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Veronica Crisafulli | CEO & Co-founder | MO Technologies

MO Technologies: Providing Financial Solutions with Flexibility

Every B2B credit service issue that businesses face comes to an end at MO Technologies, where the company is leveraging technology to create an inclusive, digital, and seamless financial system. It is a Credit Lifecycle Management Platform with flexible and innovative solutions that drastically reduce time-to-market and improve the lending customer experience. The company has developed also an innovative credit scoring model that evaluates potential customers based on behavioural and alternative data without the need to access any personal information. It provides seamless and accessible experience through multiple use cases that are the most common and will bring the most value to new fintech credit operations: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), Credit card and Microcredit.

Veronica Crisafulli is the CEO and Cofounder of MO Technologies, leading the company with a creative mind and a clear focus on innovation in the digital lending space and financial inclusion. She has 15 years’ experience as a strategic consultant for important consulting companies dedicated to TMT and financial services around the world. Her invaluable trajectory has helped the company optimize financial solutions through disruptive technologies.

Innovative and Disruptive Solutions

Veronica started working in consultancy for 15 years, which allowed her to travel and live in many developing countries. As a result, she understood the limitations of credit issuing and the wide financial inclusion gap. She firmly believes that no one is included in the financial world if they can’t access credit products. So, founding MO was the perfect opportunity for (generating a positive impact with innovative technology) her to do something for the good with innovative technology.

Consumer needs are in constant evolution. At MO Technologies, the team strives to solve the main issue fintech and other non-financial institutions face – the lack of proper technology to satisfy customers’ demands for new types of credit products. It enables companies to innovative end-to-end credit infrastructure and operation that allows the company to democratize credit, diminishing the inclusion gap.

The lending market has exponentially grown, and still, only 20% of the worldwide population has access to credit. Fintech and non-fintech companies need an innovative credit technology provider such as MO to offer any credit product to their users. MO aims to provide this technology that makes the end-to-end credit processes – from origination to servicing and digital collection easier and fully digital, allowing a laser-speed launch of flexible credit products that are easy to integrate with any platform. The final objective of the company is to be the credit tech enablers for Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean region going the extra mile to implement the most disruptive solutions in the industry.

Making a Difference Speedily

MO Technologies holds many competitive advantages by offering a robust solution that competes with any top player worldwide and has a competitive pricing structure in comparison with competitors. Veronica shares, “What makes us one of the strongest credit tech players in LAC is that we offer a credit management platform that does not have solid competitors in the region, where the market is unserved. This platform, named MO Manage, covers the E2E credit lifecycle by providing fintech with the proper, flexible, and easily integrated technology to give access to credit to their end-users at a laser speed. We cover credit origination, servicing, and collection while managing it with our clients to achieve their goals of new credit products with a scalable and straightforward pricing model.”

MO’s clients are top players such as PayU, Santander, and Uber. The team has deep know-how of the credit ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, it has more than 30 clients in 12 different countries and a fully developed solutions comparable to the ones implemented by only its few competitors worldwide. At MO, the team has three patents granted, and it keeps working hard to make a difference in its sector.

Veronica explains, “At MO Technologies, we know that the ever-changing landscape makes technology and consumer demands continuously evolve. As a start-up, we face new challenges every day to step up as a top credit tech player and fulfill the customers’ changing needs.”

“Funding was one of our first obstacles, but we dedicated time to preparing a customized commercial strategy and business plan aligned with our objective of finding the right investors. Recruiting the perfect talent to keep up with the fast-paced technology environment is also a big challenge. We encourage working as a community and putting our people first: that’s why our “MOvers” are granted company shares after the vesting period and have other benefits such as education, training, etc.,” states Veronica.

Main Components of MO’s DNA

MO Technologies is conscious of the market’s continuous changes and is committed to adapting to the new behaviors and trends. The team dedicates time to listening to clients’ needs and demands to fill the gaps, the reason why it transitioned from a project-led company to a product-led one.

The fintech market in Latin America has been growing exponentially in the last few years. More than 2 thousand fintech in Latin America don’t have the proper technology to offer credit products to their end-users, and here’s where MO comes into action. It is constantly researching and learning more about the emerging needs in the credit segment. The team has developed a credit management platform (MO Manage) that enables fintech to satisfy customers’ needs by allowing a seamless launch of flexible and adaptable credit products through an integral coverage of its lifecycle.

Innovation and technology are the main components of MO’s DNA. The company’s constant need for innovation positioned it as the region’s top credit tech enabler and led it to an advance in the journey to end the credit inclusion gap. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have created an innovative credit platform in its region that solves the absence of proper technology that companies face when offering new credit alternatives to their consumers. Implementing innovative technologies is a crucial asset to dealing with problems and gaps we experience as businesses and societies.

Aiming for the Top

Currently, 80% of the worldwide population does not have access to formal credit products. At MO, the objective is to diminish the financial inclusion gap. Veronica shares, “For us, a person or business is financially included only when they can access credit products. We have been battling this issue by providing enabling credit technology to fintech and non-fintech companies, especially in the LATAM region.”

She adds, “What comes next for MO Technologies is the scaling-up phase of our business. As I mentioned earlier, we have a proven track record working with top-tier companies, and we currently have almost 30 live projects in 12 different countries. We expect to gain more traction around our region, positioning as credit tech leaders in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and later expanding through other latitudes supported by our partners and exceptional human talent.”