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Miss Your College? Here are 5 Career to Take You Back

Many people tend to be dissatisfied with their jobs for various reasons. Some people are not satisfied with the amount of money they earn, whereas others focus on their job satisfaction more than their income. No matter the reason, you always have a choice to go back and change your career into something that pleases you.

You can always chase a dream you had left behind or make a courageous move and do something out of your comfort zone. No matter what you decide to do, you should know that switching careers is tricky.
However, if you miss your college and are thinking of choosing a job that takes you back to the good ol’ days, here are five career choices you could choose from.
⦁ College Counselor
If you are a good listener and desire to assist people in their struggles, being a college counselor is an excellent career choice. It is also an ideal career choice if you enjoy college and want to go back to help students navigate their way through life. However, there are different types of counselors for various purposes.
These include career, mental health, and an admissions counselor. Based on your interest, you can opt for the certification required. It is a demanding job as more and more students need guidance. The average annual salary is around $82,000. Not only does a college counselor salary pay well, but it is also a fulfilling job.
You get to work with students, families, the faculty, and people in the community and help make a difference in their lives. You assist them in overcoming their problems and make them more confident about themselves and their career goals. Overall, you help the clients attain growth in professional and personal ways.
⦁ High School Teacher
Another career path you can take is that of a high school teacher. Contrary to popular belief, teaching is a high-paying job. Teachers make a decent living annually if they at least have a Bachelor’s Degree. The average annual income they earn is around $61,000 but can increase depending on their skill sets.
Other factors such as location and type of subject you teach also account for your salary range. Apart from a decent salary, you also have other job benefits. A teacher has shorter workdays and lengthier vacation periods. However, at the same time, it also requires a lot of effort, time, and dedication.
The role of a teacher keeps increasing in demand because teachers are essential to every student, and no amount of technology can compete with the way a teacher imparts experience and knowledge to their students. High school teachers prepare their students for college and their life after graduation.
⦁ Engineer
Apart from being a teacher, one of the most promising jobs to have a career change is engineering. There are different types of specializations from which you can choose. Examples of these specializations are Chemical, Nuclear, Electronics, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering. All are excellent fields, but the two most highly paid jobs are Petroleum and Nuclear Engineering.
But, if you want to work in your college, you can contribute either as a teacher or an equipment specialist at the campus. You can also be a lab assistant and handle all the technical queries associated with handling complicated equipment used at an educational campus.
You will receive a commendable salary and be close to what you love; your college. You can help guide students and play an essential role in understanding the needs of an institution and suggest ways of improving the technical infrastructure of the campus.
Mechanical and chemical engineers can play a crucial role in ensuring their organizations are up to date regarding technology and guide students when they use the equipment, preventing long-term maintenance costs and streamlining technical operations.
Whether it is the IT infrastructure that helps enroll students, hold examinations, or maintaining laboratory equipment, being an engineer gives you an edge in holding a commanding position in your college.
⦁ Actuary
Another promising career choice is actuarial sciences. It is a specialized field, which combines business, statistics, and finance. Actuaries use a mixture of these skills to assess and analyze risk for financial decisions in banks and companies.
They help to develop company policies, maximize returns and achieve a set of goals. The average annual salary for this job starts from $60,800 to $119,600. However, working in this field is not for everyone. You must have a good grasp of Mathematics and have the ability to understand data analysis.
Apart from this, it requires several years of advanced education, including a Master’s Degree. If you are willing and capable, being an actuary is an excellent choice for a career change. It provides you with a high pay rate and job security. It is because not everyone desires to choose this path. As this job is demanding, the benefits make it worth it, and almost everyone in this field is satisfied with their job.
⦁ Nursing
Another high-in-demand career choice to opt for is nursing. Every organization needs medical staff on hand to ensure there are no injuries, and even if they are, they don’t turn into anything serious. With the COVID-19 pandemic, starting as a nurse in your college will be an excellent career choice.
Being a nurse requires specialization in the discipline you choose. It is a great career choice because of the decent starting salaries. They expect to make an average from $47,000 to $73,000 annually.
Apart from this, the demand for nurses continues to rise due to the rising population. It will most likely keep increasing in the future too. The career is rewarding financially and makes up for the immense effort put in. However, it is also a fulfilling job since you will help those injured and sick and work near old friends and colleagues who will support you and guide you through tough times.
All of the mentioned career choices above are great if you miss your college and want a career that takes you back there. Starting over is scary and requires in-depth research. Everything you aspire lays on the other side of your fears.

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