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Mette Johansson: A Tenacious, Enthusing and Caring Woman

No words could better describe a female entrepreneur who has stepped out of the comfort zone of a reliable, well-paid job to follow her passion. Best-selling author and speaker, Mette Johansson, Founder of MetaMind Training, worked in leadership positions for large multinational corporations for 15 years before stepping out on her own. MetaMind provides learning programs at the intersection between leadership and interpersonal skills. Distinctively, Mette is a thought leader on Authentic Leadership, which to her includes knowing yourself, daring to be yourself, and practicing human leadership. She has recently launched her proprietary program in this field called “Unmask the Leader Within.” Mette is truly passionate about guiding people on their professional growth journey. She takes her clients through a step-by-step learning approach in highly interactive workshops. Her ability to connect with people and her genuine desire to make everyone achieve their personal best is exceptional.
Having lived, studied and worked in 11 different countries, she is a citizen of the world who now calls Singapore home. MetaMindis headquartered in Singapore and they work with a network of dozens of experts to bring bespoke training to clients in virtually all industries.
One Belief Changed the course of her Business Life
Before starting her own venture, Mette had what she describes as “a bit of a midlife crisis” in her corporate job. She was frustrated, unfulfilled and it was dragging her down. She knew it was not sustainable, so she quit and took conscious steps and dedicated time to find out what she truly wanted in her life. Mette’s enthusiasm and drive are proof that finding your passion and following it unlocks a certain energy that enables you make a difference in the world.
Ultimately, Mette’s passion is now helping others to find fulfillment in life. Whether it is through improving people’s skills, or by living a life that is more rewarding – one that is built on purpose and values. Interestingly enough, these two are often connected.
Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
When asked about the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship, Mette starts talking about opportunities. Her beliefis that the word “challenge” puts you in a negative frame of mind. In her book, she urges people to talk positively, and describes that replacing the word “problem” with “challenge” doesn’t actually work.
One of the opportunities she sees is helping people identify their core, inner values. By knowing what is truly important to them, what fulfills them and by inculcating a solid foundation to take decisions that make them happy, she motivates people by saying that “you can identify a purpose in life, and you can start being true to yourself: be authentic.”
About Her Inspiring Book
In Mette’s bestselling book How to Make Yourself Promotable – 7 skills to help you climb the career ladder, she describes the skills that truly help you advance in your career. These skills include communication skills, leadership skills and workplace productivity. Most importantly, the book explains how you can pursue a promotion that will fulfill your life: find your true calling based on your values, and be your authentic self.
MetaMind has just launched a corporate program called “Unmask the Leader Within”, which is a seven-step framework for authentic leadership. It helps leaders in organizations to not only isolate their values and their true selves but also live by a purpose for a greater good, and inspire others to follow the same path.
About the training programs that she delivers, Mette states that “It’s an area that I am passionate about, and not just because I have been through the journey myself. I have experienced the power and energy that’s unleashed when you get clarity on your values and passions and dare to live by them. We’re all able to do amazing and extraordinary things when we have found our purpose with which we can make a difference in life!”
Building Trusted Relationships
MetaMind is a training consultancy specializing in the intersection between leadership and people skills. Their core learning programs include communication and presentation skills; EQ and People Skills; and the “Unmask the Leader Within” framework for authentic leadership.
Clients appreciate MetaMind’s bespoke learning programs that answer their specific learning needs. Together with clients, MetaMind analyze what specific skills need to be developed. Also, they make learning a journey, not just a one-off event. A combination of workshops, one-to-one coaching, project assignments, learning reminders and blended, or on- and offline learning ensure that learning retention is the highest in the industry. They draw upon an extensive network of highly talented and driven experts, who facilitate a broad range of learning journeys. Mette differentiates their programs by saying, “We don’t just sell ‘our’ programs to our clients – we match the right expert for clients to reach their objectives.”
Articulating Future Visions
Mette defines her success by adding that, “Happiness defines success. If you are fulfilled and happy, then you’re successful. As I wrote in my book, happiness is a precursor to success – not the other way round. Business, on the other hand, is successful when it’s sustainable. Over time, you must be fulfilled and love what you do, but you must also add value to others and be rewarded for what you do – otherwise, you will not be happy and fulfilled in the long run.”
Under the leadership of Mette, MetaMind is now getting more and more international assignments; they are offering licensees in other countries to disseminate the practice of authenticity around Asia. She envisions a leadership revolution happening in upcoming years, with a belief of getting many opportunities to unmask leaders everywhere!
Mette directs the future generation of women entrepreneurs by suggesting that, “Many say that you have to find what you love. To me, this is connecting with your values and identifying your purpose for a greater good. It’s about adding value to the world; it’s about making a difference. When you have identified your personal-value niche, you’ll see that you’re unleashing this amazing power and energy to do the extraordinary things you’ve set yourself up to do!”

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