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MgO Systems: Eco-Friendly Construction Solutions

The world has grown into a dense concrete jungle with the emergence of construction technology. As the technology has grown, buildings and structures are not just limited to providing shelters but have developed to deliver numerous functions. These functions provide error free, safe designs even before the construction begins. This has led to commendable growth in the market as the global construction market is estimated to reach around $1.2 trillion by 2020. Recently, the industry came up with a new concept known as green construction. It promotes usage of ecofriendly materials in construction. Many companies are turning up for the concept, among which MgO Systems is the one, supplying an eco-friendly alternative to the classical approach to the building.
MgO Systems is a new alternative to traditional building. It meets the same needs as a classic stick and frame build; however its walls have added superior advantages that the traditional walls cannot compete with. Its new approach provides a fire, mold and mildew resistant panel that can be prefabricated and installed at a much faster rate than traditional construction.
MgO develops and manufactures innovative Magnesium Oxide (“MgO”) based construction solutions such as MgO board and MgO structurally insulated panels. Its proprietary construction solutions provide the clients and partners with superior speed, quality, fire rating, thermal performance and defense against water, mould and insects. The company’s design and construction teams work in synergy with its clients and partners to develop rapid, cost-effective and innovative designs for residential, commercial, agriculture, healthcare and institutional construction throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
MgO’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) have no off gassing, unlike plywood and particle board, and are the new green alternative in building. Its superior insulating value and energy efficiency results in a potential 30 per cent reduction in heating and cooling costs over traditional construction. The construction process produces much less jobsite waste, saves money and dramatically reduces the amount of materials that needlessly end up in the landfill. MgO believes that its business is changing the way construction is done in green and eco-friendly way.
Delivering Comprehensive Solutions 
Conventional construction continues to face mounting pressure from labour shortages, time pressures, material cost increases and quality issues. MgO’s proprietary pre-fabricated solutions combine proven unique chemistry with off-site controlled fabrication to deliver a high-performance custom solution on a quicker timeline with cost certainty. The solutions then further reduce the need for on-site labour and disruption to other key trades in the building process. It however reduces their potential delays and deliver a higher performance building to clients with higher thermal performance, higher energy efficiency, better performance with respect to water, mould and greater life safety.
Embracing challenges 
The challenges that MGO Systems face in the Construction Tech Solution industry are the negative reputations of magnesium oxide cement board and structurally insulated panels (SIPS). The chemistry in magnesium oxide cement needs to be precisely controlled or the boards are prone to crack or weep over time which has given the product a bad reputation. The scientists in MgO are working on methods to mitigate this problem and, one of its highest priorities is quality control, testing every batch before it leaves the plant. The other challenge that the company faces is the perception of SIPS. MgO’s engineered wall system has similarities to SIPS and the negative associations the SIPS industry with early adopters is another battle it must fight. SIPS are panels that have two pieces of board, often OSB, with a piece of EPS foam in the middle which they then call structurally sound. The problem with SIPS is that if any of the board is damaged or destroyed the structural integrity of the panel is severely compromised. MgO’s C3 engineered wall systems differ because they have internal wood or steel studs built into them, meaning that if one of the external boards is damaged, the internal structural integrity is not.
A Leader left with an Idea 
Todd McKay is the CEO of MgO Systems. As a former General Contractor and Electrical Contractor, Todd was curious to find better methods of construction after his family’s house damaged in an accident. He set out to educate himself and partner with leading experts in the United States, Canada and Australia to determine the most cost-effective way to build both residential and commercial structures.
This led him to partner and eventually team up with a diverse group of experts to develop a Magnesium Oxide based board and structurally insulated panel solution. He, along with MgO Systems didn’t stop there though, as they continued to invest in research and development for related technologies which the company intends to commercialize in 2019.
Throughout this journey, there have been many challenges in what is a small niche industry to date. Todd’s relentless pursuit of a better way to build has earned him the nickname “Godfather of MGO”, but he and his team recognize that the journey is only just beginning.
Safety as Inspiration 
In 2010 Todd McKay and his son were sitting at home watching the Grey Cup when the fire alarm went off. At first, they thought it was a false alarm however it soon became clear that there was a genuine danger. Fortunately, the two were able to get out of the house with the pets; however, it wasn’t long before the house turned into ashes. The fact that the fire happened in the afternoon likely saved their lives; the fire spread so quickly that they would have been trapped if it had occurred at night. Todd then began passionately searching for a way to keep his family safe from traditional building materials. His search led him to magnesium-oxide, a material used in the construction of the Great Wall of China.
Standing Tall and Apart 
In addition to a relentless focus on the customer, MgO Systems has spent years developing a proprietary solution which addresses the previous and perceived challenges from using Magnesium Oxide in building products. This makes the old material being used in a new method. Moreover, the key aspects include faster construction (providing superior insulating value compared to traditional wood frame construction), superior strength (structurally stronger and straighter than a conventional), fire resistance (Made of non-combustible, fire resistant sheathing material) and insect free (do not rot or deteriorate) C3 engineered board.
Striving for Leadership 
For over one hundred years the construction industry has stayed stagnant, an unchanging, unyielding cultural tradition. Science, Technology, Medicine have all evolved while the construction industry continues to build with accelerants and air-toxifying products causing daily deaths. It’s time to stand up for security, safety and quality. MgO Systems is working to create products that will not burn or poison the air.
MgO Systems is striving to become the North American leader in sustainable, cost-effective, pre-fabricated high performance construction solutions for the exterior construction of residential and commercial buildings.
Testimonial from Satisfied Client 
“We partnered with MGO Systems on an innovative build which integrates their proprietary technologies with innovative solar solutions. MGO’s prefabricated panel system resulted in rapid installation with minimal waste and cost certainty for the client. Too often conventional construction methods are fraught with overruns, quality issues and a quality challenge…MGO Systems has the solution.” – Joe Kozina, General Manager at Nova Terra Developments Inc.
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