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MGM Resorts Grapples with Ongoing Cyber Issue, Systems Offline

MGM Resorts, a major casino and lodging operator, experienced a significant cybersecurity incident that prompted the shutdown of several of its computer systems, including its website. The company made an announcement regarding the situation on social media.

The initial shutdown had a widespread impact on various aspects of MGM Resorts’ business operations. Reservation systems, booking systems, hotel electronic key card systems, and even the casino floors were reportedly affected by the outage. Additionally, the company’s email systems were taken down in response to the cybersecurity issue and had not been restored as of the latest update.

While the casino floors were brought back online, the reservation systems for thousands of hotel rooms and the booking system for restaurant reservations remained offline for more than a day after the incident was first reported.

MGM Resorts operates a substantial number of hotel rooms across Las Vegas and the United States, with revenue from these hotel rooms surpassing that directly attributed to its casino operations.

The company initiated an investigation with the assistance of external cybersecurity experts and notified law enforcement. Certain systems were shut down to protect data and systems integrity.

The FBI confirmed its awareness of the ongoing incident but provided no further details. MGM Resorts has faced cybersecurity incidents in the past, with the personal details of over 10 million visitors being published on a hacking forum in 2020.

The incident serves as a reminder of the significant impact that cybersecurity issues can have on critical infrastructure sectors, including gaming and lodging, and highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and incident response protocols in today’s digital landscape.