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Jan Miotto | President | Metrendalytics

METRENDALYTICS: Combining Knowledge and Technology to Bring Efficiency in Business

Metrendalytics was founded by scientists, for scientists. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions which provide a consolidated view of all of one’s operational data—whatever the source on one shared platform for faster interactive collaboration and client service with reduced risk.
Metrendalytics recognizes that companies need a platform to create comprehensive efficiencies across project planning and execution with built-in analytic tools that are easy to implement, are highly customizable, and cost-effective. To enable this transformation journey to optimize “running the laboratory business” with technology requires innovative business solutions uniquely designed and customized around a company’s specific business model and processes.
Metrendalytics works to understand and build systems to meet the unique process needs of each company. Then we enhance the resultant process efficiency with corresponding operational dashboard views with automated data integration, aggregation, and signal detection in interactive visualizations, which allows for centralized views and remote monitoring of project performance in real-time. Reviewers are able to zero in on signals and trends that could affect operational performance and make smarter decisions sooner about how to deploy resources. This eliminates error prone, redundant entry and information update lag time associated with typical business management via various spreadsheets used for tracking of these activities which are a basis of vast inefficiencies. As a result, companies are essentially road blocked in the ability to unleash the power buried in their operational data.
Metrendalytics’ solutions have been presented at multiple pharma/biotech meetings and conferences over the years. Many of these presentations were from its customers. Most recently, it was featured in a Bioanalysis Zone article on how Metrendalytics’ remote access solutions helped businesses continue and thrive through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Pharmaceutical services consulting and software development company, focused on helping both pharma and CRO’s centralize operational data for real-time use”

Extensive Service Offerings
Metrendalytics is a Pharmaceutical consulting services and software development company focused on helping pharma/biotech clinical operations and CRO’s laboratory operations centralize operational data for real-time use. The company utilizes cloud-based, scalable, modular, rapid development, and low-cost platforms which are analytics and visualization enabled. The key to success is its software combines existing internal and external data into a single platform allowing customers to gain efficiencies and make faster, more informed decisions. As a result, the firm helps transition a business from a process that is reactive to one that is more proactive.
The laboratory tools and technologies in the bioanalytical laboratory have evolved and changed. However, leveraging real-time business data to make more informed decisions has seen limited progress. Further, additional time is required to manually create plots and metric reports to be used for analytics and process improvement initiatives. As a result, less time is available for analyzing data to improve business outcomes, customer service, and risk reduction. Metrendalytics’ software integrates the information from existing software like Salesforce, Watson, NetSuite, etc and incorporates these into a suite of applications to centralize from proposal creation, award, and management of milestones and deliverables through QC, QA, and reporting. This provides a “one-stop-shop” for all critical business functions and data so that each stakeholder has what they need to efficiently complete their part. This means laboratory and management personnel can spend more time doing science and serving customers instead of chasing data and re-entering information.
Passion and Expertise
Jan Miotto, President of Metrendalytics, had a successful career in the drug development industry because of her ethics of hard work and wanting to make things better for the industry. This, along with a lifelong passion to learn and apply new technologies is what drives the success of Metrendalytics. She has assembled a group of like-minded successful individuals who work together with the goal of making customers successful.
Jan focuses on being authentic and bringing value every day and trying her best not to keep a fixed mindset in order to be able to explore new opportunities. Jan says, “If you wait for things to be perfect, you can miss opportunities.” She brings a mindset to never stop adapting. For Metrendalytics, experimentation has helped them reach a product-market fit.
Driving Improvement by Knowing Your Customer
Metrendalytics’ culture is to really partner with its clients to help take them to the next level. “We work with our customers to understand their business, their pain points, and where they want to be in the future,” says Jan. Being knowledgeable in the industry allows the company to understand each client’s specific situation and allowing it to be flexible to design the tools they need to be successful. The goal is to add value and transparency to all levels of the organization.
Metrendalytics aims to improve the “life of the scientist in the laboratory” by providing tools to leverage already existing information. It helps mid-level managers drive improvement gains through automated capture of metrics and trends. It also provides senior-level executives up to the minute visibility to their entire portfolio to understand the current status of their projects and where action is needed to keep programs on track. By being more efficient with information, the company helps all levels of the organization perform better to help take time and cost out of the drug development process.
Current Crisis and Future Opportunities
Metrendalytics has always been at the forefront when it comes to how it uses the information to improve business results. It will continue to do so in the future. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based and remotely accessed information systems. The company will build on its past success in this area to develop new and expanded capabilities to meet the full-service needs of its customers. The company asserts “Our low cost, rapid development model also makes replacing some of the disconnected and more expensive “point solution” systems possible.”
Metrendalytics continues to build a network of experienced, results-oriented subject matter experts in the laboratory, drug metabolism, and chemistry manufacturing and controls. This expanded knowledge base provides access to new markets and the opportunity to leverage its technology to benefit these areas.
Socially Responsible
Metrendalytics is active in Corporate Social Responsibility including philanthropy, environment conservation, diversity and labor practices, and volunteerism. As a company, Metrendalytics is diverse and designated as a femaleowned, minority business and some of its partners are also minority-based.
It has donated time and resources to start-up groups and technology companies that share the same passion for data and using that data to build the next-generation laboratory or improving upon existing technology to help the day-today work life of the scientist.
On Drug Development Challenges
Drug development is a long and costly process typically requiring approximately 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars. By developing solutions that reduce this time and cost, Metrendalytics not only saves money for customers but also helps get products to market faster. As a result, the public has access to potentially life-saving medications sooner. This in turn provides a revenue stream for the pharma company to reinvest in future drug development.
For CROs, where the name of the game is efficiency and value, here again, Metrendalytics helps to improve both of these. The more efficient the resources are in a CRO, the more projects can be completed, which accelerates drug development as noted above. It also means better profitability and stability for the CRO.
For both CROs and pharma biotech companies, the time saved translates to more focus on the actual work of drug development instead of time wasted collecting and managing information. That time saved can then channelled into value-added activities like quality control, assessment and impact analysis or actions or innovations to improve the outcome.
Testimonials from Clients 
“Jan and her team at Metrendalytics collaborated with our team at Alturas Analytics to create a total customized information management system that organizes and manages client information, data and resource management. The system has improved productivity, efficiency and compliance in our bioanalytical CRO. Thank you Metrendalytics!”Shane Needham, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Alturas Analytics, Inc.
“Immunologix Labs is accelerating our bioanalytical service delivery to the technology forefront with the Metrendalytics initiative. The platform will be our primary driver for industry-leading efficiency, organization and client experience. It will provide the architecture to seamlessly ensure consistent, high-quality, on-time performance for our clients. We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Jahanara (Jan) Miotto and the team at Metrendalytics”Michael Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Immunologix Laboratories
“We are on an exciting journey with Metrendalytics in moving from a paper heavy lab to a paper-lite lab to a paperless lab, which will enhance the efficiency of the entire laboratory process, leading to a dramatic overall cost reduction in operations and a better way to work for everyone. Many thanks to Metrendalytics in bringing our vision into reality”Luca C Matassa, VP and Head of Bioanalytical at QPS Laboratoriese operational data for real-time use