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Mind IT Systems

Mind IT Systems: Offering the Right Mix of Business and Technology

Technology has revolutionized the corporate world as well as an individual’s life by creating various tools and resources, putting the world at fingertips. Often there are businesses that prefer to use the latest buzzwords without realizing its actual purpose. Herein Mind IT Systems come in as experts to help understand what will be suitable in the given situation rather than being just fashionable. Mind IT exists to empower humanity, and IT Solutions are its medium of expression for making difference to people’s life via technology.
Mind IT Systems is a leading global organization focused on bringing people’s possibilities to reality by engineering awesomeness. It builds custom software solutions via its services of application development, product engineering, enterprise solutions, business intelligence and analytics with a specialization in Healthcare, Supply Chain, Publishing and Education. It is focused on developing mobile & web app lications , Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Business Intelligence and blockchain. It develops intellectual property for its global clients, ensuring quick turnaround time during development of scalable and robust solutions. Currently, it provides services to its clients in US, UK, Jordan, India and Vietnam.
Creating Digital Transformation 
Mind IT Systems specializes in digitally transforming organizations to modernize their business, processes, customer experience. They work with companies having little or no technology to identify technology advancements not just to plug holes but as a canvas to paint a brighter tomorrow. Their custom implementations work towards enhancing customer experience and increasing organizational efficiency by automating areas that may not necessarily require human intelligence.
Mind IT has worked in various industries to develop custom solutions simplifying processes, increasing effectiveness and reducing redundancy with implementations like custom AI powered Chabot for HRMS and supply chain, Blockchain for Author-Publisher agreement, improving Trace and Track of sterilizable equipment via beacons to name a few.
The team at Mind IT strives to change people’s perception of Indian IT being a source of cheap and barely acceptable IT labor to quality software service destination.
A Technology Enthusiast 
The founding team of Mind IT Systems has a strong background of delivery and firmly advocates processes across the organization to ensure quality and timeliness in everything it does. One of the key members of the company and prime mentor for its engineering teams is its CTO, Vikas Garg. Vikas is a web and mobile technologies evangelist and is responsible for technical culture of the company. He has accumulated a rich experience of Fifteen years in architecting and tackling complex problems. His experience spans across multiple geographic locations focusing on delivery through multiple distributed teams.
Besides, Vikas is an expert for Education, Travel and IP domains and has worked extensively in Supply Chain Domain. With a distinguished career spanning across Infosys, CPA Global, MakeMyTrip, and Educomp, he is an also an advocate of heterogeneous solutions to get best out of multiple technologies. He has gathered an excellent record of using path breaking techniques to create value for his clients and people connected with him.
Working Closely with Customers 
Over the past few years, Mind IT Systems has realized that customers seek solution to their problem which requires correct consultation, guidance and education rather than simply coding software. Hence, it works closely with its customers to understand the problem at hand so as to offer the right mix of business and technical consulting. The company has learnt to use different technologies, picking what’s best out there to suit the solution. As per its experience, heterogeneous technologies work better than sticking to one particular tech stack.
Bringing Mindfulness to IT 
Mind IT believes that nowadays, customers are looking ahead and focusing on creating Intellectual Property rather than plain software. The company has realized this need and transformed its thinking to look at business as a whole rather than just focusing on the problem at hand. All its solutions are developed on the premise of Scalability, Security and Usefulness with an underlying intention of Evolving and being Relevant over time.
Mind IT Systems will continue to work on cutting edge technologies and bringing mindfulness to IT. It is striving to consolidate current lines of business, expand its footprint, and become an instantly recognizable brand in IT industry.
Exemplifying Customer Satisfaction 
“We chose Mind IT Systems for developing a software tool as part of supply chain optimization solution. Their competent team of technical architect and Developers with ability to understand functional requirements helped us in quick deployment with minimum rework. The software is already saving money for the customer, and we would like to thank Mind IT Systems for contributing in our achievement.”- CEO, Supply Chain Experts, US
“Mind IT is collaborating with us in development of our new hospital management system with EHR, PACS Integration and Clinical Decision Support. We have been running our hospitals for 32+ years and are working towards being the best in our country. Their expertise of Healthcare and IT is enabling us to build world class systems to better serve our patients.”- Managing Director, Private Hospital Chain in East Asia
“Mind IT Systems has been instrumental in making us competitive as per the 21st century as now we are able to present cutting edge solutions to our end customers and distributors. We have become far more technologically superior now.”- CEO, Largest Hindi Books Publisher
“They’re a one-stop-shop that not only does the work, but also proactively engages with customers.”- Co- Founder, Software Company Offering the Right Mix of Business and Technology
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