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MetaCompliance: Resolving Data Breaches through a One-stop-shop Management Solution

We live in a world where a digital presence is considered a necessity. Be it an individual, entity, solution or company, the digital identity has become a standard to analyze social existence. Although this digital identity and presence is significantly beneficial, it is vulnerable to outside attack.
Despite having the most secure structure in place, cybercriminals will often gravitate towards the weakest point in a company’s defenses, which is often its employees. This has demonstrated that staff are the key element that need to be strengthened and helped.
Founded with the vision to help organizations keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and protect their reputation and brand, London based cyber security specialist MetaCompliance has created a product range that addresses the specific challenges that arise from cyber threats and corporate governance. Its one-stop shop platform for staff awareness and privacy provides the highest quality cyber security and compliance content available on the market.
The cloud-based platform provides customers with a fully integrated and multi lingual suite of compliance capabilities that includes policy management, e-learning, simulated phishing, incident management and privacy management, all of which can be purchased on a modular basis or as a complete system. Its ease of use, engaging user experience and regularly updated content ensures staff satisfaction; and enables cyber and compliance professionals to easily track implementation progress and demonstrate ongoing accountability.
Evolving Transition 
Having started out as a company dealing in physical off the shelf products, MetaCompliance made the transition from physical to digital and its products are now hosted on its innovative cloud platform. The cloud platform combines the key pieces of software functionality needed for companies to stay cyber secure and regulatory compliant. MetaCompliance’s cloud-based software is recognized for its flexibility. Not only has it enabled the organization to solidify its position in Ireland and the UK, but it has enabled it to seal new business in other regions across the globe including North America, Latin America, Asia- Pacific, and the Middle East.
A Comprehensive Suite of Products and Services 
MetaCompliance’s visually engaging and user-friendly product range combines eLearning, simulated phishing solutions, policy management, incident management and GDPR to create compliance and security awareness within organizations around the globe. The company’s product list includes:
MetaLearning Fusion is the next generation of eLearning. It’s been specifically designed to provide the best possible Cyber Security and Privacy training for staff. It enables organizations to build tailored courses for their employees from an extensive library of short eLearning courses. The courses are easy to create and can be personalized and branded to make the content more relevant to staff.
The company’s MetaPhish solution provides customers with a powerful defense against phishing attacks by training employees how to identify and respond appropriately to these threats. MetaPhish enables organizations to find out just how susceptible their company is to fraudulent phishing emails and helps identify users that require additional training.
MetaPrivacy is an automated best practice approach to data privacy compliance and helps organizations streamline their GDPR requirements. The platform provides management dashboards and a detailed reporting structure that allows Data Protection Officers to easily track implementation and demonstrate ongoing accountability.
Policy Management 
The MetaCompliance Policy Management software contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver and manage the policy management life cycle. It enables organizations to enforce and sustain compliance and information governance communications that develop an educated and vigilant workforce.
MetaIncident provides a platform for staff to report any cyber security issues enabling organizations to respond to the reported incidents in a timely manner.
Instrumental Leadership 
Robert O’ Brien is the Founder and CEO of MetaCompliance. He has been instrumental in driving the business forward and ensuring the company remains at the forefront of innovation. With more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, Robert is a serial technology entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in executing and developing strategies for high growth businesses.
Committed to Innovation 
MetaCompliance’s commitment to innovation, and the development of a product range that meets and exceeds the needs of organizations around the world has enabled it to stay ahead of the competition. The company designs its entire Cyber Security eLearning catalogue using its inhouse design team and releases new titles every 3 months to ensure that customers are receiving the most up to date and relevant content available.
Reinforcing the Local and Global Offerings 
As challengers in the industry, the company consistently strives to create the best offering in cyber security and compliance, and by having a clear focus on its customers, MetaCompliance will continue to develop innovative and cost-effective products that will reinforce its local and global offerings.
Client Admirations 
“We have been using the MetaCompliance bundle package for the last couple of months and we are very happy with the package and the support from the company in accessing and using their portal. I can honestly say that since we started using MetaCompliance, we have raised security awareness within our company on a major scale. The content is relevant, informative and interesting for the end user. I would happily recommend MetaCompliance to other organizations.” – Maxol Group – Oil Group “Since we started using the MetaCompliance software, we have noticed a number of benefits including; increased staff awareness, greater reporting, better employee engagement and a more interactive delivery of security awareness training. I would have no hesitation in recommending MetaCompliance and feel the benefits we have felt from acquiring this service would also benefit other organizations.” – Viridian – Energy Company