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MO Technologies: Revolutionizing the Credit Scoring Industry and Promoting Financial Inclusion

It is been witnessed that more than 3 billion people in the world do not have access to credit. This stops them not only from progressing socially, but also from accessing little funds when needed for basic needs such as urgent medicine or public transport to get to work. These little things make a huge difference in the lives of billions of people, and today’s credit industry has been lacking the tools to help these people. With a mission to promote financial inclusion by offering everyone the possibility to access a small loan, MO Technologies stepped into the market.
Though people do not have access to formal loans, they have access to technology and all-time connectivity. MO Technologies has developed an innovative patentpending proprietary credit scoring technology and loan management platform which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to implement credit products for consumers and merchants without a formal credit history. MO Tecnologias started operations initially in Colombia, and then expanded to other markets in Latin America and the US with the objective to continue facilitating financial inclusion. The company aims at revolutionizing the credit scoring industry by eliminating the discrimination due to lack of credit history giving everyone the possibility to access nano & micro loans in a simple and effective way. With its revolutionary technology, it has created an end-to-end solution that allows the company to transform the lives of people who are not financially included and take them to a new world full of opportunities.
Customized Offerings 
The product range of MO Technologies is integrated by credit technologies, credit issuing, payment services and consulting. Its business partners like Financial Institutions, Service Companies and other Fintechs can offer new credit products to consumers & merchants with no access to traditional credit.
Without the need to know the identity of the user, MO processes numerous data points and calculates a credit score within seconds, pre-approving the user. Its technology enables company to serve credit to persons or small businesses and to deliver & service via any digital channel. The company’s technology can be customized by its business partners to create on-the-fly bespoke credit products aimed at specific customer segments.
A Tech Enthusiast 
An eager-beaver team of MO technologies is led by its CEO and Co-founder, Paolo Fidanza. A tech entrepreneur, Paolo is passionate about making the world a better place. He has been graduated in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rome, Italy, but has lived most of his life outside of Italy. He has accumulated a vast experience in the field of technology, internet and mobile sectors. His career has spanned across various industries starting from automotive industry to the IT, Telecom, Social Networking, Healthcare and Security industries across continents. Prior to MO Technologies, Paolo has created various platforms like and and also founded Opinit, an innovative emotions-based social platform, which was eventually sold to a Canadian Investment Fund in August 2016. He founded MO Technologies to enable technology to help the billions of people in the world who cannot access credit and cannot progress as a result of this. As a CEO, he oversees all the company’s operations with particular focus and hands on product & technology development.
Including the Excluded 
According to MO Technologies, currently almost 70% of adults worldwide do not have access to traditional credit. In order to build a customer centric financial model, the company is including most of the excluded to make it fair and for everyone. Being able to get people who never had the opportunity to access a traditional credit and use their app by simply sliding their finger to the right and choosing an amount and getting a loan in their account almost instantly is the company’s greatest achievement. This achievement is still at the basis of its strategy and growth. It is sustaining its growth model by giving everyone, independently of their credit history, the opportunity to access a small credit.
Enabling Access to Small Credit 
MO Technologies envisions revolutionizing the credit industry by becoming the leading technological solution used by Financial Institutions worldwide for financial inclusion. The company is looking forward to work with many Financial Institutions and Fintechs in South, Central and North America, Africa and Europe, giving access to small credit to millions of customers and merchants. It is also striving to enable many of these credits to be delivered instantly on pre- paid and debit cards, therefore truly including financially these people.