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Miracle Software Systems: A Global Systems Integrator and A True Partner

Miracle Software Systems, Inc. founded in 1994, is a Global Systems Integrator specialized in AI, Infrastructure-as-Code, Product Development (Mobile/Web Apps), Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering and ERP Services, and is a Minority Certified Private Business headquartered in Novi, MI – USA. Over the past twenty-four years, Miracle has helped numerous large and mid-sized businesses transition their IT to a service oriented architecture, with IT transformation initiatives, deploying SAP/Oracle ERP systems. Miracle has a global presence on four continents with multiple global development centers spanning across the USA, Canada and India.
A True Partner of Innovation 
Whether it is Internal Application to Application (A2A/EAI) Integration, Process Integration (BPM) or B2B Integration using EDI/Web Services, API Management, Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Integration or Mobile Application Integration, Miracle is the systems integrator of choice and the thought leader in this industry. Miracle has been evolving constantly to meet the demands of the latest technologies over the past 24 years partnered with 16+ companies includes Premium Partnerships with IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
Miracle Software Systems envisions itself as a highly respected, world class systems integrator that provides world class customer service based on innovative solutions, leveraging technology delivered by top notch professionals. The company is working with various ecosystems of universities and academic organizations that are able to produce the needed workforce to be able to deliver the best in class people with the latest technological skills necessary to help customers be extremely successful in their business transformation and optimization initiatives.
A Think Tank that Never Sleeps 
Prasad Lokam is the CEO and Founder of Miracle Software Systems, Inc. He is a Tech Enthusiast and a Visionary who has led Miracle from the front and has seen Miracle’s journey move forward from the days of mainframes to today’s cognitive and cloud solutions. With experience of leading multiple major initiatives across numerous industry verticals, he brings to the table his vast knowledge of the industry and technology spectrum which helps him to not only understand what organizations need for tomorrow but what they already have today as well that needs change. He has lived in Detroit area for over 25+ years and is a globe trotter with over two million technology miles to his name.
The Rising Challenges and an Agile Response 
In a typical waterfall model, Testing/QA activities are always late in the game, which increases the cost, schedule and efforts. In the business world, companies need testers with strong technical, business and domain skills. The major challenges are excessive re-work, testing coverage, lack of smart test automation methods, talented resource pool, lack of early testing, Innovation and thought leadership. Also, adopting to Agile and DevOps culture (shift left) is a major challenge for the industry. Lack of business-oriented software development continues to be a major issue for the stakeholders and consumers.
Miracle is a niche provider in the Business Solutions/Product Development using DevOps and Agile aided by deep expertise in Cloud, Containers, Micro Services, DevOps, Integration (ESB, API, B2B, and BPM), Artificial Intelligence and new User Experience Channels like Voice, ChatBots and others. We have been delivering innovative services through our people, processes, and technologies grounded on ITIL Best Practices and Methodologies, COBIT Governance, and SOX Compliance, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
Lowering Costs and Raising The Bar 
Miracle has Global Development Centers (Miracle Software Technology Parks) based out of South India, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh are uniquely positioned to operate in semi Eastern Standard Time Zone and flexible to adopt customer time zone in USA. The company has also invested in the best incubation facilities and the best training facilities and curriculum aided by excellent faculty members to produce the future consultants to meet the growing demands of the organization (MILE, MSOE, MSOM, and ITG).
Its delivery model is based on Pre-Built Industry Accelerators, Repeatable Processes, Best Practices and Best Fit options aligned to our customer’s operational and financial goals. All of this results in lowering costs and delivering Best Value for Money versus being the Lowest Cost Model. The operational philosophy at Miracle is the belief in investing and building trust and building a strategic, long term partnership.
The Awaiting Bright Future 
Off late, the company is integrating Automated Security Assessments as part of QA/QE cycles into the Product Development. At Miracle, vanilla QA testers are no longer the norm. The company is quickly moving away from manual testers to SDETs, Performance Engineers and Mobile Engineers. All of its QA resources will have the expertise with one or more programming languages, test automation tools and performance testing tools. Miracle has developed numerous testing accelerators/frameworks, methodologies and processes for Test Automation, Mobile Testing, Performance and Load Testing, Testing as a Service and Integration testing. The resources have the expertise in executing Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) methodologies.
The leadership at Miracle has made it clear to all of its teams that every practice needs to invest at least 10% of their revenues on Research and this has made the company what is it today. Also, its employees love to take on challenging tasks for customer and that is part of its cherished culture now. The company challenges its customer to present it with impossible tasks and employees are expected to deliver those “MIRACLES”. These “MIRACLES” do happen because of the serious commitment on Research and Innovation into building accelerators and adapting to industry trends rapidly.
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