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Michael A Collura, Founder & President, In Home Personal Services

Michael Collura: Providing Quality Care to Seniors

Many businesses are born from the necessity to meet the needs of the customers. For Michael Collura, it was about making personal connections, building relationships, and giving the clients the chance to maintain their independence. He is the President and CEO of In Home Personal Services, one of the largest home care companies in Illinois, and growing throughout the United States. He enjoys his role not because of the success, but because of the fact that his success is enjoyed by so many others. Michael has surrounded himself with talented individuals that make up in areas where he falls short. He believes his team is the secret to his continued growth and success. With such a talented team by his side, he decided to expand the business into a franchise system. Today he is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to be a part of this amazing brand and history.
A Leader with Strong Business Skills
In Home Personal Services set out to be an innovative and forward-thinking company focused on quality care to the seniors. Since day one Michael and his team have proudly served the community with those same values. “We are here to provide care to seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. In Home Personal Services sees the industry, our opportunity, and our place within the industry in a very different way. I guess that is what makes us a leader”, says Michael.
A Reliable Home Care Provider
IHPS service models include a wide array of care options that are all tailored to meet the individual care needs of those who have trusted the company since 2004 to be their provider. The team provides the care that is needed. No long-term contracts or commitments, no hourly minimums, no surprises. What makes the company stand out the most is the way it has developed, trained, and deliver the care. It has seen challenges, needs of those it cares for as well as their families and the healthcare system as a whole. The company has developed many advantages within the franchise system, and it enjoys being able to bring the difference in the care it provides to the community and clients.
Rise and Shine in the Times of Pandemic
Michael states that during pandemic crisis, those who were on the front lines of the company were not willing to surrender to the task facing them. It has been a tragic example of courage and hope. There were countless caregivers and care providers who knew about all the risks they were facing with Covid and they never asked to be reassigned, take time off, or abandon the seniors who trusted IHPS. These caregivers and frontlines didn’t just ensure the safety of those who are most vulnerable, they also ensured IHPS as a brand kept its promise. While an unspeakable tragedy for so many, it was also the most inspiring year for In Home Personal Services because the company’s front-line workers never backed down and they never stopped doing what they needed to do. They knew the danger and still, they performed their duties to ensure the lives of others were made safe. That was true courage.
Covid is as permanent to the healthcare system as the flu. It is here forever. IHPS has already developed new protocols and training to ensure the ongoing safety of those it cares for. It has developed a wholly unique and proprietary Acute Home Care system for the delivery of care that meets pandemic standards for safety and infection control. The organization’s ability to care for these patients today, tomorrow, and those “long haulers” is already in place and while it hopes to never have to prove its ability to do so, it is ready for the next pandemic in every way it can possibly be.
A Take on Leadership
While sharing his thoughts on leadership Michael emphasizes on Integrity. Integrity is a significant part of In Home Personal Services and its leadership training. For Michael, it is the single most important human attribute that is often the most elusive. “Having true integrity today in our world would bring about the radical change that unfortunately most of our population is unable to recognize, acknowledge and achieve,” Michael asserts.
Removing Obstacles for Others
In his advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, Michael says “First, do it because you care. This is not a business for those without a genuine desire to care for others. Second, do it your way. If you want to lead, then forge your own path. I speak to prospective franchisees all the time and they ask me about the growth and success of other franchisees we have. My response is simple. Do you want to work up to their potential or your own? While some may see the value in benchmarking themselves against others or see this as a means to measure their own potential. I see it as a limitation you already entering into.”
He adds, “I say nothing about what I have achieved was done because I cared about what others were doing. I made my own path and today we are a brand being recognized in this article for just that. Nothing about us that is unique or innovative would exist if we just followed suit and worked to be like everyone else. Finally, embrace failure. If you find that word to be upsetting, you are not ready to be an entrepreneur. Because those of us that truly succeed first had to fail.”