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MGN Logistics: Leveraging Technology, Innovation and Dedication in the Transportation Industry

No business is completely efficient without its logistics department firing on all cylinders. In fact, when executed effectively, the logistics department can turn out being the backbone of a company. Logistics now includes a myriad of functions; however, transportation, the oldest of the discipline, still holds a great significance. MGN Logistics is a supply chain management provider, that emphasizes cutting edge technology to deliver superier transportation solutions to its customers.
Founded in 2000, MGN Logistics was one of the first companies in the transportation space to launch a fully automated freight marketplace online, called By 2004, after tremendous success and exponential user growth, the website was sold to a group of private equity investors. Building on the company’s earlier success, MGN acquired a brick and mortar freight management company in Boston and launched a new radically adaptive Transportation Management System (TMS). With a focus on disruptive technologies, the company continued to develop creative transportation modules, including predictive pricing, extensive KPI charting and intelligent transportation routing, which outpaced all the major players in the space.
By 2009, the company had opened an additional office in Orlando to assist in the growth. And again in 2013, another office was opened internationally in the Dominican Republic to address the growing international needs. In 2014, the company continuing its expansion, acquired a truckload brokerage in New Jersey, and then, the following year, made another strategic acquisition of a tech savvy Midwest-based brokerage with a unique proprietary truckload pricing app. Today, the company has 6 locations spanning Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan and the Dominican Republic.
Leveraging Technology to Overcome Challenges 
One of the greatest challenges facing the transportation industry today is the necessity of trust in so many supply chain transactions. The application of blockchain technology in the logistics space could prove to be transformational. MGN Logistics has always been on the cutting edge of these types of transformational changes, from their early development on the internet, to their real-time truckload pricing app, to the latest design and development of the industry’s first blockchain enhanced TMS. MGN is once again at the forefront of the logistics industry, spearheading an effort to utilize blockchain technology to create further enhancements in efficiency, security and data integrity. Their most recent project envisions the marrying of their proprietary TMS to blockchain cryptology.
An Outstanding Leader 
Matthew Telesca currently serves as the President and CEO of MGN Logistics, Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and tech enthusiast, who sold his first company by the age of 32. A five-time recipient of Inc. magazine’s prestigious Fastest Growing Private Companies in America award, and two-time nominee for CEO of the year, Telesca is a long-time member of The International society of Logistics. 
Matthew was also selected as one of the top 50 most creative CEOs to watch in 2016 and one of the top 20 most inspiring CEOs in 2018. He has been featured in numerous technology and logistics magazines and has a passion for learning and technology. As the CEO and visionary of the company, he is excited to see, not only the changes in the transportation space, but also be an integral part of those changes.
Contribution from the Underdogs 
The transportation space, like so many other industries, continues to be disrupted by new and compelling technologies. New entrants in the industry such as Uber Freight and Amazon, push the envelope of an already crowded space. But, according to Telesca, the race to the top will be won, not by industry giants, but rather, by smaller, more adaptive and specialized companies. He believes “the most exciting changes in the space has been seeing the adoption of greater technology in an industry that has been slow to change.” 
This change will continue to occur and will be spearheaded by those in the space who not only possess the technological vision, but equally important, transportation and supply chain real-world experience, which many of the new entrants lack.
Rendering a Comprehensive Solution 
While the company can provide services as a traditional freight broker, the focus and specialization is as a full service freight management partner. The proprietary TMS is cloud-based and powerful enough for large corporations, while remaining easy to use and simple to integrate even with small businesses. The company’s suite of services include; price and service optimization, carrier routing, e-dispatching along with fully automated document creation, pre and post-audit, freight payment and an extensive suite of interactive business intelligence reports.
Each customer is assigned a dedicated group of experienced logistics managers to assist in fully coordinating, executing and tracking all shipments. The tracking process is further enhanced with eGPS monitoring of full truckload shipments using the company’s integrated solution. For potential customers that are looking for a standalone or fully integrated solution, to either replace or support their existing logistics departments, MGN’s proprietary TMS has the answer.
Appreciation from a Satisfied Clientele 
“MGN handles our entire logistics needs and has provided outstanding service. We have seen our bottom line improve and our customers very happy with the freight costs. The web portal provides our customer service department with real time data and provides our accounting department accurate information long before the invoice. As the manager I receive several management reports that allow me to review our entire logistics arena. The nice thing about MGN is it looks to constantly improve and stay ahead of the curve. I would highly recommend MGN and wouldn’t hesitate to speak with any potential client about the benefits of using MGN. They receive an A plus rating from us.” – Mark Farrell, Director of Operations, Laars Heating Systems
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