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Miss Rhea | OWNER | Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre

Miss Rhea: Leading the World with Dance

Many children in their primary years of schooling are asked about the career they want to choose in the future. While some think of experimenting in the technical field, some opt to indulge in performing arts to build a prospective career in it or to follow it as their passion or express themselves in creative ways to the world.

Out of various ways through which one can express oneself, the most loved activity is dancing. It is also found in research studies that dancing has various benefits associated with it – like correcting body posture, increasing metabolic rate, mental well-being, physical fitness, and, most notably, helping in relaxation.

While many prefer to keep it just as their hobby, only a handful of them translates their passions into their future professions, one such passionate and professional dancer and leader is Miss Rhea, who is training as well as inspiring young dance enthusiasts to enjoy this art.

To extend the reach of her skills in this field to other zealous audiences, she has started her dance center – Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre, which brings an innovative but reliable experience of high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive levels.

Let us experience her endeavors in this area by reading further!

Miss Rhea, kindly tell our readers about yourself and your professional journey so far.

I started teaching dance in grade 12. I saw a job post in my high school to teach for the city of Toronto and took a leap of faith, applied, and got the Job. Since then, I have never looked back and have been teaching ever since.

I then fell in love with the business of dance and ran two studios as the studio manager in my last 3 years of university. This drove my passion for wanting to open my location. This studio is my second my first studio failed when I entered into a partnership with someone else, and it did not work out.

I also have a performance side to my professional career. I have danced in a dance company, danced in music videos, and choreographed all over Canada, the Caribbean, and the States.

I additionally have started to branch into the tech field and tie my love for dance and technology together, but this is an emerging part of my career.

What was your inspiration to step into the performing arts industry?

Both my parents come from an arts background and so the support of my family and the ability to stay fully committed to the arts without judgment inspired me to want to pursue this industry. I am also inspired by my peers every day and their passion for our work.

Tell us about Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre, its mission, and its vision. What role did you play in furthering its development and outreach?

Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre aims to bring an innovative but reliable experience of high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive levels. We pride ourselves on offering a well-rounded arts education while creating professional opportunities for our students.

I created our mission from my own experiences in private dance studios and institutions and wished that the dance experience could be more holistic.

Please tell us about the various dance programs that are taught at your dance studio and how the trainers adapt to the student’s learning abilities and pace.

Our extensive dance programs in Ajax include jazz, tap, ballet, acro, lyrical, musical theatre, and hip-hop classes that promote coordination, creativity, self-confidence, and a healthy mind and body. We believe that with the right guidance and support, every student can achieve their personal goals while developing lasting and supportive friendships. 

We will help your child develop higher self-esteem, better coordination, self-discipline, creativity, poise, self-confidence, a healthy body and mind, and most importantly, a LOVE FOR DANCE!

We use dance education to connect our students to life skills, problem-solving skills, and a holistic outlook on training in the performing arts. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Hard work equals reward. Discipline equals results. 

According to you, what sets your studio apart from other performing arts platforms?

Our staff is certified, and there are well-qualified teachers with professional credentials. Fifty percent of our staff are actual OCT teachers, and 20 percent have their masters. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity.

We also have a vast genre of diversity in training; we train our dancers through the principles of western and non-western forms of dance. This is not seen anywhere else in Durham.

In your opinion, how does dance help people lead a healthy and successful life?

Dance has helped me be the best version of myself. When I am not moving and dancing, I lose focus, drop in productivity, and overall, my well-being is low.

Dance has been a healing force during rough times. Especially over the last two years through COVID, I have reinforced how vital movement is in my life and the families that are a part of my dance community.

It uplifts us and brings us together, and keeps us mentally healthy.

Tell our readers about the major challenges in your career. And how do they shape you to be an influential leader?

A major challenge I have had in my career is balancing my mom life and career life. I am very close to my daughter and had her at a very early stage in my career. This forced me to get organized and be very particular about where I spent my time.

I have learned to delegate, which is an amazing superpower if you can master it!

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to venture into the performing arts industry?

Have multiple streams of revenue inside your business. Keep Niched, yes, but you need multiple ways to make money in your Niche to be able to scale larger and faster.

Take calculated risks and know your numbers. With businesses like this, being such passion-based businesses, at times, we can get carried away with our passion and vision and forget the legalities and technicalities of the business. It’s important to continue to educate yourself as an entrepreneur and continue to crave more knowledge.

Learn how to make million-dollar decisions. This is from a book I recently read called “why we should all be millionaires by Rachel Rodgers.” She highlights the mindset you need to hit your first million. It seems far away. But I want every entrepreneur to know it is very much within reach.

The first step is making million-dollar decisions.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Also, how do you envision scaling your dance studio’s operations and outreach in the coming years?

In the next coming years, I see the studio growing and doubling in size with 5 established forms of revenue Classes, Camps, Birthday Parties, Daytime programming, and Rentals.

I also see this location getting a full-time studio manager to allow us to open another location.

Give us a few testimonials from your students or parents and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your company’s position in the market.

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