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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Is Not a Woo-Woo – The Dangers of Not Opting in for One

No one takes back pain seriously in the first instance! The obvious response to it is a poor lifestyle and lack of physical movement. While this may be true, you shouldn’t be sitting passively on your back pain when you don’t see the desired outcomes after using a series of medications and opting for other treatment modalities. Most people think since medicines haven’t worked for them, chances are that they need to opt-in for a conventional surgery, which can make it challenging for them to recover.

However, today people with bad back pain are also opting in for minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). It is always best to choose an outpatient surgery, as outpatient spine surgery prevents overnight stays in hospitals. But since this surgery is a modern take on spine treatment, there are times when most people feel that it is a new-age fad and it might not be as effective as conventional surgery. The truth is that the opposite is true. In most cases, people who have undergone spine surgery have witnessed faster and more permanent recovery through MISS.

Why shouldn’t you neglect your back pain and MISS?

It’s 2022, and most people are working from home. Sitting in front of the laptop is a daily routine, and people think that is one of the primary reasons for their back pain. While that is true, there can be other reasons, too, such as the wearing away of the spine muscles or any deep injuries that you didn’t notice before.

MISS makes small incisions to correct the issues related to the spine muscles that don’t cause much pain or discomfort to the patient. However, when you avert opting in for this surgery, you call a bunch of trouble for yourself.

  1. A life filled with discomfort – Let a doctor decide whether you need MISS. And if you need to, don’t avoid it thinking the outcome might not be suitable. If you do that, you will lead your life in discomfort. When you have your back pain as the backdrop, you wouldn’t be able to lead a fulfilling and relaxed life. It will result in irritation and make you angry, which will increase your blood pressure as well.
  2. Posture issues beyond correction – Prolonged back pain that doesn’t get addressed can make your body contort to bear the pain. When this gains prominence, you will start to see that your body gets bent in a certain way, and that impacts your posture in the worst way. It will not enable you to work in the corporate sector, and neither will it give you the confidence to attain your dream.

Finally, when you don’t get the correct treatment done for back pain, you are letting other ailments develop in your body. In time, there can be fibromyalgia, scoliosis and a misaligned back as your reality which will dearly cost you on quality of life. Therefore, choose MISS and correct your back issue within a very less time. Read about it and ask questions to your doctor so that you can arrive at an informed decision.

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