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Microsoft Edge Overhauls Firefox to Become the Second Most Popular Web Browser

Microsoft is managing on getting back into the browser game, and it has worked splendidly for the technology giant so far. Microsoft Edge has managed to defeat Mozilla Firefox to claim the second spot on the popular browser list. Less than three months after leaving beta, the Chromium-driven Microsoft Edge browser overtook Firefox as the world’s second most popular web browser.
Microsoft Edge currently has a 7.59 percent Windows browser share. Firefox is third with 7.19 percent, followed by Internet Explorer with a 5.87 percent market share. Google Chrome dominates the market with a whopping number of 68.5 percent. The rivalry of the Edge browser is most definitely with Firefox since Chrome is practically difficult to reach this stage.
If not for 5.6 percent of users who are already using Internet Explorer 11, the figures of Microsoft Edge will be much higher, placing the former browser fourth over Apple’s Safari browser, which still retains 3.62% of the market share.
Microsoft introduced new updates for Edge earlier this week, beginning with a new ‘Collections’ component that provides consumers with information from different sources. Vertical tabs will also be available soon. To store contents in rich web format, Microsoft is also launching ‘smart copies.’
In terms of protection, Edge would provide a preventive tracking mechanism to block trackers on third party websites. Netflix 4K content on Edge, along with Dolby audio and Dolby Vision, has also been revealed by Microsoft; however, this is for Windows 10 only. Microsoft Editor is a significant enhancement that provides tips for improved words, vocabulary, and also terms, such as Grammarly.
For Microsoft Edge, this remains a major accomplishment since its shift to Google’s Chromium open-source engine making it more available to non-Windows devices. Microsoft Edge’s Chrome-based platform improves its stability and functionality with Google Chrome and enjoys the advantage of being able to access all plugins found in the Chrome app store.
As Windows 10 runs on a billion devices, the latest Microsoft Edge will soon be rolled out through Windows Update. We expect Edge to continue to outstrip Firefox with its eyes set to cut into Chrome’s market share.