milliCare: Delivering Trusted Care

For businesses, when it comes to making a good first impression, many factors are important, not the least of which is the condition of their flooring. From the moment a visitor sets foot into a facility, the floor speaks volumes; even a financially successful business will suffer if the floor of its premises is stained, worn, or grimy. With this in mind, milliCare delivers transparent and trustworthy cleaning services to businesses and facilities. Founded in 1984, milliCare is a floor and textile care provider and a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, a manufacturer and marketer of chemicals, fabrics, textiles, composites, and floor coverings for offices, hotels, airports, and other commercial environments since 1865.
milliCare helps businesses succeed by providing trusted care that not only helps facilities make a good first impression, but also extends the life of flooring and textiles and improves indoor air quality. Whether it’s an airport, a hospital, a corporate headquarters or a university campus, the milliCare network of independent service providers is a trusted source for floor and textile maintenance needs, offering the most environmentally sustainable and proven maintenance system.
milliCare is recognized as the premier commercial flooring care company with the most advanced technology, providing exceptional support to its franchise network and its customers locally, nationally, and worldwide.
From a Corporate Business to a Franchise Model 
milliCare was originally started in 1984 as a corporate business designed to service Milliken carpet customers across the country. The floor and textile maintenance was delivered to these customers by corporate employees and certified contractors.
About a decade later, Milliken decided to change to a franchise model. This promoted growth of the milliCare brand, and significantly increased market penetration, by allowing Milliken to focus more on further research and development while the franchise network concentrates on servicing all brands of carpet and flooring. Today, milliCare is in growth mode with an expanding network of franchise locations that are each staffed with trained and experienced technicians, providing businesses with exceptional floor and textile care.
Proven Leadership 
With over two decades of management experience in sales, marketing, and franchise development, Steve Willis joined milliCare as the Managing Director in 2017. Steve is responsible for growth and performance within milliCare’s global franchise network. He oversees strategy implementation for the corporate team and helps increase ongoing recruitment within the milliCare network. He brings a hands-on approach to supporting and growing the franchise network.
Steve is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), an approved continuing education provider for property and facility managers, and holds all three master level certifications with the IICRC. With the current milliCare team and the backing of Milliken, milliCare is poised for continued growth under Steve’s leadership, both domestically and internationally.
Assuring the Cleanest Work Ecosystem 
milliCare delivers the highest quality of services including carpet care, textile care, tile and grout care, general maintenance floor care, entryway protection, protective care, and performance coating.
milliCare’s parent company, Milliken, owns more than 7,000 patents, many of which are in the floor care arena. Most well-known is its dry carpet cleaner, a specialized polymer. With its extensive research and development, the company is constantly striving to provide its franchisees with innovative approaches to floor maintenance. milliCare will continue to improve its technology, chemistry and cleaning techniques to ensure that it remains the leader in floor and textile maintenance while creating an environment that allows its franchisees to achieve maximum profitability.
Committed to Environmental Responsibility 
Milliken and milliCare care about the impact to the environment and are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
The milliCare dry carpet cleaning process uses 99.5% less water than hot water extraction – and hot water extraction requires 319% more energy to clean the same square footage as milliCare.
Along with the company’s processes, its products are also environmentally responsible. milliCare’s core carpet cleaning products are Green Seal GS- 37 certified. The company made packaging changes to its Dry Carpet Cleaner and Detergent Residue Neutralizer which can save an additional 29,829 lbs. of packaging per year. That’s almost 15 tons of plastic that will no longer be required.
Milliken has been ranked by Ethisphere as one of the world’s most ethical companies for the past 12 years, and milliCare takes pride in sharing its parent company’s ethical commitment. milliCare also holds the distinction of being the only global company focused on commercial floor care and maintenance. In addition, milliCare is known as an environmentally responsible and socially conscious organization.
Admiring Words from Customers 
“They have restored carpet that I thought I was going to have to pull out. The nap was down, it was filthy. No one could get it clean, wet extraction couldn’t get it clean. They revived the carpet and gave us two more years with that carpet. It was an incredible cost savings.”
“milliCare saves us money. Saves us stress. They find a way, they work with us. We feel important because they make us feel important.”
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