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How Mining Industries are turning towards Green Mining Technology?

Mining industry is one of the biggest money-oriented industries of all time. Mining—to extract resources and metal from different layers of Earth is enduring for centuries. Currently, the mining industry is worth around $500 billion U.S.; as manufacturing industries are totally dependable on resources provided by miners, the demand of mining industries never depleted over the ages. In order to maintain the financial status reputation, miners ought to focus more on reducing environmental impacts and increase the efficiency.
Nowadays, preventive measures are being taken to reduce the environmental impact caused due to mining. These measures will increase the probability of a better future to the non-renewable resource sector as well as to the environment. Some advisory are presented for getting enlightened with the obliging ways required to overcome the ecofriendly mining preventing issues.
Getting Involved with Eco-Friendly Mining Processes
Mining contents variety of ‘rare Earth’ ore extractions, mostly included coal, gold, diamond, bauxite (aluminum), etc. There is a divergence in the concept of metal processing of various ores; these processing methods are embodied with varieties of chemicals treatments. Keeping these chemicals into consideration, the proper deposition should be mandatory, if not, then there is a high risk of exposure of toxins directly to the environment causing water contamination, air pollution by toxic gases and, etc. Thus, certain methods should be implemented to reuse the toxic waste in other industries.
Irrelevant to that, open mining efficiency is totally averted with the useful rate of extracted material, on an average 73 per cent of extracted rock goes to waste and remaining left is utilized. Comparatively, underground mining wastes only 7 percent from extracted rock boosting the rise in efficiency.
‘More the efficiency less will be waste and vice-versa.’
Gradually Implementing the New Technology for the Better Good
Over the period of years, there have been a handful of technological discoveries in ‘Green Mining’; these discoveries did widen the spectrum of implementing GM in reality.
An Outlook of such technologies
Dust Suppression Techniques
DST is being used for more than a decade; it is the easiest way to control the dust emission. During the mining process, loads of volume of dust is released into the surrounding. The early prevention of this dust release can be controlled by pre-wetting the areas which are to be blasted by sprinklers. If this measure is not implacable then only, mist cannons are to be used for settling the dust released in the atmosphere. Thus, it will be a relief to the people living nearby to the mines.
Liquid Membrane Emulsion Technology
LEM’s is separation technique used to extract useful material from highly toxic or acidic waste produced by the mine; it has both biological as well as chemical applications. It is also applicable for the transportation of biochemical in the mining field. The most impressive thing about this technique; it can even deal with dilute solutions.
Managing Tailing in a Proper Manner…        
Generally, tailings consist of radioactive elements, so a proper care should be taken into consideration. In mines, tailings storage is vast and effective enough to cause hazardous consequences on the environment. Hence, tailing storages should be impermeable enough to prevent the leaking of waste. This storage provides different sets of layers to tank to nullify the leaking calamities. Supportively, dehydration can also be used to convert tailings into the paste.
Use of Renewable Resources to Fulfill the Energy Requirement
Consuming energy from renewable resources has always been a priority to the mining industries. On an average ten per cent of mining costs come from electricity consumptions, thus the use of wind and solar energy is the best way to generate cheap electricity for utilization.
Focusing on the Research and Development of Green Technology
An initiative has been already taken by the government and some private firms, but in order to implement total ‘green mining’, a filled support in needed indeed. Mining Industries should invest more in new innovations of green techs, so it may help to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency. Industries can keep a different share of the investment rather than involving total profit into R&D sector. Meanwhile, Policymakers must support mining companies by helping them to explore ways to generate more return for their shareholders by managing the investment without affecting the revenue, this reduces the pressure imposed by environmental welfare and continue the lucratively. On the other side Government should provide help without imposing more environmental tax credits, so foster green mining technologies may function well.
With these conceptual methodologies there is surety of future growth in eco-friendly mining sectors, these small initiatives will- may result to broaden the possible green mining vision. Eventually, mining industries as whole will visualize the potential of eco-friendly mining and its benefits with the time. Hopefully, the effects on the environment reduce over upcoming years.
-Bhushan Ghate