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MobiLock: Driving Simplicity and Innovation in Mobile Device Management

Companies globally are preferring simple yet feature-rich SaaS applications to stay ahead of the technological curve and this gave ProMobi Technologies, a promising B2B SaaS provider, an opportunity to build MobiLock – a scalable and intuitive solution that helps companies to implement Device Management strategy with minimum IT Expertise.
In an interview with Insights Success, Harishankar Kannan, the Co-founder and CEO, and Arnab Chakraborty, Co-founder and CTO have shared some of their insights behind setting a benchmark in the industry.
Give a brief overview of the company, its solutions, and services. 
ProMobi was founded in 2014 as an outsourced product development company, building software for SMBs. But the reason behind our existence is to build world-class SaaS products from India, for the world. For that to happen, we first needed to be cash-flow positive before venturing out to product-building. Later in 2014, we built our first B2B SaaS product called MobiLock that we launched in January 2015.
Today, we are a leading provider of Mobile Device Management Solution under the brand MobiLock Pro, which allows organizations of any size, be it a start-up, or a Fortune 500, to manage their Android, iOS and Windows devices from the cloud.
How do you diversify SaaS Solutions so that it will benefit your customers?
We have divided the product into core solutions and a bunch of add-ons, depending on the company’s requirements. The entry barrier to understand, use and buy the product has been kept extremely low. Any company can start using the core solutions and can opt to select the addons depending on its requirements, budget, and usage. Our top-notch support ensures that our customers succeed in using the product with ease and efficiency.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company.
As a product development company, we gathered experiences and lessons by trying our hands at all functions and working closely with customers to make them successful in using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution. We shaped the product keeping the customer problems in sight and went on to provide a specific value for company-owned devices, before branching out to a fullblown MDM.
An early implementation of Customer Support function in the form of a live chat allowed us to resolve our customer queries at a much faster rate. In terms of achievements, we have grown 300% YoY since the launch of the product and bootstrapping kept us focused on our customers. We can clearly see now that India can become a B2B SaaS powerhouse by leveraging the tech talent around while identifying the many white-spaces in the Industry to provide awesome solutions.
How does the company contribute towards making the industry better? 
The sector we entered is a crowded space where numerous providers are struggling to carve their own niche. And that’s why we value innovation and improvisation and look at it as the most important differentiator. This also influences the industry to stay competitive focusing on customer service and experience. In 2019 we will take baby-steps from our side to indulge with the B2B SaaS community of India to help and seek help as and when/where necessary!
Give a detailed explanation regarding the Co-founders’ influence towards the industry and the company?
Being the two co-founders of the company, me and Arnab Chakraborty always had the vision to solve real-world problems faced by organizations. This vision drives the team to build or add features to our product that will solve the pain points of our customers. When we came together through ProMobi, we set equilibrium as I looked at the business side of things and Arnab chose to lead the technical and design front. Our impact is gradual and consistent. We encouraged and embraced the idea of Bootstrapping as we sent out a message to B2B SaaS companies that it is possible without getting external fund!
We are finding the white spaces in this field and are trying to redefine the way MDM is seen at this moment.
Where does MobiLock see itself in the long run and what are its future goals?
Oh, we would love to do an IPO! The journey so far has been good, and we are going from strength to strength. We want to continue the growth momentum and all the learning we are accumulating along with the positive changes in the industry. Going further we want to be a significant player in this sector for not only Unified Endpoint Management but also for all the supporting ancillary segments.
Considering the rising number of SaaS Solution providers, how does MobiLock stand out from its competitors?
We make it real simple for them to start using our solution and the platforms. One can easily sign up and start using the dashboards with a bunch of help-guides and the entire process will not take more than 15 minutes. We are seeking our place at the top and this can be done only through innovation on to the product, on to the segment and on to the industry. We are planning to build meaningful features in our product by leveraging AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies. We hope to move away from being just another player in this segment to being a trendsetter!
Client Testimonials 
MobiLock is a great product and the support available has been exceptional. The dashboard is really simple to use, and with easy account management and set up for devices, it’s been a great product to use. – Claire Bell (Listening Books, UK)
Great support; the support team is always very helpful to answer questions to help. I love the Dashboard, Enterprise, upgrading our APK’s, looking at all of our devices, keeps it all locked down 100%. Great company and people to deal with. – Rich Aldrich (UNIT Innovations, USA).
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