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Miratech: When IT Delivers More than Just Technology

In recent years, some IT consulting companies, like Miratech have grown beyond outsourcing to deliver true strategic partnership that transform business. Enabling this new partnership is a unique governance structure that allows business and technical leaders to manage project synchronously. Not all IT services companies can provide what Miratech delivers in process and ultimately success. When Genesys needed to improve the development cycles of their product and accelerate their professional services delivery model they came to Miratech.
Miratech – A Natural Winner
When InsightsSuccess sought after the most disruptive IT service providers, we found Miratech to be the natural winner. They’ve provided a wide variety of successful IT solutions to companies throughout their years in the business. With over 30 years of successful service delivery, they continue to raise the benchmark for the industry. One of its latest innovative solutions was the “Value Innovation Partnership Model,” which disrupted the norm in the industry and provided clients a new approach to services in quadrant 4 of the Process Strategy Matrix. Similarly, Miratech’s unique services for Genesys customer experience solutions set a new standard in the industry by improving the ROI for clients through a powerful digital transformation. A signature aspect of this excellence was Miratech’s collaboration with Genesys.
Genesys, a leading customer service provider, collaborated with Miratech to build the core Genesys platform back in 2000. Since then, Miratech has dedicated its best engineers and support staff members to cater to their clients’ various needs and they’ve reaped the benefits of an enriching experience. Since 2000, Miratech has operated the largest Genesys competence center outside of Genesys. Additionally, it has employed over 200 dedicated Genesys consultants and engineers worldwide. This experience has led Miratech to become an experienced provider of IT solutions, digital transformations and quality customer service.
Using this experience as a ladder to achieve excellence, Miratech has implemented over 20 customized Genesys systems for top Fortune 100 companies. These companies include global giants in retail, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, e-commerce and government. To date, Miratech has invested over 3.5 Million man hours installing, customizing and operating the Genesys platform, which has allowed its core team to gain the competitive edge to beat schedules, budgets and accelerate ROI for all its clients.
A World Class IT solution
Miratech offers an all-in-one solution to meet the growing and challenging needs of enterprises with Business Consulting, Technical Consulting, and Technical Delivery. Miratech has a proven track-record of delivering over 30-40% higher efficiency compared to the industry average. Miratech prides itself in its world class solutions, which over the years, have delivered outstanding results for its clients. A major reason for its success is its clear and focused strategy.
Miratech has created unique servicing levels to ensure that clients get the exact resources they require, delivered with flexibility and achieved through its unique culture of relentless pursuit of perfection. A case in point is its partnership with an international consumer finance provider back in 2014.
Within a matter of just 4 weeks, Miratech connected three sites of the company’s distributed call center in two countries, meeting every requirement and deadline as planned. This implementation covered everything including solutions for architecture and deployment, integrations and customizations, and even a disaster recovery solution. The total management and maintenance budget of the Contact Center has been reduced almost 2-fold and Miratech’s work resulted in financial growth for the client in several ways.
Some of the key benefits of the migration included a 15-times reduction in telephone bills and, a reduced cost per productive hour to less than 30 dollars. Additionally, wait time per customer decreased by 15-20 percent and Abandoned calls decreased by more than 50 percent. In the end, the client was elated when he found out that Miratech helped the company save a fortune, despite a 1.5 times increase in the total call volume.
Similarly, Miratech’s other solutions, including technical consulting and technical delivery, boast of an over 99% success rate in the industry where over 2/3 of total projects fail. At first glance, this success rate may seem unbelievable, but behind-the-scenes at Miratech there is a vision at work, which is taking us to a new era of IT collaboration and customer service.
Miratech’s CEO, Valeriy Kutsyy, provided key insights into the culture of success at Miratech when he spoke with Insights Success. He said, “Miratech brings all stakeholders together on our unique platform where magic happens. Clients often don’t know what they have never experienced and that is why they need Miratech to create their visionary sessions to build out Genesys requirements. What sets us apart is our extensive collaboration with major global players, The Miratech team has learned how to ask the right questions to make sure that our customer knows what he wants.” With a success rate of over 99%, it is hard to argue otherwise.
This success is apparent in the historical progress of Miratech, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in New York, USA. The company has expanded its operations globally to Finland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. It ardently serves its customers world-wide, and has a strong presence today in over 560 locations around the world.
Miratech’s Customized Genesys Professional Services Includes:

  • Integration and Customization: Genesys plug-ins and multiple third-party systems and applications, e.g. Customer Relationship Management (Oracle, Salesforce, etc.), SpeechStorm (pre-built IVR applications), WallBoards, and more.
  • Operation: Managing day-to-day operations of the customer’s Genesys Contact Center Environment, Routing, and Reporting.
  • Tuning: Assessment & Optimization, Security Analysis, and Remediation.
  • Support and Troubleshooting: 24/7 Monitoring, Proactive Remediation, Incident Management & Reporting, and a Dedicated Test Environment.

Awards and Recognitions
Recently, in 2018, Miratech was named by IAOP in Global Outsourcing 100® List for its sixth consecutive year. Miratech was recognized as Global Sourcing Association (GSA) UK Top Performer 2018 in the Emerging Players category. In 2017, Miratech obtained the title of a Super Star of the Global Outsourcing 100® for Sustained Excellence.
Miratech has also received European Outsourcing Association Awards in the category of European IT Outsourcing Project of the Year in 2015. Also in 2014, National Outsourcing Association recognized Miratech as the Best IT Outsourcing Team. The company was also featured in Software Magazine’s Software 500® ranking in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In October, 2018, Miratech won the “IT Outsourcing Project of the Year” GSA Global Award.
About the Leader
Valeriy Kutsyy is the CEO of Miratech. He joined the organization in 1998 as a software engineer. His insightful leadership and deep passion allowed him to grow into the CEO title in 2008. Since then, he has extensively contributed in the company’s progression. Valerity is also a member of the Metro New York chapter of the World President’s Organization (WPO).
He holds a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and an Executive MBA. In 2017, he completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education program for Leading Global Businesses.
Ephemeral History of Miratech
While depicting the Miratech journey, Valeriy says, “It is a story about making Miratech global, i.e. with a global presence and global delivery.”
Miratech was founded in 1989 by a team of scientists at the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics. In 1989, the company started their first international project with Swiss-based Lynx Software Research AG. In 1998, Miratech entered the US market with IT outsourcing services, gaining Dakota Imaging, Inc. as a client.
In 2007, the company was acquired by EDB Business Partner, an information technology company that supplies services related to computing, including operation, outsourcing and online banking. The company has established Miratech AG in Switzerland in 2012. It became a partner in web and mobile application development for Abraxas Informatik AG, an IT and telecommunication service provider. In 2013, the company established US headquarters in Washington, D.C., US and opened an R&D center in Warsaw, Poland. Miratech expanded into Slovakia with a new R&D center in Kosice in 2014. And, in 2015 Miratech opened its office in Tel Aviv a City of Israel.
Since 2016, Miratech has operated as Miratech Technology Group SL legal entity in Spain, with operations in Madrid and Sevilla. Miratech also has corporate partnerships with Genesys (Premium Partner in 2004), IBM (2006), Oracle (2009) and Avaya (2010) among many others. In 2017, Miratech became a Genesys Service Partner, and in 2018 achieved Genesys Value Added Reseller (VAR) status and also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Globally.
Ensuring Success with Assured Solutions
Miratech’s CEO Valeriy Kutsyy asserts, “We guarantee success that is very important. Company culture, experience, methodology and world-class engineering talent allow us to deliver success at 30-40% Higher Efficiency than Industry Standard”
Dedicated to Provide All-inclusive IT Business Strategies
Miratech brings to market a new approach, creating the “Value Innovation Partnership Model”. In this new vision, the traditional 4th quadrant of the Process Strategy Matrix is now formed by an estimate of the strategic importance of a process on the horizontal axis. This shared quadrant strategy creates a compelling new operational model for innovative and fast-growing companies.
Miratech’s capabilities allow it to run the entire IT stack of services for operations, product development or both. The company calls its operations their Turn-Key Solutions. 
Valeriy Kutsyy states, “If a customer just needs greater capacity or skills to meet an upcoming deadline, our Team Extensions solve that challenge quickly. And for project management and development we work seamlessly under Managed Engagements.”
Testimonial from Miratech Client
“I’ve known Miratech – I’ve partnered with them for more than ten years. And now much more as a thought leader. I really like the R&D4Equity that is very innovative and very different. I don’t know anyone else who is offering that. I think that really helps drive innovation to a lot of companies that are just starting out, smaller companies that have good ideas and then work with Miratech to do the R&D4Equity and I think that’s just a great thing help companies and consumers worldwide.” – David Sudbey, Chief Customer Officer, Genesys