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Mindlogicx: Pioneering an Unrivalled Revolution in Education Technology

Education in India is a prominent topic of discussion. Not just lack of basic facilities to provide but to deliver advanced education has been a constant struggle with the government. With a rapid evolution in technology, business enterprises focused on delivering quality services, are eliminating these vast differences in education sector. Education Technology is a rapidly growing industry in India and companies are competing to provide the best affordable technological solutions to their clients.
In the midst of this revolutionary period in education sector, Mindlogicx Infratec has been a beacon shining bright with its innovative technology in the domain of “knowledge Engineering.” The company offers best of its class technology products and solutions for knowledge management, skills enhancement, and e-commerce framework through an intelligent socially connecting platform encompassing all the stake holders, tightly integrated and interwoven, as the single largest technology platform known as VEDAS®. The innovative technology enabled platform of the company assists the users to access, store, retrieve and reuse implicit and explicit knowledge to power their competency in a knowledge based ecosystem.
Founded in 2003, Mindlogicx was established with a vision of taking technology to the common man. Mindlogicx specializes in Knowledge Engineering domain and has rolled out many products and services in the virtual learning space to revolutionize the way education is delivered to the masses.
Leader with Experience and Strategic Know-How
Raghav Narayan, Director-sales and marketing, is a known face among the academia and has been a sales force of Mindlogicx. With a diverse track record of over 25 years in building brand recognition and sales momentum across IT Services & Products, Engineering & Education domains, Raghav has also handled several projects promoted by the government. Raghav’s key strengths lie in strategic & tactical planning, profit centre management/ business operations, sales & marketing, project management, key account management, employee motivation & team building.
He has been instrumental in spearheading business expansion strategies of Mindlogicx and establish a strong sales pipeline to achieve exponential growth to position the company as a pioneer and market leader in this segment.
Unparalleled Services with Unmatched Results
Mindlogicx is a product development company that offers end-to-end solutions in e-governance, e-business, virtual learning, digital content management, tele-education system, enterprise management, business intelligence, SOA, EAI and IT consulting.
Mindlogicx has introduced an industry first – VEDAS®, an intelligent assessment system. Under this platform the company delivers compelling products and solutions to the clients in Examination Management System (EMS), Knowledge Management System (KMS), Payment Management System (PMS) and MindMall (an intelligent and integrated market place for powering e-commerce transactions).
Many start-ups and business enterprises are competing in the Ed Tech space that focuses on administration, content creation, tools and assessment platforms that complements the entire learning process across the K12 and Higher education space. But the major concern with this practice is that there is no sorted business model in place, in spite of investing more than 100 million dollars in the recent past. Distinguishing itself from others, Mindlogicx have developed a very successful commercial model for implementing the solution in this space which is highly scalable and is widely accepted by the industry. The company has been working tirelessly to create a solid product that caters to the needs of the industry.
A Unique First in the Industry
Mindlogicx has developed a one of its kind in the world, technology suite, which has revolutionized the way examinations are conducted by large government universities and other examination bodies. The technology suite called IntelliEXAMS®, offers complete automation and management of “paper and pen” based examinations in diverse settings for large clients like the universities, state education boards and recruitment boards. The technology platform manages the entire phase of examination processes persistently from registering to result processing.
The solution has been successfully deployed and used by many marquee clients in India like University of Mumbai, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, Gujarat Technical University, and Central Board of School Education (CBSE).
Mindlogicx is delivering seamless services to over 3.5 million users covering over 15 organizations with remarkable credentials. The company is delivering 26.41 million question papers to over 3.5 million students, with accurate result processing from 23 network operating centers, from 558 Examination Delivery Centers.
Empowering Common People with Dedication and Innovation
Mindlogicx is a movement to empower people with knowledge, which would enable the creation of a knowledge society which would in turn propel the national economy through a knowledge based eco system. True to its belief, the company strives to take knowledge to the desktop of the users, to create a “Youniverse” that empowers the individual to decide his own future, at his own pace, on his own terms.
The initial challenges faced by Mindlogicx were tackled using innovation oriented approach, in all the spheres of the business. Be it technology development, operations or deliveries, Innovation has been an imperative focal point for the company.
Mindlogicx is technology driven and people focused and pride itself through innovations in the Knowledge Engineering domain. The company is expanding globally and to be at the pinnacle in this domain, they are working on a plethora of ideas from IoT for the Ed Tech space to Analytics that drives decision making.