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Todd McKay | CEO & Owner | MgO Systems

MgO Systems: Developing Stronger, Safer, Healthier and Sustainable Buildings

Traditional materials for constructing walls, roofs, and floors demonstrate unacceptable performance when it comes to fire, water, corrosion, insects, and energy efficiency. Any constructions that have been built with minimum standards or by using traditional materials or old technologies affect safety, quality and sustainability of the buildings. It is essential to create sustainable and safer buildings by using quality materials and new technology.
MgO Systems is home to a collection of problem-solvers and innovators who are driven to develop new construction technologies that are better, faster, and safer than today’s typical building materials and methods.
Assembling a Diverse Team and Changing Status-quo
Founded in 2012 by Todd McKay and Vanessa McKay, MgO Systems was born after the McKay family home was struck by fire. The McKay family was unharmed, but a lifetime of memories were destroyed in a matter of minutes. Relying on their decades of experience in the construction industries they set out to assemble a diverse team focused on the development of higher performance, technologically advanced and safer building solutions.
By attracting like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, MgO Systems has amassed a team of construction experts, material scientists, certified architects, engineers,  and PhD’s — all working together to change the status quo and making buildings stronger, safer, and healthier. All are focused on developing the next generation of construction technologies.
Building Safer and Water-Resistant Green Homes
MgO Systems uses magnesium oxide cement to build safer, fire resistant, water resistant green homes. The company is also researching ways to take the hard to recycle plastics and reusing them in the magnesium cement taking something that is harming the environment and turning it into something that people can use for years to come and is green and non-harmful to the environment. It builds in every sector from residential to commercial and agricultural. Todd encourages all to be good stewards of the environment by using sustainable practices.
Educating People about Magnesium Oxide Cement
The chemistry to make Magnesium Oxide cement is very precise and if a company does not have high quality control methods in place one can get a bad batch. In the past due to lack of quality controls people have built with low quality magnesium cement which has caused problems and given Magnesium Oxide Cement a bad reputation. This perception is something MgO Systems considers important to fight against. The best way to overcome this perception is to educate the people about the product and show successful projects.
Preventing the Preventable Disasters
The construction industry hasn’t changed in over 50 years, and yet everyday people die from the fires or other disasters in their homes that could have been prevented. Its only recently that the standards are starting to become stricter and regulations harsher. Todd believes that it is important not to be complacent and prevent the preventable disasters.
Dedicated to Making a Difference
MgO Systems is a very family-based company. It has a lot of friendly competitions (eating competitions, football pick ‘ems) and it likes to celebrate together, birthdays, baby showers. Overall, the entire company is dedicated to making a difference and creating a better world.
Making the World a Better Place
Todd McKay advises aspiring entrepreneurs to find a good business mentor.  He also advises them to read or listen to business books, whenever they are in their car driving somewhere or exercising. He says that even if you are only paying half attention to them, you will still pick things up, and it will begin to change how you think. There are all kinds of business books out there and Todd advises them to find one book that interests them or find a reader who catches their attention and just listen to them whenever they can.
Jim Pendergast, COO of MgO Systems advises budding entrepreneurs to create a vision for something they believe needs to be changed in the world today and pursue it. Jim says that if it is something that you passionately believe will make the world a better place, people will follow.
Planning About Next Phase of Growth
The Advisory Board of MgO Systems has been chosen to support and contribute to its next phase of growth. Its five Advisory Board members each have diverse backgrounds with a wealth of experience in related industries including technology, construction, finance, law, property development, materials science and innovative building technologies.
Integrating Related Technologies with Core Expertise
Todd considers that it is critical for MgO Systems to continue integrating new and related technologies with its core expertise in magnesium oxide board. This will result in an improved product offering by expanding the applications of this core technology in the market. No one can stand still after introducing a single innovation to the market. Over the next five years, MgO Systems wants to become recognized as the leader in magnesium oxide cement technology and need to have a wide range of products and services that integrate this technology with other new and related technologies.