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MGN Logistics

MGN Logistics: A True Logistics Solution Provider Catering to Global Business Ambitions

Today’s freight market is ultra-competitive, and ‘survival of the fittest’ is the rechanting mantra. With consumers all over the world demanding greater varieties in products at the cheapest costs possible, companies are scrambling to bolster their supply chains and fulfill the ‘all-important’ customer.

Meanwhile, driver shortages, capacity imbalances, government regulations, and now, the ongoing pandemic are adding pressure to already strained supply chains and continue to impact transportation costs. This is why many organizations are turning to Managed Transportation Services providers to help address these challenges. Unfortunately, very often, subpar providers are prevalent in the market and operate with off-the-shelf technology, failing to support organizations against their competition.

Companies want to obtain capacity at below-market pricing while still providing excellent service. They want to know where their product is and whether or not loads will be delivered on schedule and on time.

Fortunately, there is a leading Managed Transportation Services company that has been the technology backbone of many of the largest 3PLs for many years. Being an early pioneer of web-based transportation solutions, MGN Logistics, Inc., has catered to many organizations all over the world.  This logistics juggernaut’s innovative and proprietary Managed Transportation Software (MTS), continues to outpace its competitors.

Bringing Clarity to Cloudy Visibility

Originally launched as a fully automated, online freight marketplace called ‘ in 2000, after exponential user growth, the website was sold to a group of private equity investors in 2004. Building upon the company’s early success, in 2007, MGN acquired a Boston-based freight management company and launched a new MTS platform.

With a focus on next generation technology, the company continued to develop advanced transportation modules, which included predictive pricing, extensive visualization metrics, and intelligent transportation routing, which outpaced all major players in the space. By 2009, the company had offices in Philadelphia, Boston, and Orlando to assist with the growing demand.

Then in 2013, the company opened an office in Santiago, Dominican Republic to handle the growing international needs. 2014, the company continued its expansion and acquired a niche truckload brokerage in New Jersey, and in the following year, made another strategic acquisition of a tech-heavy Chicago-based digital brokerage with a unique proprietary truckload pricing app.

Again, in 2018, the company acquired one of the leading parcel auditing and management firms in the country. Last year, MGN made its most recent acquisition of a California-based niche logistics firm.

Today, MGN operates remotely with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, California, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

What MGN brings to the Table

MGN’s cloud-based platform supports all modes of transportation, including truckload, LTL, ocean, air, rail, intermodal, and parcel, providing customers with a powerful yet easy-to-use, single solution for their entire supply chain. MGN Logistics’ state-of-the-art, next-gen platform offers seamless integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or can be implemented as a stand-alone solution.

The services include mode and carrier selection, rate optimization, automated tracking and tracing, including GPS, freight bill auditing, and payment, business intelligence and utilizes the industries only blockchain and artificial intelligence managed MTS supported by sophisticated analytical tools using machine learning.

MGN provides the highest level of consulting experience coupled with technology to implement best practices, compliance, and auditing to maximize all available opportunities for improvement.

Technology, Innovation, and Dedication

MGN’s core values are based on technology, innovation, and dedication. These represent MGN’s core strengths and guiding principles. MGN looks to technology to solve the problems that exist in the transportation and logistics space.

The company exemplifies looking beyond currently available technology and continues to innovate new concepts and solutions that have not previously been applied to the supply chain.

And all of this is done by a dedicated team of technology and logistics experts. A team not only dedicated to solutions but to providing clients with the best experience possible.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Similar to everything else today, technology has dramatically improved the results of prior generations. Simple tasks today that are automatically formulated or fully completed were once done manually and by hand, consuming significant time delays, exacerbating inefficiencies, and creating roadblocks to greater success.

The logistics space overall has been slow to adopt some of these changes. A perfect example would be the industries clinging to EDI technology rather than adopting more diverse, flexible, and powerful protocols of communication.

MGN has always been at the forefront of innovating and has pushed forward with more sophisticated solutions, even when it was alone in implementing them. This next-generation technology approach has allowed the company to stay well ahead of the technology curve and become the industries’ premier MTS provider.

“Grit and Discipline”

In an interview with Insights Success magazine, the Founder and CEO of MGN Logistics, Matthew Telesca, was asked if he would like to share some advice to the budding entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the logistics industry.  He said- “Everyone wants to be successful, and yet, for the majority, success is very elusive. As an entrepreneur, you need grit and discipline, as well as the ability to get right back up when you fail. ‘You never truly fail unless you stop trying’, a quote from Albert Einstein, I live by.”

“My advice to budding entrepreneurs would be to be prepared to work above and beyond everyone else. Be the first one in the office, the last one to leave and be willing to do what everyone else only talks about doing. Be prepared to fail; failure comes with success, and success comes from hard work,” added the inspiring CEO.

The Pandemic Rollout

While MGN has maintained physical offices throughout the pandemic, nearly all its employees work remotely. Since the company has been cloud-based from early on, the transition to remote work was relatively easy and straightforward.

For MGN customers the transition was seamless as well, with very few even recognizing that MGN Logistics had switched to a completely remote work environment.

“To this day, we remain fully committed to the safety of our employees and continue to remain working remotely,” commented the astute founder- Matthew Telesca.

Dominating the Markets of Future

MGN Logistics has made numerous strategic acquisitions, including the most recent in 2021. A six-time recipient of Inc. magazine’s prestigious recognition as one of the country’s fastest growing private companies, MGN has continued its explosive growth through varias acquisitions and organic growth. This inspiring company promises to continue looking for more acquisition opportunities.

The Logistics Veteran and Visionary Leader

Matthew Telesca is the Founder and CEO of MGN Logistics. Telesca is a serial entrepreneur and successful businessman, having sold his first logistics business to a private equity group in his late twenties. After early success, Telesca focused on building MGN Logistics to be one of the supply chain industry’s premier technology companies.

Telesca’s background in finance and logistics management, as well as software development, positioned him perfectly to lead an industry that was only in its infancy with technological developments in the late 1990s and early 2000s.