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MobileIron: The Security Backbone for Modern Computing

Mobile and cloud technologies have transformed enterprise computing, but companies haven’t changed the way they look at security. The traditional security solutions that protected data within the enterprise perimeter and the data center don’t protect users from the new generation threats. As data has exploded beyond the walls of corporations, it has become impossible to protect enterprises from threats without the help of a  modern security solution.
MobileIron, the leading stand-alone Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) company, is the security backbone for modern computing and has provided security solutions to more than 12,500 customers around the globe, since 2009.
Services that are Securing the Client’s Data
Traditional PCs and Windows-based tools are disappearing and, employees are working on devices running modern operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows 10 and enterprise data has moved outside of the datacenter to apps and cloud storage repositories.
Only enterprise mobility management (EMM) provides application and data security for these modern operating systems and, with MobileIron, enterprises have a powerful set of capabilities that improve data security.
MobileIron provides the secure foundation for companies around the world to transform into Mobile First organizations. Its platform has been evaluated and chosen by the most security conscious organizations with highly complex IT environments in the world.
The MobileIron platform is composed of six integrated and distributed software components:

  • MobileIron Cloud/Core: A policy engine that allows IT to define security and management policies.
  • MobileIron Client: Software on the device to enforce those policies.
  • MobileIron Sentry: An intelligent gateway that secures data as it moves between apps, clouds, devices, and the network.
  • MobileIron Access: A security capability that allows IT to prevent users from accessing enterprise cloud services with an unsecured device or through unauthorized apps or browsers.
  • MobileIron Bridge: The first solution to unify mobile and desktop operations for Windows 10 using a single console and communications channel.
  • MobileIron End-User Services: Secure email, enterprise app store, document security and management, and web browser.

Attributing Success to the Team and Customers
MobileIron attributes its success to a great team of passionate people who are excited about the opportunity to work on the bleeding edge of what’s possible in mobility and security. MobileIron has the best customers and works closely with them to provide the solutions they need now and to identify and solve the needs they will have in the future. Security doesn’t work if it’s isolated and MobileIron has built a strong ecosystem of integrations with critical infrastructure technologies. Making employees productive with mobile means more than just delivering secure email and MobileIron has built a network of third party app developers, including Box, Dropbox, Jive, TigerText, and many more.
MobileIron Access: Connecting Link between Mobile app and the Cloud Service
CCS Insight researched found that 86% of employees use mobile apps regularly for work and the majority of these apps are connecting to cloud services. This broad adoption of cloud and mobile technologies in conjunction with data vulnerability, creates serious security and compliance risks.
This is why MobileIron built MobileIron Access, so that only trusted devices and trusted apps can access business cloud services. MobileIron Access is the critical link between the mobile app and the cloud service. Access acts as a gate on the authentication path between the user and the cloud data so only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted applications can get to that data. Untrusted users, apps, and devices are blocked.
Meet the Maestro
Barry Mainz, President and CEO of MobileIron, is responsible for MobileIron’s day-to-day-operations and leads the company’s overall business strategy. Barry has always been fascinated with technology and that’s what encourages him to drive the company towards better good.
Prior to joining MobileIron, Barry was President of Wind River, a world leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IOT) and a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation.
Barry has also served as Vice President, Corporate Sales Division, for Mercury Interactive Corporation, a software company. Barry holds a B.A. in Communications from San Francisco State University.
Barry’s Advice to the Entrepreneurs
Being an entrepreneur is a huge commitment, so you better be absolutely passionate about what you’re doing. The next thing, is to make absolutely sure that you are solving a legitimate business problem. Then take it one step further. If you’re going to succeed, you need to be building something that is critical, not something that is a “nice to have.” Not every problem needs to be solved urgently, but people will pay you to solve the ones that require urgent attention. Never, ever think that you are smarter than your customers. Make sure you understand their reality and their problems. You have to understand the world from their perspective.