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Miro Consulting: A Software License Management Expert

Since 2000, Miro Consulting has leveraged its experience and expertise in the software license management space, to help its clients save money, ensure compliance, and create a baseline that can be used for future planning and budgeting. In order to understand the particular challenges that a client faces, Miro Consulting is focused on enabling them to make the best decisions for their organization’s needs.
Miro Consulting is always looking to develop long-term relationships with their clients, instead of just doing short term engagements. Miro Consulting’s strategies are positioned to address the client’s needs while ensuring they understand any challenges in their plans for the future. They are focused on helping clients gain a solid understanding of their options, to maintain the most cost effective licensing footprint that is defendable from vendor audits, and to best position their organization for future changes and needs.
Master of License Management
Miro Consulting specializes in Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe software license audit defense, contract negotiation, license optimization and license management. Since 2000, Miro has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to optimize their total cost of ownership and has overseen over $1.5 billion in licensing transactions.
Software audits are on the rise. Being prepared for an audit is essential to an organization’s success. By quickly controlling the audit conditions, Miro can help mitigate risks and obtain a mutually acceptable outcome.
Miro Consulting’s software license audit defense is comprised of analysts with decades’ worth of software vendor audit experience. Their analysts work with clients as trusted advisors throughout the audit defense process and, in many cases, sit beside them during the vendor audit and contract negotiation period.
Miro Consulting provides on-call Subject Matter Licensing Experts (SME) who can devise an overall game plan that leverages their deep knowledge of the Oracle / Microsoft / IBM licensing process, engages in best practices for flexibility, and integrates the client’s specific current and future initiatives/directions.
Scott Rosenberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Miro Consulting, earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Rosenberg is responsible for creating and driving the vision of the company, which he founded in August 2000. With more than 25 years of engineering and operations experience, Mr. Rosenberg’s leadership has fostered significant company growth. Today, Miro Consulting has over 500+ clients across North America and has overseen more than $1.5 billion in Oracle and Microsoft transactions.
Prior to Miro Consulting, Mr. Rosenberg was a founding principal and driving force behind Cintra, a highly successful Oracle consulting company with over $20 million in revenues.
Frequently quoted by media outlets such as Computerworld, CIO and InformationWeek, Mr. Rosenberg is considered an expert in Oracle licensing and software asset management, as well as Microsoft licensing. Mr. Rosenberg is also an active member of IAITAM and is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM).
While talking about the future of Miro Consulting, Mr. Rosenberg says, “The IT industry has long been an exciting place to be a part of. With the Cloud very much in the transcendent, our clients continue to turn to us for answers to the complex problems they face, and so it’s exciting that they want us around for that journey.”