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Mithi Software Technologies: An Innovative Collaboration Technology Enabler For Enterprises

Whether it is people like us using smart devices to communicate with our friends, or an enterprise relying on collaboration technology to boost productivity and solve mission-critical business problems – technology helps bring people together and gets things done faster and with lesser waste.
With this singular focus, Mithi Software Technologies has been working continually toward making technology accessible, useful and affordable to every enterprise.
Mithi distinguishes itself in providing Email, Collaboration and Archiving Software that help substantially lower operational costs & boost productivity. Mithi’s innovative software have been adopted by organizations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segments such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Government Organizations, Agro Industries, IT/ITES, Retail and many more.
Secure, Dependable and Adaptable Collaboration Solutions
Connect Xf, enterprise collaboration platform launched in 2005, has been adopted by some of India’s leading enterprises. The software has been delivering high outcomes in very demanding environments and on high performance standards for scalability, security & availability.
However, the experience of the users varied depending on the kind of resource available at an enterprise. With better resourced businesses experiencing better outcomes. With a view to delivering a uniform high outcome across enterprise of any size, Mithi launched SkyConnect, a Cloud based Email & Collaboration Service, based on the Connect Xf platform and served via the AWS Cloud. The service offers even higher reliability, security, scalability and performance to customers.
The key benefit of Mithi’s cloud service is uniform high performance regardless of the size of the customer, with great flexibility in adopting the solution as per the changing needs of the enterprise. It’s about making the best of technology solutions accessible to every enterprise.
Distinctive Cloud Hybrid Integration: One of the most distinguishing features of their solutions is the ability to connect to other business systems. It can be configured to co-exist with other mailing systems, as an on premise-cloud hybrid and integrated with other enterprise applications, to drive the core business workflow. This hybrid provides a secure and durable platform which helps customise performance, security and costs to match the special needs of an enterprise. The ‘on-premise plus cloud’ hybrid model is useful where the last mile internet connectivity is poor.
Vaultastic, the latest offering by Mithi, is the easiest and most secure cloud email archiving solution that comes with unlimited storage and provides 99. 99999999% data durability. Vaultastic works seamlessly with G Suite, Office 365, MS Exchange and other popular email solutions.
In Vaultastic, email is archived during transmission and storage and can be accessed from a read-only self service portal eliminating the chance of malicious or accidental deletion of mail. The benefits to the user is quick recovery from disaster and even continuity of work while the core service is being restored.
Using their Strengths to Overcome Customer Challenges
Mithi’s strengths in handling message streams, resource efficient engineering and UI/UX design capabilities, enables them to provide better security, optimised performance, easy manageability & new applications at affordable costs.
Cost being a significant barrier in the adoption of technology, the firm always aims to offer better cost customisation to meet individual business needs, without compromise on performance.
Increasing dependence on collaboration means that a disruption in service can create greater loss of productivity. So security and availability become critical concerns when designing solutions. Mithi’s solutions come built in with several security features such as encryption, scrubbing, password management, policies etc. to guarantee high levels of e-mail security.
Creating Products to Power the Next-Gen Collaboration
The company believes that no matter how technology advances and moves in the future, teams will have to keep collaborating within and with external teams to resolve exceptions, discuss ideas, create plans, execute projects, etc.
Mithi intends to build derivative and lateral products that will help businesses create more dependable, secure and productive collaboration environments without incurring high costs.
The decision to move to the AWS cloud, meant big investments and a immediate impact on the company’s cost of operation and margin, but was deemed necessary to deliver high reliability, infinite on demand scale, high performance and a better overall customer experience.
To remain relevant with the ever changing business and technology landscape, Mithi’s objective is to continue with improving the convenience, flexibility and performance of their basic platform, while also investing in new generation collaboration apps that will make the basic task of collaboration easier for people.
A soon to be launched product, the company says, will make it easier to collaborate remotely on many tasks & projects simultaneously, without losing context over extended periods of time. It promises to get teams to work better while reducing email traffic between them by as much 80%.