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David Wise | Co-founder & CEO | Kevin Whitehurst | Co-founder | mindStart

mindStart: Changing Experiences with the Customer Service Industry

The customer care caller tune rings in the memory of those who have had to wait for hours for any service provider to pick up the call– is a common source of vexation experienced daily by millions of customers dealing with the service industry.

Rapidly growing businesses especially wrestle with keeping demands of support from their customer base. Not anymore. Promptly responding to all the customer service calls received by these businesses is mindStart.

A visionary leader, David Wise, Co-founder & CEO of mindStart, says, “Our goal is to change the perception of the customer service industry by offering a five-star customer service program that our clients–and their customers– actually enjoy.” They do this through email, chat as well as phone-based support and provide social media monitoring and response management.

Kevin Whitehurst, Co-founder of the company, continues– “mindStart solutions are as individual as your company. We provide outstanding technical, billing, and ‘whatever’ support to your customers, so you can focus on what’s most important – rolling out your project and providing the innovation expected from your customers, investors, and team.”

Based in Austin, Texas, mindStart provides super friendly, highly knowledgeable customer care support to the world’s leading companies. The establishment optimizes its clients’ business processes by assisting them in increasing customer satisfaction rankings and developing brand loyalty, cost-containment, and seasonable or flexible pricing.

“mindStart enables its clients to start small and grow with them,” states David, who, along with Kevin, shares with the team of Insights Success a unique take on providing the best customer support ever imagined.

A Perpetual Assistance

The first company that David and Kevin cofounded together in 2000 was called Mindglobal. A significant portion of that business was the Help Desk. After fifteen years of continued and sustained success with their operations team, they began to consider opening a new company, one whose sole focus would be to deliver outstanding customer support.

“At the inception of mindStart, we asked ourselves the question, ‘Why does customer service outsourcing have such a negative connotation?’” says Kevin– “We were fed up with lousy experiences and decided to do something about it.”

mindStart offers around-the-clock service to ensure that somebody is always there to answer any questions its clients’ customers may have – 24×7×365. The solutions are scalable, and the company has expanded to work with talented agents from all over the U.S. Now there is also a call center in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Sao Paolo, Brazil, to better support clients requiring bilingual agents, more flexible hours, and more flexible pricing structures.

Specifically, mindStart offers multi-channel support for phone, chat, email, social media, etc. contact points, self-guided support through the creation or augmentation of a “how-to” video library, and consulting with its client’s internal teams to create or update customer support policies, procedures, and scripts.

A Realm of Progress

“Our clients are typically in a hyper-growth mode,” reflects David. That is why mindStart tends to partner with its clients as the demand for the product or service climbs. The escalating demand forces them to either invest in expanding their current customer support infrastructure or to look externally and outsource to a company like mindStart.

David shares, “But sometimes there is a roadblock in terms of the perception of the time it takes to even begin to work with a Business Process Organization (BPO), which is why mindStart has a thorough yet quick onboarding process to stand up new clients within 45 days of signing the contract.”

The other primary concern becomes scalability. If the clients are growing at such a rapid rate, sometimes, their best predictions for the potential demand can be wrong. However, Kevin reassures, “But with a company like mindStart, you can scale up – or down – based upon seasonality, growth trends, or market expansion into areas requiring bilingual support or time zone coverage.”

Embracing Green Innovation

Many of mindStart’s clients have highly innovative technologies and often highly technical products, which is why the company chooses to embrace the use of new communication tools, training portals, and all kinds of other gadgets.

“In the past 2 years, we’ve migrated from a primarily in-office to a mostly remote environment and flexible technology enablement has been key,” says David.

mindStart’s team is spread out across North and South America. The business has invested in programs that allow a quick connection to best practices, clear answers to FAQs, and in training its newest customer support agents.

mindStart also strives to embrace green practices – from recycling out-of-date or unused computer hardware to allowing team members to work remotely to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. The city of Austin, Texas, also provides year-round access to the outdoors. Specifically, mindStart’s location is overlooking Lake Austin, leading to the Founders encouraging their employees to get out and explore nature as much as possible.

Embarking Unique Opportunities

“As we continue to grow and be named to prestigious groups like this ‘Top 5 Contact Center Service Provider’ list, we are ready to take on companies in new sectors. Our team is HIPAA compliant, and we work with several healthcare companies that help improve patient lives,” says David.

“We also welcome the opportunity to continue to work in education, as the team is continually inspired when helping teachers reach their students,” concludes Kevin.