live & On-Demand Entertainment
MobiTV is a global leader in the world of video delivery solutions, with a rich history of 17 years working with mobile carriers, cable operators, content creators and more, around the world. Unlike any other player in the market, their recently launched MobiTV™ Connect Platform unlocks content from the traditional set-top box experience allowing Pay TV providers to seamlessly deliver video to their consumers on any screen. The Company also provides cloud-based, customizable, end-to-end video streaming solutions to service providers across the globe, which allows them to offer a high-quality entertainment experience across multiple devices.
The Company is also dedicated to creating customer loyalty by ensuring video optimization across all screens and by operating a platform with 99.999% uptime. MobiTV takes pride in collaborating with its customers to deliver industry solutions that consistently embody innovation and reliability. Their connected media solutions are specially tailored for IPTV operators, mobile TV, and over-the-top consumers.
Charlie Nooney: The Highly-Motivated Leader with Vast Experience
Charlie Nooney, CEO and Chairman of MobiTV is a seasoned media executive, with vast experience in connecting media and mainstream brands with consumers through emerging technologies. Previously he has worked as President of Technicolor Network Services, Chairman of Screenvision and CEO of Premier Retail Networks. He has also worked with Disney/ABC Cable Networks as the Executive Vice President of Affiliate Sales & Marketing.
Nooney supervises corporate and business strategy to grow distribution, drive adoption and strengthen relationships with mobile carriers and pay TV providers. He is also helping operators who helped build the pay TV business to compete in a fast-changing environment, while continuing to innovate and thrive.
MobiTV has a very long history of innovation with IP delivery of video services, however, last year under Nooney’s leadership the company introduced its new MobiTV Connect Platform for the U.S market. The foundation of MobiTV Connect Platform was first implemented in countries like Germany, Japan, and India. It is now offered in the U.S.
Initial Struggle Days
At the time when MobiTV was launched, cell phones were the only devices for delivering video content outside of televisions. Initially, the company tried to tackle the new concept by partnering with Sprint. Both companies had to address the need for personalization and to adjust to network conditions through an IP signal. Sprint and MobiTV tackled the issue of the video consumption process with a more seamless, personalized and enjoyable approach across multiple streaming devices. However, the main challenge was to wait for the industry to be mature and keep up with the innovation.
 Nurturing with Evolving Technology
Nowadays, cable operators evolving from traditional QAM to IP delivery are taking advantage of the MobileTV Connect Platform that uses the strength of MobiTV’s technology to provide live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR and viewing recommendations to their subscribers. Along with all of these enhanced features, advanced video controls are helping cable operators to evolve with the company.
This new platform has already helped Reliance’s service in India to power over 100 million active users within a little over four months for live & liner TV across the sub-continent. Now it offers over 350 live channels with the utmost reliability, which is an ultimate testament of MobiTV’s technical advancements.
Standing Apart from the Crowd
Mostly due to technical advancements and consumer demands, change has been a norm in the video delivery space. However, recently the world has seen this change at an accelerated pace. With multiple devices, the entire ecosystem has been challenged; still, MobiTV is using its strength of experience in flexible and reliable technology to aid the evolution of Pay TV operators. The company is helping small to midsized operators, who want to stay in the business of Pay TV without surrendering to the pressures of the OTT evolution. Through the new MobiTV Connect Platform, all these companies are balancing the existing infrastructure and services with an introduction of new services based on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach. Additionally, the company’s technology is helping Pay TV providers to utilize application-based solutions which create an opportunity that levels the playing field between big and small sized operators, as consumer expectations and industry innovation continue to raise the bar of video delivery to the end user.
Additionally, MobiTV is equipped with state of art analytics that ensures competitiveness and value in business. The company uses analytics in order to determine the interaction with the application and it allows the company to make changes according to the data provided.

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